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Nicholas Wilson December 4, 2020, Guides Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game Image via yugiohtopdecks.comAdamancipator is a versatile summon deck that oppresses the enemy to pull off crazy combos.

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It’s a deck that gives you many options due to the versatility of Emancipator Leonine, Rapt ite, and Drag ite. Triple Miscellaneousaurus is an extremely deadly card, as it utilizes the graveyard so well.

This deck’s archetype relies on pulling cards in and out of the graveyard, negating many of your opponent’s stat reduction effects. It’s also one of the most aggressive decks on this list, consistently pressing the enemy at all stages of the match.

With this archetype, you want to play Ehrlich as early as possible and use the rest of your traps and summons to control the board. You won’t need to pull off crazy combos like Emancipator, but rather play versatile consistent cards that get the job done independently.

It immediately bagged the trophy from Luxury Gaming’s LCS IX, held last December 12 – 13, 2020. The strategy proved to be incredibly difficult to deal with for most decks.

Having FD (True King of All Calamities) was, and still is its main win condition. Cards with peculiar conditions can introduce strange new “rules” for duelists to follow.

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These rules-of-thumb stick with players long after their connected card is lost to time. This is Part 2 of our brief look at all the Level (and Rank) 11 Monsters in Yugo.

In Part 1, we looked at good cards like ‘Bird’ and the new ‘Trisha’ Synchro, as well as worse cards like a lackluster ‘Sub terror’. Please read Part 1 first before continuing our journey into the world of 11 stars.

2 years ago by sync testify If you’re a beginner Yugo duelist, this article should help you strengthen your deck of playing cards.

We’re sure that after reading this, you’ll have higher chances of winning and claiming victory against your opponents. A strong deck is one that fits your preferences as a player while also giving you the highest chance of defeating an opponent.

They effectively get rid of or render useless many cards on the field. Control decks use highly disruptive cards and respond to large threats with minimal waste of resources.

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They slow down the pace of duels, benefiting from uneven trades with the opponent. Combo decks roll on their ability to extend multiple cards onto the field to summon monsters.

You need to use an extra deck since many monsters lack the firepower. Ramp decks build a powerful mid-to-late game performance and involve several cards staying on the field.

Battling’ Boxer Con stellar Machine Gadget Midrange decks can lack any specialties despite being capable in all areas of the duel.

With four different worlds and thousands of cards to choose from, how can any duelist build the right deck ? 5d’s, this deck clearly teaches the unique mechanics of synchro summoning; to seasoned players, this deck is full of familiar cards from Yuma Judo, including Junk Warrior.

Use Speed Warrior wisely: It receives double ATK during its first Battle Phase, so don’t summon him if you go first. This deck also has specific trap and spell cards that bring Red-Eyes back from the graveyard or fuse them into more powerful dragons.

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This deck not only has dragons but warriors as well, giving it a rounded set of monsters to draw from. Use with Joey Wheeler’s “Fusion morph: Red-Eyes” to add more dragons to the deck, or “Red-Eyes Fusion” to bring out powerful monsters when in dire need.

The Red-Eyes Spirit trap card can bring any Red-Eyes monster back from the Graveyard. Play as Akita and search for her ace monster, Black Rose Dragon.

5d’s: it has both Copy Plant and Akita Link’s ace monster, Black Rose Dragon. While this is a Synchro deck, what makes it powerful is how the special abilities of Plant-Type monsters work together.

This Archfiend deck has more than power on its side; it uses tuner monsters with low ATK but with impressive abilities. This deck also has several monsters to synchro summon, including Laval val Dragon.

Dragons aren't the only thing in this deck : it also has Chaos King Archfiend, which switches the ATK and DEF of any monster it attacks. Works great with Jaden Yuri’s skills: “Miracle Fusion Time” adds a Miracle Fusion card to your hand, “Where the Heroes Dwell” lets you play a Skyscraper field spell, “Fusion Time” adds a Polymerization and a fusible monster to your hand, and “A New Power” adds more Elemental Heroes to your deck.

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Blacking Armed Wing gains 500 ATK when attacking a monster in defense position, and deals battle damage. While it is a deck with high leveled monsters, it is full of spell and trap cards to bring Magicians to the field without a tribute.

The trick with this deck is the spell cards: with them, Dark Magician monsters can be summoned without a tribute. Understandably, this deck favors spell and trap cards and has fewer monsters.

Magician of Dark Illusions is instantly special summoned to the field when a trap card is played on the opponent’s turn. Dark Magician can be fused with any warrior monster to create Dark Cavalry, which gains 200 ATK for every spell or trap card on the field and in the graveyard, and deals damage to monsters in defense position.

The Dark Side of Dimensions, these are the cards used by Tea Gardner (DSO). Because this deck relies so heavily on monster abilities, if your opponent destroys your spell and trap cards, it will barely affect your strategy.

Witchcraft er Madame Verse gains 1000 ATK for every different spell card revealed. A classic, but a good deck, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is still a favorite of long-standing fans and newbies alike.

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This deck is designed to support Set Kaaba’s ace monster, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blue-Eyes White Dragon has different summoning animations for the different versions, unlocked by both Set and Yoruba Kaaba.

For those who want to take it further, summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon for one of the strongest monsters in the game. As Yoruba Kaaba (DSO) takes after his brother, he has abilities that work well with this deck also, including “Gem Dragon Go!” that increases the chance of having dragons in your opening hand.

Cosmos Brain has a high defense of 2450 DEF, creating a wall few monsters could breach. Every time the opponent draws a card, Silent Magician LV4 increases their ATK.

In a few turns, these monsters become tanks; few cards have as high attack power as Silent Magician LV8. This deck takes planning and strategy, but you can quickly get the hang of it and defeat any opponent.

For any spell caster fan, this deck feels overpowered, as Silent Magician LV4 grows stronger when the opponent draws cards. Paired with spell cards that instantly level up monsters or allow each player to draw more cards, allowing monsters to increase their ATK, this deck quickly raises your attack power, ensuring victory.

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Silent Magician LV4 starts with 1000 ATK, but every time the opponent draws a card, the magician gains 500 ATK: within a few short turns, it quickly becomes one of the most powerful monsters on the field. Gold Sarcophagus allows you to banish any one of your cards from the game for two turns, enabling you to set up your victory long in advance.

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