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• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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Or at the very least, give you something new to post and share online with other Eco-friendly fans. If you don’t know, a boy named Yuri is the main character of the popular series.

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People of all ages enjoy the series as well as the card game. From making fun of President Trump and Anti-vaxxers to even being defeated by your mother, these memes are sure to get a chuckle or two out of you.

Characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh manga series are used in these memes, such as Dart (The King of Atlantis) and Set Kaaba (Professional Duelist). The Shadow Realm is believed to be a place of suffering or a dark dimension in the Yu-Gi-Oh series.

A lot of us have been in a situation where we don’t know or remember how much money is in our account. He might be a better player, but you may have some spell and trap cards up your sleeve to play yet.

This meme is making a reference to the movie Taken, where Liam Neeson threatens his daughter’s captors by saying, “I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will kill you.” Yuri is pretty good at being a dueler, so this meme is comparing him with Liam Neeson because he is also good at what he does. Hustling’ is a slang word generally used for how fast and hard someone works as well as how good they are at their job.

This meme makes the comparison to shuffling the cards of one’s Yu-Gi-Oh deck. Aimed at the unvaccinated, this meme goes straight for the “life points” directly.

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Turning 21 you usually get asked to show identification to verify your age when purchasing alcohol. Shots are fired at Reddit users in this meme, saying that it is impossible that they could obtain a girlfriend.

The popular vampire romance movie Twilight character, Edward Cullen, is being compared to Yu-Gi-Oh character, Dart (King of Atlantis), on how they both have accomplished nothing in all of their years. As mentioned before, a trap card has special effects that can come into play once it is set on the field.

This meme implies that playing a Yu-Gi-Oh card during a UNO gameplay would change the game completely. This meme takes us back to when Yuri, the main character of Yu-Gi-OH, let his kind-hearted nature win when deciding to not make an attack that could’ve killed Set Kaaba.

The meme is stating that Yuri has in fact had to make harder moves. With September 20th's legendary Area 51 raid closely approaching, the raiders are in for a surprise.

Look no further, for drinking this Exotic latte will give you the strength of one of the most powerful monsters in the game to send any issues you have during the day straight to the shadow realm! Most people would probably carefully protect it from harm, out of fear that some jealous opponent would try to steal it.

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Here we have Weevil (Salt Bae) sprinkling Yuri's precious Exotic cards into the sea. You perfectly matched your shoes, pants, and shirt together, you just got a new haircut, and you feel good.

The overpowered Shaggy memes ran the internet for a few months about a year ago. They were fresh tales of Shaggy's godlike status and his ability to instill fear and anxiety into any entity he chooses.

These stories were frequently told by his coworkers during interviews who had to spend a terrifying amount of time with him. These legends combined with his regular and harmless appearance made for a hilarious meme that lasted many months.

Anyone who works in retail or the food industry knows that no matter if you are a sales associate, cook, or manager, some customers can always be a pain. This meme shows that beautiful moment of triumph when a furious customer is giving you problems and asks to speak to the manager.

Ah, Pickle Rick, the internet sensation that flooded websites and meme groups alike. He writes in the fields of science and entertainment and frequently creates his own short stories based around the same subjects.

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He holds degrees in the completely unrelated fields of psychology and management from the University of Florida. As mentioned earlier, Tristan has an incredibly weird voice in the English dub of the series, and it does sound quite a bit like that of Barney the Dinosaur from the 90s kids’ series Barney & Friends, which is hosted by a large purple dinosaur with a somewhat silly, nasally voice, in which he sings and teaches kids life lessons.

In this case, the meme creator has made a joke card that one might use to play Duel Monsters. Duke and Tristan are the very definitions of frenemies, as the two are often on the same side and working together but also spend a lot of time arguing and teasing each other.

But their relationship definitely makes shippers wonder if maybe the two of them should be a couple, and episodes in which they sleep in the same bed certainly only fan the flames. , all of Yam Yuri’s friends end up having their souls trapped inside of Duel Monsters cards, meaning that they’re actually playable in the game.

This of course makes him look a lot like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, and it’s hard to not reference that as a meme. Fans can definitely imagine him jumping in just to be annoying and immature because he thinks that’s how he can help in any given situation.

This card has a very simple, one-sentence explanation that seems to sum up Tristan pretty well, particularly with regard to the elements of his personality that make people love and also mock him. For example, the card describes him as an “odd voiced warrior” and also comments that he doesn’t really do anything to help, which is often true.

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At one point in the series, Tea and Tristan have snuck onto a ship to do some snooping at night, and they need to stay hidden while they do. However, Tea is so cold, she can’t stay still, and Tristan comforts her that the sun will come up in a few hours, which makes her mad.

While the interaction isn’t that strange, it’s definitely spawned a lot of memes, like this one in which Tristan appears on a motivational poster declaring that the sun will rise. Tristan seems to be the character who most often ends up holding a physical weapon in the series, which makes sense since he doesn’t really play Duel Monsters all that much.

In The Abridged Series, the joke is that Tristan’s voice is so weird because it has magic powers. Tristan also claims that his voice knows kung fu, but that’s never actually seen in the comedy series.

In her free time, you can find her eating hummus, riding the Haunted Mansion, or being suffocated by her cats, Moo and Mai Tai. Yu-Gi-Oh is an enduring franchise that encompasses everything from manga and anime to trading card games.

