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Nicholas Wilson December 4, 2020, Guides Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game Image via yugiohtopdecks.comAdamancipator is a versatile summon deck that oppresses the enemy to pull off crazy combos.

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It’s a deck that gives you many options due to the versatility of Emancipator Leonine, Rapt ite, and Drag ite. Triple Miscellaneousaurus is an extremely deadly card, as it utilizes the graveyard so well.

This deck’s archetype relies on pulling cards in and out of the graveyard, negating many of your opponent’s stat reduction effects. It’s also one of the most aggressive decks on this list, consistently pressing the enemy at all stages of the match.

With this archetype, you want to play Ehrlich as early as possible and use the rest of your traps and summons to control the board. You won’t need to pull off crazy combos like Emancipator, but rather play versatile consistent cards that get the job done independently.

What is a Tier 0 deck? These are the best decks you can build during a season or format, they are decks that due to their synergy, advantages and field control ARE one of the most broken in the world of Yugo. They have certain characteristics, for example they are very expensive, their plays are almost unstoppable, and they win 99% of their duels against other decks.

This action of cards excavating by the effect of their Tuners reflects their job as gemstone explorers; they ‘explore’ deep into the ‘cave’ (player’s Deck) to seek for any gemstones they could possibly find (note that the Tuners can Special Summon any Level 4 or lower Rock monsters, not limited to the “Emancipator Crystal” monsters alone). Before you excavate any cards through their effects, you might want to use the effect of their exclusive Field Spell “Emancipator Apatite” first, to guarantee that you will later Special Summon any “Emancipator Crystal” of your choice for the sake of Synchro Summon.

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Christos Georgios’s build that won the main event at a recent Regional in Cyprus then went on to win a post-event Top 4 playoff as well, and it’s a really cool example of that technique adopting Dragon Link as an engine: Georgios used Dragon maids to fuel Guardian combos that are actually pretty similar to the mainstream Dragon Link decks. Regardless of what variant of Dragon Link you’re playing, a lot of the cards are going to function in the same ways.

Dinosaur-Type monsters are very well-supported and high-powered, lacking little other than good effects. “Murray” is a powerful stand-alone archetype that can hold its own against many meta decks if built and played correctly.

Price ~ $300 USD “Crystal Beast” Decks tend to have a wide variety of searching options for putting “Crystal Beast” cards on the field, either Summoned as monsters or placed in the Spell & Trap Zone as an effect-less Continuous Spell Card, and they have a couple of extra drawing options to speed up the use of the Deck. Because of these effects working together, “Crystal Beast” users can wind up many cards ahead of their opponent, and the various searching options facilitate the Summoning of “Rainbow Dragon” far quicker than would otherwise be possible.

There are lots of valid approaches here, and I’m sure that over time we’ll inevitably see dozens of different best Sacred Beast decks with a ton of subjective bias. The two cards I want to highlight in this build are Awakening of the Sacred Beasts and Cerulean Sky fire, because they’re arguably the most “meta relevant” of the new material.

Awakening shuts down all activated monster effects your opponent controls if you have two or more Sacred Beasts on your field, while Sky fire shuts off spells and traps with Damon, Lord of Striking Thunder on board. August 2020 Decks | Yugo Top Decks We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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Papua New Guinean King (K) Paraguayan Guaraní () Peruvian Sol (S/) Philippine Peso () Platinum (oz t) Polish Zloty (Zn) Qatari Riyal (.) Romanian Led (Lei) Russian Ruble () Rwandan Franc (Few) Saint Helena Pound (£) Salvadoran Colón () Samoan Talk (T) Saudi Riyal (.) Serbian Dinar () Seychelles Rupee () Sierra Leona Leon (Le) Silver (Troy Ounce) (oz t) Singapore Dollar ($) Solomon Islands Dollar ($) Somali Shilling (Sh) South African Rand (R) South Korean Won () South Sudanese Pound (£) Special Drawing Rights (SDR) Sri Lankan Rupee () Sudanese Pound (£) Surinamese Dollar ($) Swazi Kisangani (E) Swedish Króna (KR) Swiss Franc (CHF) Syrian Pound (IS) São Tomé and Príncipe Debra (Db) Tajikistan Someone () Tanzanian Shilling (Sh) Thai Baht () Tongan Padang (TO) Trinidad and Tobago Dollar ($) Tunisian Dinar (.) Turkish Lira () Turkmenistan Manet (T) Ugandan Shilling (Us) Ukrainian Hryvnia () Unidad de Fomento (OF) United Arab Emirates Durham (.) United States Dollar ($) Uruguayan Peso ($) Uzbekistan Some (so'm) Vanuatu Vat (Vt) Venezuelan Bolívar (BS. F) Venezuelan Bolívar Soprano (BS) Vietnamese Long () West African CFA Franc (Fr) Yemeni Rial () Zambian Dacha (K) Zimbabwean Dollar ($) A slew of new boxes and events has transformed the Duel Links meta in recent months.

