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Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
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I also strongly suggest you zoom in on the cards while I describe them to catch the things I point out. The dragon is popping out almost, and you can feel the rush of the wind almost as you get a few for the speed they are traveling at all from the artwork.

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This was a toss up between infinity and malefic cyber end dragon but this one is just so cool. The dragon has its mouth open to show its intensity as it screeches out, wings raised high in the air.

The red lightning striking all around it in the background adds to it as well to show the intensity of this creature. The artwork is unique and interesting as it is a humanoid insect dragon Dr. Octopus Mother******.

Its massive wings spam across the whole card in tattered glory as the creature yells out. This is what the card represents, handing you this big beater and trapping you by burning your life points away.

The artwork shows great depth as the one clawed hand reaches toward the user. The secret Rare makes it extremely majestic and shows a sense of speed and power as it bursts leaving a trail of green behind.

The purple blobs look like sacks of poison and litter his body to show how he has been corrupted by the venom hence the starving portion of his name. The dragon is wrapping itself around the star and seems to be constricting it like a boa would and is now facing towards the front.

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If you zoom in in the middle you can see the head of the dragon as it stares at the user with a sense of knowing it's the biggest baddest thing around. He is shown emerging from white roses as he clutches a flower where it's petals have wilted away.

He has a smirk and closed eyes to show he is insightful and knows exactly what he is doing an almost calculated kind of ordeal. White petals blow away from him in both directions to symbolize the good being purged away as he moves in.

This shows his elegance and strength as he holds his smirk and knows he is in control which ties with his effect of locking out special summoned monsters. He appears to understand what his role is as a sort of checkmate to your opponent by being graceful and powerful at the same time which is craft-fully worked into this beautiful artwork.

Whoever designed this must have been playing a lot of Skyrim, World of Warcraft, or Diablo because this thing would fit perfectly into those games as a final boss. This guy resembles the ballot from Lord of the Rings with his fiery horned head and weapon set ablaze.

You can see the skin fiber that makes up Wis huge vampire wings. This looks almost like a final boss monster from a MMO or Skyrim and would fit in perfectly into the world of Lord of the Rings for example.

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The creature is depicted in a cave as he moves toward the light showing off the well detailed muscles adorning its body while wielding its fiery weapon. My favorite car dart as it is so unique compared to almost every other card I have seen as being so extremely detailed and drawn that it is breathtaking once looking closer at it.

Next to the Dark Magician, you're not going to find a more iconic monster than its leading dragon. With that in mind, the Blue-Eyes archetype has had plenty of creatures added to its ranks over the years.

Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon straight up looks like it's melting and wants to cause as much violence as it possibly can before it fully ends up as a puddle. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is much more of a looker than its alternative counterpart, but it still takes a low spot on the list because its car dart isn't all that interesting.

It's incredibly iconic, sure, but three dragon heads on a black background isn't anything that can be qualified as all that interesting. Solid Dragon's wings are a sort of semi-transparent color that are refracting a rainbow hue.

The Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon car dart is a lot calmer than its ultimate variation. The creature itself generally looks like a normal Blue-Eyes with a little of flair, with the rainbow vein-like design on its wings helping the dragon to highlight itself against the darker background.

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Blue-Eyes White Dragon gets a high placement on this list specifically because there are a ton of different arts to choose from. The above art is one of the best, featuring a Blue-Eyes White Dragon set against a dark, starry backdrop and a crescent moon, crying into the sky.

The dragon seems to have taken on a bit of a more mechanical look than a regular Blue-Eyes, featuring bright blue highlights along its entire body. The glowing blue segments contrast perfectly with the electric-yellow background, and Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon's pose indicates that it's ready to strike out at its opponent.

The electricity bouncing off of it, the ground shaking under its weight, and the ominous clouds in the background. The pink lighting and clouds in the background help to add a bit of contrast to the art.

Every aspect of Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon's car dart goes together to create a stunning work. The beautiful, imposing Ultimate Dragon up against some sort of supernova of a background, there's nothing that you don't want to look at in this card.

The contrasting colors, the stark white of the dragon, everything in this picture is just too good. The dragon itself has a stunning white and gold color scheme, and its wings seem to be somewhat semi-translucent, which adds to the majesty of the creature.

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This is all set against a beautiful, mountainous background that really helps to bring the scale of Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon into perspective. The ace card of Kaaba in the anime, it's an absolutely iconic monster.

The second variant of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the lowest on the list, it really isn't that great of art at all. Even ignoring the fact that the eye and body colors are both wrong, nothing sticks out here.

