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• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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With so many brands and types of deck boxes on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. This material will help protect your cards from scratches, dings, and dents.

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A high strength magnet is used to keep this box closed which is light years ahead of a Velcro design. This magnet will ensure that your box stays closed even when tipped upside down or knocked over.

Made with a high quality waterproof material Very sturdy Fits double sleeved cards Magnetic box closure Fits 100+ cards 12-Month Warranty This is the ultimate box created by BC called the Deck Locker.

This deserves the top spot due to the functionality and quality that this deck box has to offer. It has the signature BC dragon design which gives it that extra touch in terms of style.

There is a strong magnetic closure system that keeps this box shut and secure. The magnet is fairly strong and will prevent accidental spills and opening when being shaken.

The deck box opens up like a locker to reveal your cards and a dice tray that can be taken out. Mash all of these features together with an awesome low price, and you get this as the top pick in our list.

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Strong magnetic closure Created with a durable leatherette material Removable dice tray Fits sleeved cards Very low price The next deck box on our list is the Ultimate Guard Twin Flip Deck Case.

This is partly true as it actually offers another deck tray to essentially double the storage. There is little chance of your cards being damaged due to accidental falls or drops.

You can store up to 160 double-sleeved cards all while still having a removable dice tray for extra storage of accessories. If you finally make the decision that this deck box is perfect for your needs, you may run into another problem, and that is choosing a color.

Ultimate Guard manufactures this product with a huge color selection that can make it hard to only purchase one. This one is a smaller, more compact choice if you don’t want all the extra room with the removable dice tray.

The outer material of this box features a padded faux leather with a microfiber faux-suede inside. This box is constructed to protect your cards at all costs in case of accidental falls or spills.

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This box was created with an updated premium leatherette material from the previous model. Ultra Pro really wanted to make this second iteration as good as they could, and this is why we gave them a spot in one of our top picks.

There is a separate compartment or tray that you can store your dice in which is becoming a necessity in the trading card world. The price for this deck box is very reasonable which is a good thing to stay competitive with the other brands on the market.

Constructed with a premium leatherette outside Great price Removable dice tray Strong magnetic closure Vast color selection If keeping your cards safe are in your best interest, only purchase a deck box with a magnetic closure system.

This can create a potentially dangerous situation for your cards if your Velcro isn’t working properly, and in the long run you will be spending more money on replacement boxes. We highly recommend against purchasing a deck box with no type of security closure as this can increase the likelihood of your cards falling out or becoming damaged.

Be sure to purchase a deck box that can fit the amount of cards in your deck, and also your sleeve preference. The Ultimate Guard Twin Flip is an example of a deck box that can hold a large amount of cards.

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If you do not need a space for accessories, then leaving it out can net you a deck box that smaller and more compact. Ultra Pro markets and sells their products through over 150 distributors and customers worldwide.

Ultra Pro is family-owned with its main head offices near Los Angeles, California. If you are having trouble deciding on which brand to get, you won’t go wrong by choosing Ultra Pro.

In 2015, BC released a new line of card storage supplies which offers a wide variety of new products that range in several colors. It was a small group of people that made and posted deck ideas.

Today their community now has more than 100,000 members that are building more than 500 decks total on a daily basis. Ultimate Guard has a wide variety of high quality, competitive products ranging from binders to deck boxes.

It’s built of by one of the biggest brands in the TCG community and doesn’t fall short in terms of quality, functionality, and style. Although a bit more expensive, the Ultimate Guard Twin Flip Deck Case comes in a close second.

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There are many options to choose from when it comes to booster boxes, and we have narrowed down our list of favorites right here for you. Arguably the best booster pack in the game, our list starts off with the Battles of Legend: Light’s Revenge.

There are eighty cards that this pack will pull from, and they are, a minimum, of the super rarity. It also brings a specific rule that all monsters in the pack are all types, which broadens the number of strategies you can run with it.

Some of our favorite cards are in this pack, and it is highly-coveted by both collectors and players alike. This pack will bring you some truly great cards that will absolutely elevate your deck.

However, if you can find one, you will get a blast of nostalgia with some cards that still hold up after all this time. Coming with Shrank Solitaire and Pot of Desires, this pack can help you create a really great Zombie deck.

Its unique format is a big draw, but if you're not careful you might wind up wasting your in-game currency on things you don't need. Gems are incredibly valuable, so unless you want to dump a lot of money in the game, it is important to know the best ways to spend them.

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It even seems like it has more spell and trap cards to offer than actual monsters, which players don't always want. This box is a good buy for any players that might want to make a new deck centered around different kinds of cards.

Plenty of the UR and SR cards that are offered in this mini box can even point players in what direction they want a new deck to go in. Most of the monsters in here aren't super impressive, and they've become a bit outdated compared to newer cards that have been added to the game.

The one card that's still pretty helpful and valuable in this box is The Golden Apples, which lets players gain LP from battle damage taken when they don't have monsters on the field, as well as adding a token. The Malefic monsters added to the game are great for getting powerful monsters on the field quickly since they can be special summoned by banishing their non-Malefic versions from the player's hand, deck, or extra deck.

Unlike its predecessor that contains cards still used to this day (such as Sphere Turbo and Sonic Bird), there is not a single card in “Age of Discovery” that has any kind of use outside incredibly small niches. As a main box, it has multiple archetypes included, with the two most noteworthy being Cyber Dragon and Super heavy Samurai.

Don't let the limited status of Massive morph fool you, there's almost no value in Echoes of Silence. “Lords of Shining” is the first mini box on this list that has a lot of value stuffed into it.

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Wiretap is a solid generic counter trap card for trap negations, and White Stone of Ancients is responsible for bringing Blue-Eyes decks to the forefront. Despite multiple cards being on the limited list, the deck continues to thrive due to the power of their monsters.

Since it's a mini box, it's a lot easier to collect all the cards needed for the deck. While old school players might be attracted to Summoned Skull, don't let the nostalgia glasses fool you.

Summoned Skull hasn't been good since the earliest formats of Yu-Gi-Oh, and Duel Links is no exception to this. The only card that sees any kind of play from this box is Localized Tornado, and that's only in a very niche and gimmicky mill deck that isn't worth investing gems to build.

Not only that, but it also comes with good generic zombie support in the way of Book of Life and Dragonecro Nether soul Dragon. Rieger Break is also a good generic removal card that can help set up the graveyard, something that will continue to become more important as the game goes on.

Needle bug Nest, is also slightly more useful now due to the recent limiting of That Grass Looks Greener, so at the very least there's one card that... isn't the worst. Judgement Force is one of the newest boxes and quickly became one of the best Duel Links has seen.

Not only that, Luna light and Light sworn cards are also both in the box, with the latter being one of the best draw engines in the game currently. Its biggest claim to fame, Freeborn Frog, was already irrelevant when it was added.

With the introduction of the Dark Side of Dimensions world, Duel Links would receive one of the most meta-defining boxes in the game's history. This main box contained multiple powerful archetypes, including Grave keepers, Magician Girls, Thunder Dragons, and most importantly; Invoked.

Element sabers, also included in the box, let players play the deck in a purer version. There's practically no worthless high rarity card, making it one of the best boxes in the history of Duel Links.

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