With many support cards now in the game thanks to recent events and the new Future Horizon Box, Dark Magician is now a tier one deck. The best news, however, is that you don’t need to spend a fortune or buy any structure decks to pummel opponents with it.

Once in the graveyard, Magician Navigation can also be banished to negate an opponent’s spell or trap. This opens the way for a safe direct attack, which usually results in a one turn kill.

It’s a staple of every Dark Magician deck because it allows you to search for spells and trap belonging to the archetype. Illusion Magic the key to getting your magicians from your deck to your hand and triggering the effects of the other core cards.

So, if you haven’t bothered to level up Ar kana yet, take advantage of the current 1.5 XP campaign and do so. Don’t skip them if you want a smooth sailing journey to King of Games.

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Other meta decks aren’t as effective against Dark Magician, but we recommend you use Isuzu and her powerful Sealed Tombs skill for optimal results in any matchup, including mirror matches. It’s not as good as Sealed Tombs, but it can still give you the upper hand in some duels.

They work anywhere and everywhere, they're small enough to fit into a bag for travel, and there are many kinds of card games out there. You can replace them with similar powerful cards like Galaxy Cyclone, Fiendish Chain, Enemy Controller and more.

Warriors, spell casters and fusion monsters have joined forces to give us one of the best Duel Links decks : Invoked Element sabers. It’s not often that we see a single box provide almost all the necessary materials for a tier one deck, but this is the case with Dark Dimensions and this new and explosive archetype.

Getting them out on the field requires meticulous play and a good understanding of all your cards’ synergies. Your field spell Palace of the Elemental Lords can add the monster with the right attribute to your hand, but at the cost of skipping your next battle phase.

Unlike Polymerization, Invocation can use monsters in either player’s graveyard as fusion materials. Cactus is an even safer bet because it’s immune to enemy card effects and can attack even when it’s in face-up defense position.

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This makes the deck not only incredibly consistent and self-sustaining but one that assures quick victories in most matchups. The deck doesn’t have much back row removal even though Element saber Paula can negate spells and traps.

They are also needed to trigger the skill this deck is usually played with: Sorcery Conduit. This Yam Yuri skill allows you to draw a random spell caster monster every time your life points decrease by 1000.

It’s possible to acquire it with some gem hoarding and a lot of luck, but you might need to spend real cash as well. This zombie samurai deck relies on a quick and explosive offense and has multiple variants that all work incredibly well.

The most successful version currently in the meta is a 30-card deck that make use of That Grass Looks Greener. This trap allows you to banish two fire monsters from your graveyard and add Burgeoning Whirl flame back to your hand.

Squire saga, on the other hand, can boost your attack and destroy a spell, trap and/or monster on the field. Suzuki and Bacon Saver are two other cards that are great additions, which will only compliment the archetype and “grass” strategy.

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To ensure you draw it in your first hand, you need to use either the Restart or Spell Specialist skill. Nevertheless, most decks run one copy of Gold Sarcophagus because it can not only search for your Grass card, but also trigger monster effects by banishing.

Because most of the archetype cards are located in the Soul of Resurrection mini box, it’s as close to free-to-play as you can get in the current meta. This is yet another OK synchro deck that specializes in swarming and quickly dispatching with your opponent.

It is a tuner monster that will enable you to bring the big bad from your Extra deck out. This works excellently with Waikiki the Rain Shower’s card destruction ability.

BIMARU the Divine Thunder is immune to destruction from card effects and can gain 3000 attack if its special summoning conditions are met. Finally, for trap and spell cards, you’ll want Hey, Trade, which can clear the way for an OK, as well as Blackbird Close.

Blacking is not a cheap deck, but like Element sabers, pretty much all of its cards can be found in one main box (Aerial Assault). It’s a great fit for any player that loves beat down decks, and it’s one of the best decks Duel Links has to offer at the moment.

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Once per turn, when normal summoned, it allows you to add one Cyber spell or trap from your deck to your hand. With its help, one of your first targets to summon is Chimera tech Rampage Dragon: a powerful effect monster, which can clear your enemy’s back row and attack up to three times per turn in exchange for sending two Light Machine monsters to the graveyard.

To use it, you need to banish Cyber Dragon monsters with different levels from your hand, graveyard or field. Better yet, even if your opponent destroys the trap before you can activate it, its second effect allows you to search for another Overflow or Overload Fusion.

This gives you the ability to make come back plays even when faced with difficult matchups. However, you can also play the deck with Draw Sense: Low-Level to ensure you get your Cyber Dragon Core copies when you need them.

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