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• Monday, 07 December, 2020
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Perhaps this is because INAMI is aware of how many people enjoy the edgy, “hardcore” designs of their demon characters. Whatever the reason, this list is made up of the Westfield decks in the game, for all the players looking for something a bit different from the usual.

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Realizing how limiting it was, INAMI’s newer support in later years avoided working with that at all and simply activated their effects with much easier conditions. The deck features a bunch of monsters which all have two ways to gain their effects: either from being discarded by the player, or by the opponent.

Dark Worlds’ consistency when they were released lead to them winning one of the biggest tournaments of all time. Premiering in the 2010 set Hidden Arsenal 2, the monsters were Light Fiends, with some of them resembling dark angels and other creatures of myth and legend.

But for those who don’t care about card lore, the Steel swarm were a group of infection monsters which focused on tribute summoning, by then a long-forgotten mechanic. There, the Resonators served as the tuners to get Jack to the Red Dragon Archfiend synchros he was constantly looking for.

They’ve also got Red Resonator, which can special summon any level 4 or lower monster from the hand. The D/D were based on a bunch of people from Western history, from Einstein and Galilee to Alexander and Genghis.

The main deck monsters worked with the support spells to try and get their big bosses out as soon as possible, having more than enough to fill their entire extra out. Inferno ids' unique mechanic is that despite being a deck made almost entirely of monsters, only one of them is capable of being normal summoned.

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The remainder is all large, machine-esque behemoths that have to be summoned by banishing Inferno ids from either the hand or the graveyard. Upon summon, they have a variety of disruption abilities: some allow multiple attacks, others banish monsters from the Extra Deck.

Making their first appearance in Spirit Warriors, the Magical Muskets are a sneaky good deck based on Western folklore and German opera. Rather than having a specific boss monster, the deck exhausts the opponent’s resources and wins by sheer attrition.

The big trick to this deck was everything in it was based around some Flip summoning, which activated their special abilities. The flaw to this deck was it was still trying to make Flip summoning a thing, but didn’t get the better tools until down the line.

Trading Card Game has been around almost as long as the anime that made it popular in America. In the game, players face off against each other using monsters, spell, and trap cards to build strategies and drive their opponent’s life points down to zero.

While it’s not physically the strongest monster you can get, its effect is truly devastating to lots of modern decks builds. Majesty’s Fiend cannot be special summoned, but when it is on the field, monster effects cannot be activated.

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Many monsters in modern decks rely on the effects of their monsters even more than they do the effects of spell and trap cards, so taking away this freedom can leave many opponents destined for the Shadow Realm. This Fiend /Effect monster is the stuff of nightmares based on its level alone, but in the hands of an experienced duelist, this card quickly becomes a force of nature ready to sweep the field of your opponents.

When he’s sent from the field to the graveyard, you may add 1 monster with 1500 or less attack from your deck to your hand. While the card's effect has been nerfed in recent years, the original was a force to be reckoned with.

Night Assailant is a level three Fiend /Effect type monster with a useful flip effect. If you have two copies, one Night Assailant can bring the other back to your hand, causing an infinite amount of discard fodder for card effects.

Your opponent also takes 300 points of damage each time they set a spell or trap on the field. Atreus is a level five Fiend /XYZ/Effect type monster with 2600 attack and 1700 defense.

Once per turn, you may detach one XYZ material from Atreus to target one face-up card your opponent controls and destroy it. Battle Fader is a card that serves no real purpose other than to throw a roadblock in your opponent’s advances when you need to stall or protect your life points.

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When one of your opponent’s monsters declares a direct attack on your life points, you can Special Summon this card from your hand and immediately end their Battle Phase. Which isn’t that bad if you have a deck build that relies on banished cards to begin with.

Whether you recognize her from the show or not, you’ll always remember her after learning this card is a Fiend /Effect type with an attack of 2200 and a whopping defense of 2800. The card can only be summoned by removing from play 3 Fiend -Type monsters in your graveyard.

This card is so useful it’s made its way onto the limited list because its effect can be abused. Tour Guide From the Underworld is a three-star Dark, Fiend /Effect type monster with 1000 attack and 600 defense.

The downside is that said monster has its effects negated and cannot be used as material for a Synchro Summon. Though that is a small price to pay for a free monster that can be used in countless other capacities.

Next10 Hilarious Mario Party Memes Only True Fans Understand This Deck type centers on the use of Dark World monsters, introduced in Elemental Energy, to dominate the field by using cards with discarding effects, like Morphing Jar, Card Destruction and Dark World Lightning, or by forcing the opponent to discard cards from the user's hand by effects like Dark Deal or Dragged Down into the Grave (a well-known combo is to give your opponent your face-downMorphing Jar with Creature Swap and then attacking it to trigger the Jar's effect and cause a discard “by your opponent's card effect”, which is very bad news for the player not using Dark World).

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A Dark World build is fast, and can occupy the 5 monster card slots very quickly, but that causes a very small hand size. Card of Safe Return and Brown, Huntsman of Dark World are used to prevent that, as well as Morphing Jar.

This type is full of monsters straight of out of nightmares, looking twisted and deformed. In terms of gameplay, they often have powerful and deceitful effects, bolstered by high ATK/DEF stats.

If you have any kind of dark deck that uses these strategies, Doomsday Horror is a card for you. The downside is it requires a bit of setup and multiple banished cards to get going while most duels end within the first few turns, preventing such a build-up.

It’s overall an amazing card, a legend of the game and a great fiend type monster. There’s only one thing preventing this card from reaching the top 3 on this list and its because of the summoning requirements.

It’s well worth sticking a Dark Necrosis in any deck containing fiend type monsters. Being able to block a direct attack and end the battle phase is amazing, so many decks rely on their Otis to win so if you can prevent it, you’ll have an advantage going into your next turn as they’ve likely exhausted their resources.

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The high ATK stat can allow it to hold its own against monsters of a higher level/rank and the ability to destroy any face-up card cannot be underestimated. Due to the easiness to summon and formidable effect, it makes the top 3 of this list.

There are plenty of level 8 synchro monsters available, many of which are competent choices but this should be considered too. The effect is basically a free level 3 XYZ monster which is invaluable in a myriad of decks and strategies.

It was so busted on release that the Yugo community was all over it, prices skyrocketed and new tactics were being invented.

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