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Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
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abyss deck yugioh burning
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This action of cards excavating by the effect of their Tuners reflects their job as gemstone explorers; they ‘explore’ deep into the ‘cave’ (player’s Deck) to seek for any gemstones they could possibly find (note that the Tuners can Special Summon any Level 4 or lower Rock monsters, not limited to the “Emancipator Crystal” monsters alone). Before you excavate any cards through their effects, you might want to use the effect of their exclusive Field Spell “Emancipator Apatite” first, to guarantee that you will later Special Summon any “Emancipator Crystal” of your choice for the sake of Synchro Summon.

Christos Georgios’s build that won the main event at a recent Regional in Cyprus then went on to win a post-event Top 4 playoff as well, and it’s a really cool example of that technique adopting Dragon Link as an engine: Georgios used Dragon maids to fuel Guardian combos that are actually pretty similar to the mainstream Dragon Link decks. Regardless of what variant of Dragon Link you’re playing, a lot of the cards are going to function in the same ways.

Dinosaur-Type monsters are very well-supported and high-powered, lacking little other than good effects. “Murray” is a powerful stand-alone archetype that can hold its own against many meta decks if built and played correctly.

Price ~ $300 USD “Crystal Beast” Decks tend to have a wide variety of searching options for putting “Crystal Beast” cards on the field, either Summoned as monsters or placed in the Spell & Trap Zone as an effect-less Continuous Spell Card, and they have a couple of extra drawing options to speed up the use of the Deck. Because of these effects working together, “Crystal Beast” users can wind up many cards ahead of their opponent, and the various searching options facilitate the Summoning of “Rainbow Dragon” far quicker than would otherwise be possible.

There are lots of valid approaches here, and I’m sure that over time we’ll inevitably see dozens of different best Sacred Beast decks with a ton of subjective bias. The two cards I want to highlight in this build are Awakening of the Sacred Beasts and Cerulean Sky fire, because they’re arguably the most “meta relevant” of the new material.

yugioh deck satellarknight format
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Awakening shuts down all activated monster effects your opponent controls if you have two or more Sacred Beasts on your field, while Sky fire shuts off spells and traps with Damon, Lord of Striking Thunder on board. Having worked many odd jobs, including article writing, he is now a list writer for TheGamer.com.

This list will be ranking the best decks based on their peak in their respective format, rather than how they would all fare in the current meta game. Updated October 12th, 2020 by Johnny Garcia: INAMI has been pushing for over the internet Remote Dueling by the use of webcams.

Many more Decks have come and gone through the meta game thanks to set releases like Duel Overload and the Tin Of Lost Memories, so a few more have been added. The recursion “Uniform” had access to made it incredibly strong against other Decks at the time and was part of the reason many people had grown a hatred for the Pendulum mechanic.

“Sky Striker” immediately set its place in the meta upon its release, turning into one of the strongest Control Decks ever. “Six Samurai” could flood the Field easily which made for absolutely devastating end boards.

Many cards in the “Burning Abyss” Archetype were put on different parts on the ban list due to how powerful it was. “Spell books” were so strong, they were the single thing that prevented “Dragon Rulers” from being a Tier 0 Deck.

yugioh monsters normal dragon core qtoptens
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The winning deck from the 2007 “World Championship,” Monarchs was when Yu-Gi-Oh started to make the shift from a mix-mash of cards to focusing on monsters apart from archetypes (meaning they share a theme as well as a naming convention). “Super Polymerization” fuses from either side of the field, and no card in the game can react to it.

An FT (first turn kill) is a deck that defeats the opponent before they have a chance to play (hence the name). “Substitute” and “Ronintoadin” made it incredibly easy to loop “Frog” cards to get them onto the field.

“Nero” is without a doubt the most powerful “Ritual” deck in all of Yu-Gi-Oh, and dominated the early 2015 meta game. “Data Lock” was one of the earliest decks in the game and is also directly responsible for the introduction of the Yu-Gi-Oh ban list (before cards were only limited).

