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• Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
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It was the first, it hit during the childhood and early teen years of millennials everywhere, and it also contained a cast of relatable high school kids who happened to exist in a world where, despite revolutionary tech advances and the existence of shadow magic, card games were more important than anything else. The series was still trying to figure out the rules of what would come to be a game that would exist for nearly two decades after the show aired, but despite that, it still managed to have some great matches in its 200+ episodes.

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“I Attack...the Moon!” The Duelist Kingdom duels were really only good because of how hilarious they were. It was obvious the show’s game didn’t have any rules, and things pretty much worked off creativity.

This duel features Yuri trapped for much of the game because of his Spell Card Full Moon, which created more water for Make’s Monsters and almost no land to Summon his own. He gets out of it by blowing the moon up, eroding the tide, and leaving Make’s Monsters stranded.

Mark starts with games where losing means getting your legs cut off, then graduates to brainwashing Yuri's best friend Joey, forcing them into a tense duel where the loser is dragged to the bottom of the ocean by an anchor. This allowed us to see both of the show’s main characters go at it against one another, leaving us wondering who was going to survive at the end.

Though this duel is responsible for about half the memes that come from the first season, it’s frustrating to watch for anyone who knows anything about how the game is played. The rules are basically non-existent at this point, so Kaaba’s Summoning three Blue-Eyes in the same turn, which would’ve been literally impossible.

The Duelist Kingdom matches were generally terrible, but there are always some exceptions to the rule. The Paradox Brothers rely on the Monster Labyrinth Wall to create a literal labyrinth Joey and Yuri can only explore by sending their Monsters inside, where the deadly Gate Guardian lies.

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Unlike Kaaba or Yuri, Joey’s character arc is more compelling to follow because he’s not “destined” to be great. He becomes great by learning to play the game better, taking losses in stride and improving from them.

Mark (working through Strings), however, had Yam on the ropes, thanks to his Revival Jam combo increasing Slider’s ATK to some truly ridiculous numbers. Tea has virtually no dueling skill on her own, and in the end isn’t even able to beat Mai.

It’s one thing not to kill Kaaba, quite another to refuse free help from a person he’d saved earlier. Things go poorly for him as well, leading to Noah having 10,000 Life Points while Yuri only has 100, leaving everything riding on one last turn.

Yu-Gi-Oh is known for epic comebacks, but the odds were stacked extra high this episode, as Yuri finishes off Noah in a single turn thanks to the help of Kaaba’s Blue-Eyes Monsters. Mai steals the Winged Dragon of Ra... but only the “chosen ones” can read the text on the card, which ends up costing her the duel.

It’s a great match, full of callbacks to prior eras of the show, and is thematically the best duel in the series. With this fact in mind, it's no secret that there are many types of duels in the series, there are levels to their quality, per se.

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He infused Joey's deck with plenty of powerful magic cards that would help him to beat his friend. Yuri's goal the entire time wasn't to win, but rather to find a way that both of them would manage to stay safe, as both of their lives were on the line.

Eventually, Yuri and Joey were able to work together to end the duel in a draw, and both barely made it out alive. Joey manages to do the unthinkable and stand up to the power of Ra, much to the disbelief of everyone, including even Kaaba.

While he, unfortunately, wasn't able to call out his final attack to win the duel, his brawl against Mark showed off just how powerful of a duelist Joey really is. While the mechanics of her summoning is laughable at best, the fact that she debuted in this duel while managing to take down Ar kana's second Dark Magician is nothing short of iconic.

Staying on the Yuri and Kaaba train for a minute, and actually cheating a bit because this isn't technically part of the series, the duel between Kaaba and Yuri is action-packed, and the improved animations in the movie make it an absolute sight to behold. Plus, the two have vastly improved their decks since the list time we saw them, and watching them volley the power back and forth is wonderfully nostalgic for fans.