This dragon is at least taking action, preparing to fire off a White Lightning attack. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's certainly a stylistic choice, but it pales in comparison to some other art because of this.

It's a counterpart to one of Dark Magician's card arts, which also features the stone tablet that depicts the history between the two creatures. The first Blue-Eyes artwork is easily the most iconic of them all, as this was the one that Kaaba used throughout the entire original series anime.

It depicts a more or less calm Blue-Eyes White Dragon that is facing the player, set on a very simple background. The card is simplistic and clean, and nostalgia is certainly playing a part in its ranking on the list, but that's fine.

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This car dart features a Blue-Eyes flying through space, surrounded by planets and stars. The seventh Blue-Eyes White Dragon car dart features none other than Kaaba with his most trusted monster.

In the art, we see Kaaba directing his Blue-Eyes into battle, who is prepared to unleash a devastating attack behind his master. This art is absolutely fantastic, even if it is complete and utter fan service.

In the art, Kaaba is wearing his classic Battle City outfit, and his jacket is billowing behind him in epic fashion. Kaaba and his Blue-Eyes are a pair from beginning to end, and getting a car dart that depicts the relationship between the two is a ton of fun.

1 spot on the list actually goes to the newest Blue-Eyes White Dragon car dart, which is simply stunning. In the car dart, Blue-Eyes White Dragon is set on a gorgeous yellow and blue background that is highlighted by sparkling stars.

SOME TIPS FOR PRINTING THESE COLORING PAGES: 1) If you have JavaScript enabled you can click the link in the top half of the page, and it will automatically print the coloring page only and ignore the advertising and navigation at the top of the page.

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2) Click on the coloring page image in the bottom half of the screen to make that frame active. Like everything in this world Yu-Gi-Oh has a bunch of scary cards among their various monsters, spells and traps.

This list will make you wonder what was INAMI thinking at the time these card artworks were being made. Before we start let me state that this list is composed of monster cards in its entirety.

As always, with all that said: let this carnage begin!-OCG version of “Gimmick Puppet Dreary Doll” -”Ghoul With An Appetite” -”Outer Entity Azzathoth” -”Gimmick Puppet Nightmare” -”Dino-Sewn” -”Malice Doll of Demise” Check out the original Japanese artwork made for this card.

Apparently the panda who was kicking the table had his family in the background scared for their lives. Still, this card didn't make it higher up the list because it wouldn't be half as creepy if it wouldn't have the doll.

“Sky Scourge Initial” This thing reminds me of the “Angel of Grief” grave statue (the statue that inspired the weeping angel race from Dr. Who) a bit too much, and that thing is creepy as hell. Plus, if you look up the meaning of the word “scourge” the sheer creepiness will blow your mind, I assure you...

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“Necklace” A broken fling doll head with something that resembles a brain or some sort of entrails pouring out of it! “Outer Entity Nearly” Straight out of an archetype composed of creatures that would make the late writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft proud comes this grotesque monstrosity made out of...

Like all of Lovecraft's monsters and subsequent creatures created based on his universe, it's really hard to describe what this thing really is. Duel Monsters anime you surely remember Inspector Saga (a.k.a.

I mean, its just some weird insect on a black smoke background right? Knowing this I bet you are wondering what could the Japanese put in this card artwork to make it earn no.

What about the fact that in the original artwork the has its tentacles and appendixes poking out of a guy's face! “Gimmick Puppet Shadow Feeler” Straight out one of the creepiest archetypes ever created, this “thing” or whatever the f#OK it's supposed to be is based on a film you might know.

If you remember it I bet you are asking why is this card here if the artwork isn't half as creepy as some stuff we've seen so far. I vividly remember thinking that “Armored Zombie” has a way creepier artwork than him.

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The card's name Spanish translation is another factor for it to be so high up the list: “Male Sanger”. Its stomach is wide open and a horrible face can be seen inside it.

It's a zombie with its stomach opened and held only by threads which contains various monsters. I had two horrible experiences related to this card as a kid (which I'll tell you in video format on my gaming channel).

Literally translated to “Shinigami Boomerang”, this thing haunted my nightmares as a kid. I had to dispose of these cards (using acid from my grandpa's metal warehouse) when I was 8 years old because these things were too scary.

I recently obtained other copies of both cards and added them to one of my folders. When I stumble upon it on my folder, and it catches me off guard I still react to it as if it was a jump scare.

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