It's time to answer questions like: Why are so many cards regarded with such high esteem when there are obviously better options out there? From confusing rules to Yuri's wild anime hair to silly cartoon censorship, here are the 20 Memes That Show Yu-Gi-Oh Makes No Sense.

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Yu-Gi-Oh is a show about a bunch of kids playing a trading card game... but the stakes are often absurdly high. Shadow Duels would literally cause the players to feel the damage their cards were inflicting, which is quite insane when you think about it.

The loss of their own lives isn't the only danger these kids face when dueling, as most of the time, the entire world is on the line. Past, present, and future events are threatened by powerful villains, and all Yuri and the Pharaoh have to do to survive, is win in a simple card game.

Yuri's grandfather, Solomon Auto, has decades of experience under his card playing belt. His analytical skills are so impressive he even outsmarted the dangerous traps protecting the Millennium Puzzle.

The entire inspiration for Grandpa's card shop is born out of his self-induced punishment for losing a game in his younger days. A disguised “Appear Ovum” (Grandpa Auto backward) lost to Joey in the Albacore Grand Prix.

Grandpa Auto had previously lost to Set Kaaba himself, losing his popular Blue-Eyes White Dragon card in the process. Still, there will always be kids out there that do all they can to get this card in their hand, thinking it's the key to winning the entire game.

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Set's first appearance in the fourth volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh manga, “Kaaba's Revenge” depicts a different looking character. Aside from Kaaba's change of hairstyle, this meme could also be a reference to the character's vendetta against Yuri in the Tea version of the series.

In the end, Tristan's lie was discovered, but his words of encouragement helped Joey to rally and win the match. Silly tactics like relying on one big move or not anticipating the other player may have a trap or magic card lying in wait.

They draw a card and there is a high probability it's going to be exactly what they need in order to win, no matter how badly they were losing just moments before. Yuri is an avid proponent of this mystical force, often chiding his losing opponents for not believing in the cards hard enough.

It's as if Yuri is practically willing his deck to be arranged just the way he needs it to win... or he's cheating and came up with this magical essence to throw off his opponents. Training, world saving, or simply wasting time, there's never a shortage of reasons for these kids to bust out their trading cards and square off against each other.

A catchy, fast-paced beat repeatedly places emphasis on the “D” creating the iconic lyric, It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel.” However, as this meme points out, even if the duelist is using the card wrong on purpose, they can just pretend they didn't know the rules.

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It can also be difficult to know what is and is not allowed in the game based on how frequently the banned card lists are updated. Cards are constantly being removed from the game and banned from competition for various reasons.

Not only is the Duel Monsters game just as dangerous as it was before, but now everyone is hurtling at top-speed on top of specially designed motorcycles at the same time. This iteration of the popular anime features dragons, evil immortal beings, and a time traveler bent on the destruction of New Domino City.

The stakes are truly higher than ever in this version, and once again, it's up to card playing youngsters to set things straight. Some fans give this seemingly silly series credit for its underlying themes and heavy topics.

Sure, some of these cards are harder to summon than others, but there are many options out there that are stronger than Yuri's go-to guy. This meme playfully points out the exaggerated hairstyles often adorned by the protagonists of several anime series.

Yuri is an infamous example of this trope, with his triangular black hair with its hot pink edges and floppy blonde bangs. Pharaoh Item does actually dress in the traditional Egyptian garb, but his hair awfully reminiscent of Yuri's unique style.

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Based on the photos in this meme, all the characters seem to have incredibly similar facial structures. They all have large eyes and long hair, but there are a few key differences here that make the bad guys look innocent.

However, with such similar faces and only these facial expressions to judge off of, it would be very easy to confuse who is friendly and who is a Big Bad. Yuri Auto is such a prolific card player, he has earned the title of “King of Games” but it seems like he just gets lucky all the time.

He's often struggling to fight back against his clearly stronger opponents' attacks, but his unwavering belief in the “Heart of the Cards” always sees him through. To be fair, Yuri often has a solid strategy in mind when he enters into a duel.

Each time his opponent takes a turn, Yuri could be in danger of rethinking his entire plan. No matter how many times Yuri is forced to start all over from the beginning, it seems like his deck is always stacked in his favor.

In the above image, one of the supposed twin dragons has a sort of helmet on its head, while the other has a glowing yellow eye. It doesn't really make sense to use two cards and then change the identical dragons to look different, at least that's what this meme seems to think.

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He sealed his own soul inside the Millennium Puzzle, and he's highly knowledgeable in the rules of the Dueling Monsters game. He's constantly relied upon to help Yuri find success even in the direst of moments in his epic battles.

The series mocks the anime, poking fun at the character tropes found within the show. In the anime, Kaaba started out as an orphan, but he grows to become a successful businessman and Duel Monster player.

His drive to succeed and sometimes thoughtless behavior made him stand out in a series usually filled with supportive and friendly characters. Yuri Auto may be the main character of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, but Maxi million Pegasus is the guy everyone is aiming for.

Despite Pegasus being a villain and cheater when he first arrived in the series, he eventually became an ally to Yuri and his friends. Also, of course, there are always super convenient trap cards that take advantage of the exact way Yuri's opponents happen to be winning.

It compares the card game to a round of improve, where the actors are given a few prompts and just sort of make things up on the fly. When he kidnapped Yuri's grandfather he trapped his soul in a videotape, kind of like an anime style Ring, for two.

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