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Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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If you’ve been a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh for as long as I have, then you may remember how awesome it was to use your favorite cards on various Yu-Gi-Oh games on the Game Boy Advance. We all know that the game mechanics weren’t exactly the same as the American TCG, but it was still good enough to get you hooked on playing them.

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7 Trials to Glory : World Championship Tournament 2005 is our top pick for the bestYu-Gi-Ohgame for GBA. You go up against various characters from the original Anime series like Tristan, Weevil, Rex, Mark, and even Yam Yuri.

In order to gain new cards, the player must acquire DP, or duelist points. Hometown, shopping district, coliseum, and Area KC, and one secret town that is unlocked after winning the national tournament.

1,000 playable cards Free-roam open world Duelist points system Tons of unlock-able content Although there more cards, 1,238 to be exact, the lack of open world leaves a lot to be desired.

The Eternal Duelist Soul is another great title for the Game Boy Advance system. There are special events that occur on certain days of the week that provide new challenges.

Can obtain Egyptian God Cards in game Battle against some of the most iconic Yu-Gi-Oh series rivals Random calendar events Special sets If you love tournaments and collecting cards, then this game will satisfy both cravings.

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Tea, being controlled by Mark, leads you into the Ghoul’s pyramid where you must defeat all the foes and chambers awaiting. Once you’ve received your deck, additional cards can be obtained through pack openings and passwords.

Relief of Destruction is considered to be probably one of the most difficult Yu-Gi-Oh Game Boy Advance games ever. After a few more cutscenes with other characters, it is deemed that all the Millennium pieces have been taken, and you need to help save the world from Relief.

Many users have complained that the game is absurdly hard and is not very enjoyable compared to its counterpart The Sacred Cards. This game features many of your favorite characters from the anime series and tons of side quests, however the AI is extremely unbalanced.

Features the Egyptian God Cards Lots of side quests Some may argues that this is the best title for GBA while many still believe 7 Trials to Glory holds the number one spot (as do we).

Nonetheless, the World Championship Tournament 2006 is still an awesome title and deserves its spotlight as well. As with prior games, cards can be collected with passwords and by defeating opponents.

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The one main difference in this game is that you don’t duel with the typical anime characters in the series. Many love the idea of dueling against your favorite friends and foes from the series.

Absurd amount of playable cards Unlock-able content Different duel types The Sacred Cards came out before Relief of Destruction and is the real crowd pleaser.

The story of this game starts with the player and his two friends Yuri and Joey. Your deck capacity is increased by winning duels which allows you to use more and more powerful cards as you progress throughout the rest of the game.

Different play-style due to utilizing the prototype rules Great story/campaign Face off against many anime characters The main story of the game is based upon climbing to the top of the Duel Academy.

Duelist points are obtained by winning duels and are the games main form of currency. You will encounter many characters from the anime including Lyman Banner, Martyr, Dr. Crowley, and Fonda Fontaine.

1,200 collectible and playable cards First game in the GO Academy series Dungeon Dice Monsters is a unique spin-off as it is based off of the board game in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime.

In dungeon Dice monsters, there is a tiled board that is 13 × 19 in which the game is played on. A player gets to roll 3 dice per turn which then determine their move on the game board.

Yu-Gi-Oh Destiny Board Traveler is another type of spin-off created from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime series. After drawing a card, a menu appears that allows the player to summon up to six of their available monsters onto the board.

To win a game, a player must obtain a certain a specified amount of victory stars that are acquired through summoning monsters. You will not be disappointed in any of the Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship series games as they all tend to have a very large collectible card base.

Some games will have you recklessly duel against tiers of foes until you have conquered them all, while others will have some sort of story to complete. Although some games do not have an actual story to them, they are also sometimes the most immersed when it comes to dueling, collecting cards, and just overall satisfaction.

They started as an amusement machine manufacturer for arcades and have since widened their horizon with moving into the TCG and video game industry. Over the years, the company continues to grow and broaden its products across various markets.

It offers 1,000 playable cards, a free-roam open world, a duelist point system, and tons of unlock-able content. Its vast card list, its free-roam RPG elements, and hidden and unlock-able content makes this and awesome and fun game to play.

It is missing the free-roam RPG element which is enough to bump this title down one notch in our eyes. Whichever Yu-Gi-Ohgame you choose for your Game Boy Advance system, we hope this guide has been helpful in your purchasing decision.

We heard you play the game and would like to extend your dueling to your Game Boy Advance. We’ve scoured near and far, and managed to collect the bestYu-Gi-Oh GBA game options out there, so you can hone your skills anytime and anywhere.

Destiny Board Traveler $3.0 Our first and bestYu-Gi-Oh GBA game is the Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006. As per the regular formula, the player duels against a computer and collects cards.

It makes the player duel monster themed decks and archetypes, like Turbo, Dark Magician and Cyber Dragon. This makes for an interesting and diverse gameplay that forces you to really think about what kind of deck your opponent is running and plan ahead.

Immersive gameplay that really puts the player on the edge and forces him to play ahead. A superb number of cards out of which you can make great and fun decks.

This wonderful game is an instant hit and classic for many duelists. The game takes place in Domino city where the player duels many of the characters featured in the anime series.

A great number of characters to play against and unlock new content. In conclusion, the game is fascinating and boasts a lot of content.

It has great gameplay and really challenges the player, and leaves plenty room for improvement. The game features a tier structure in which you’ll battle prominent figures from the anime, and collect cards with every win, unlocking more tiers and harder opponents.

The game features over 20 kinds of booster packs for you to choose from, and build the strongest possible deck. The player collects points that allow unlocking more powerful cards and booster packs.

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