Sure, the labyrinth duel between Para and Dox might make no sense, but it's still a ton of fun to watch go down. In it, Yuri and Joey are forced to navigate their monsters through a labyrinth that they're unfamiliar with, while Para and Dox pull out all the stops to beat them and leave them trapped below Duelist Kingdom forever.

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Eventually, Yuri and Joey manage to combine their forces and take down the brothers at their own game. Yuri and Leon's duel in the finals of the KC Grand Championship is absolutely insane.

Joey was forced to contend with Weevil's tricks and most powerful cards, and was still able to take him out. As previously noted, the Capsule Monsters arc is one of the least favorably reviewed in the series.

However, its mechanics are somewhat related to dueling (and replace it for the duration of the arc), so it should be noted in the list that these battles exist. On the actual dual side of things, one of the least relevant is the first duel that takes place in all season five.

In order to halt anything horrible from happening, Yuri steps in to win the duel and free everyone from their new prison. With only one magic card in the deck, it's a tough battle that Yuri barely manages to take the win on.

In the end, he manages to find the key to victory with the single spell card and win the duel. The final duel of the KC Grand Championship is Leon Vs. Yuri, and it's an interesting one.

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While it is a tough and long battle, Yuri manages to defeat Sakura with the help of Pandora the Dragon of Destruction and Silent Swordsman. In this duel, Yuri manages to take out every single one of the Egyptian God cards (which proves to Kaaba that he really is the King of Games) and the Dark Magician.

It is a very hard-fought battle, but in the end, Yuri was able to take the win and prove to Item that he was ready to stand on his own. Duel Links, everyone was looking at the Dark World archetype with wide eyes.

The full release then confirmed that these cards would be some of the most powerful in the GO era. The best way to explain how Dark World decks work might be to draw a comparison to another wildly popular card game: Hearthstone.

If you're familiar with the game, you might have run into, or even played, the Discard Warlock deck (sometimes referred to as “Disco lock”). Duel Links, the Dark World archetype operates this same way.

Duel Links, you can discard through cards with associated costs like Tribute to the Doomed. This is one of the most confusing and blurred parts of piloting and playing against this deck properly.

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Let's compare that to a card with discard as an effect, Dark World Lightning: If you're still confused, there is a very long post over on the /r/Dwellings Subreddit that discusses this very topic in much greater detail.

You have to be confident and comfortable with the way discards interact with the Dark World cards if you want to use this deck to full effect. While there are many, let's go over just a few cards outside the Primal Burst set that interact properly with the Dark World discard mechanic.

All three of these cards offer powerful discard effects that can kick start your Dark World deck. However, the bread and butter of the Dark World archetype naturally comes from the Primal Burst set.

Reign-Beaux and Cumuli is the standard combination, with cards like Kabuki doing the heavy lifting until you dig to find them. Kabuki plays a key role in Dark World decks, as they should be very Monster-heavy.

Getting your hands on this exact deck is a pay-to-win scenario in a perfect world, though. If you're not willing to drop a solid $500+, which I won't blame you for, then you're going to have to improvise a bit with some cards mentioned earlier in this guide or otherwise included in the Dark World archetype.

Piloting a Dark World deck requires a lot of two things: experience and money. A lot of people consider this to be a pay-to-win deck, but we have to acknowledge that it's top tier.

Very interesting how Yuri manages to face the same strategies Yam Yuri has used to defeat a lot stronger opponents. The worse duel ever would be Yam Yuri vs Pegasus.

It had a lot of suspense to it, but come on. Pegasus blatantly cheated. Not to mention his deck has 2 completely different strategies, and he somehow managed to draw the cards for each at exactly the right time, for CCG players you'd know how impossible this is.

It was a good duel when Jaden played The Venom guy. (I don't know his name) The Venom guy summoned his best monster (Vennomiga Deity Of Poisonous Snakes) and did really well.

I didn't like the Dome Arc at all, or Malik's Duels, and the KC GP was a waste of time Source(s): Your friendly neighborhood Orinoco.

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