The “Data Lock” was obtained by having “Chaos Emperor Dragon” and either “Sagan” or “Witch Of The Black Forest” on the field. “Chaos Emperor Dragon” would activate its effect, which sends all cards on the field and both players' hands to the graveyard.

This meant that the victim of the “Data Lock” would be unable to draw and have no cards in their hand to play with. “ The deck was capable of setting up incredibly powerful boards with cards that could easily loop their effects.

yugioh cards draw pot duality qtoptens
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“Telexed” is a deck based around the cards “Emergency Teleport” and “Dark Armed Dragon.” This effect was not once per turn, meaning if you had 3 “Dark Armed Dragons” in your hand you can summon all 3.

Being able to skip an entire step in the XYZ summoning process was begging to be broken. “Zodiac Trident” can destroy any card on the field during either player's turn, proving to be much too powerful for the game to handle.

All the “Dragon Rulers” are currently banned, with only the “Wind” type “Tempest” being limited. “Pepe” is short for “Performance Perform age” which was a series of “Pendulum” monsters.

Not only is there an entirely new Monster type, but a new Duel Links Forbidden/Limited list has come out to balance the game to a more healthy meta. The meta is up in the air with where it will land, but plenty of decks are able to take advantage of the new Forbidden/Limited list as well as new XYZ Monsters.

A new box has also recently released, Infinite Ray that gives plenty of boosts to older decks as well as introduces new Archetypes for players to use. During its prime, Masked HERO cards could beat over nearly all relevant Monsters in the meta game, and could even attack directly if needed to close out games.

Dark Magician decks quickly rose up the ranks of power as more cards were added to the game. Afterward, it could negate Spell and Trap cards with Magician Navigation's Graveyard effect.

These hits would ultimately take Crystals out of the meta after dominating it for months, but their impact on the game's history was set in stone. Black wings were in the game for a while, however, it wasn't until the release of Aerial Assault that they met their full potential.

Shrank was one of the easiest decks to build, as all the cards needed for it were in just one Mini Box. Shrank left the meta due to all the hits after cementing itself as one of the best Duel Links decks ever with its domination all throughout 2020.

Tea Burn was one of the most hated decks in the early days of Duel Links. In addition, the deck played regular Red-Eyes Black Dragon in order to take advantage of Champion's Vigilance which was one of the best negates in the entire game at the time.

It was the first time easy destruction effects were present with little to no cost, all while being able to easily OK due to Grit preventing Life Points going to 0. It could easily set up a negate for both Spell and Trap cards, all while putting Goa'I Mary Maximus onto the Field.

Invoked may very well turn out to be the best deck in all Duel Links history, and it certainly has had the longest run in the meta game. Plaster The Invoked can be constantly recycled, making it easy to get Invocation back into the hand.

However, when more support arrived in the Warriors Unite Box, it shot them up to Tier 0 status, meaning players were either playing Six Samurai, or a deck built specifically to counter them. Six Samurai could easily swarm the field and gain amazing card advantage, which allowed them to set up a nearly unbreakable board.

With cards like Amazons Swords woman and Lava Golem, they could easily dismantle Life Points. The addition of Amazons Onslaught shot the deck up to Tier 0 status in its prime.

If it got destroyed, it would Special Summon an Amazons from the Graveyard, being able to recycle their powerful Monsters. With good luck, Sylvan's could easily swing games in their favor with the right excavates.

Fur Hire Monsters were incredible during their prime, the definitive best deck of its era. Dana, Hero Fur Hire would completely lock out the opponent from attacking if there were two of them on the Field.

If a player managed to get Wiz, Sage Fur Hire onto the Field as well, a Spell and Trap card negate was enough to keep the opponent from destroying the Field, which made Fur Hire one of the most oppressive decks in the game's history. Woodland Sprite FT continued to dominate until multiple cards were put on the Forbidden/Limited List that enabled it.

If there were no restrictions on its cards, Woodland Sprite FT would still dominate Duel Links. Having worked many odd jobs, including article writing, he is now a list writer for TheGamer.com.

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