Best Yu Gi Oh Zexal Deck

David Lawrence
• Monday, 09 November, 2020
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Duel Links have two primary options when it comes to buying cards at the Store: traditional Boxes and Structure Decks. While Boxes come with advantages, Structure Decks can be very useful for both new and experienced Duel Links players.

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ZEAL series, Ga gaga XYZ has a few nifty weapons that can helpful for both new and experienced players. Bacon Saver, on the other hand, can help players avoid any LP damage if that card is banished from the Graveyard during the Battle Step.

A four-star XYZ monster, Ga gaga Cowboy can inflict 400 LP of damage to the opposition once per turn if in Defense Position. Mask Change allows players to tribute off a HERO monster, and in turn, Special Summon a Masked HERO Fusion Monster from the Extra Deck that has the same attribute as the tribute target.

The Dark Magician archetype has been the target of several Ban list updates, but it can still be a decent option if built correctly. While the Masters of Chaos Structure Deck doesn’t have too much to do with the Dark Magician archetype, it does have one card that’s incredibly handy for any build that revolves around’s Yam Yuri’s ace monster: Dark Cavalry.

Dark Cavalry, which can typically be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck with the Eye of Times, can be used as both a high-ATK beater, and a negate machine. The Blue-Eyes archetype is one of the most popular ones in Duel Links, so it makes sense that the fifth and final Structure Decks we’re profiling includes support cards for Set Kaaba’s ace monster.

Dragon Spirit of White is treated as a Normal Monster in the Graveyard or hand, meaning that it can be Special Summoned with Cosmos Brain’s effect. Additionally, Dragon Spirit of White can banish one Spell or Trap card from the field upon it being Normal or Special Summoned.

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Has gone through multiple different anime series, each introducing new protagonists and summoning mechanics which either altered the game or started a whole new version of it. His deck's greatest asset is its variety of spells and traps, with some of the more notable ones including his Swords Of Revealing Light and Magical Hats.

As long as an opponent is wary of his back row and knows to expect a potential Turbo, his deck would be easier to beat compared to other protagonists. Continue scrolling to keep readingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.

Later on in the series, Jaden gains access to the Neo-pagan archetype and mixes them in with his Elemental Heroes. It's thanks to Stardust Dragon that Yuma has an extra layer of protection that earlier protagonists didn't have a lot of.

His synchro monsters have some flexibility with how they can handle certain problems, such as Junk Archer banishing cards on the opponent's side of the field and Junk Destroyer destroying cards with its effect. In addition, his deck adapts to be able to summon cards that rocked the dueling circuit when it was first printed such as Shooting Quasar Dragon.

Before Link monsters entered the scene, Pendulum decks held a special advantage over those that didn't incorporate them. This allowed for these monsters to have extra floating potential, as long as the right scale was set in the pendulum zones.

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While arguably not the worst among the protagonists, his deck has been fairly hampered by the current rules of the game. While there are several meta-related archetypes from this anime series, Lusaka’s Cybersex deck isn’t particularly known as a top runner.

With the current dueling format, Link Monsters are crucial to using multiple cards from the extra deck. In the latest rules, there is only one extra deck zone that is automatically accessible to a player.

If you have the right cards, then there is also the potential to completely block out the opponent’s use of the extra deck by summoning Link Monsters whose arrows connect to each other. Yoga’s place in comparison to the other duelists of this collection is hard to judge.

This change to the draw phase cancels out the need for search cards in Yoga’s deck. He relies on Sevens Road Magician as his main ace card, but even comparing that to the other protagonists this monster is on the weaker end.

In place of a better base stat the magician’s ability does increase his attack on his user’s turn, but beyond that Yoga wouldn’t stand much of a chance. At the end of the day, Yuma's and Lusaka's deck have the best odds of survival in a competitive standpoint.

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While the former is flexible enough to be able to have synchros with varying removal effects, the latter makes use of the latest card rules to storm the field with Link monsters. About The Author Michael Coll ado (80 Articles Published) Anime Features Writer for CBR.

Having worked many odd jobs, including article writing, he is now a list writer for TheGamer.com. This list will be ranking the best decks based on their peak in their respective format, rather than how they would all fare in the current meta game.

Updated October 12th, 2020 by Johnny Garcia: INAMI has been pushing for over the internet Remote Dueling by the use of webcams. Many more Decks have come and gone through the meta game thanks to set releases like Duel Overload and the Tin Of Lost Memories, so a few more have been added.

The recursion “Uniform” had access to made it incredibly strong against other Decks at the time and was part of the reason many people had grown a hatred for the Pendulum mechanic. “Sky Striker” immediately set its place in the meta upon its release, turning into one of the strongest Control Decks ever.

“Six Samurai” could flood the Field easily which made for absolutely devastating end boards. “Burning Abyss” was a Deck that was released in the incredibly popular Duelist Alliance set.

All “Burning Abyss” cards had powerful Graveyard effects, which could be triggered on the opponent's turn thanks to “Beatrice, Lady Of The Eternal.” Many cards in the “Burning Abyss” Archetype were put on different parts on the ban list due to how powerful it was.

An FT (first turn kill) is a deck that defeats the opponent before they have a chance to play (hence the name). “Substitute” and “Ronintoadin” made it incredibly easy to loop “Frog” cards to get them onto the field.

The “Data Lock” was obtained by having “Chaos Emperor Dragon” and either “Sagan” or “Witch Of The Black Forest” on the field. “Chaos Emperor Dragon” would activate its effect, which sends all cards on the field and both players' hands to the graveyard.

This meant that the victim of the “Data Lock” would be unable to draw and have no cards in their hand to play with. “ The deck was capable of setting up incredibly powerful boards with cards that could easily loop their effects.

“Telexed” is a deck based around the cards “Emergency Teleport” and “Dark Armed Dragon.” This effect was not once per turn, meaning if you had 3 “Dark Armed Dragons” in your hand you can summon all 3.

Being able to skip an entire step in the XYZ summoning process was begging to be broken. “Zodiac Trident” can destroy any card on the field during either player's turn, proving to be much too powerful for the game to handle.

All the “Dragon Rulers” are currently banned, with only the “Wind” type “Tempest” being limited. “Pepe” was so good, an emergency ban list had to be made to keep the meta fun and healthy and six different cards in the deck would be hit by it.

The key card in the deck belongs to a different archetype: Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, a monster which could be summoned by banishing a Dragon-Type the player controls. As XYZ were still getting settled into the meta game, INAMI introduced a deck that...didn’t need them much at all.

A new structure deck would introduce a handful of monsters: Light pulsar Dragon, Eclipse Wyvern, and Dark flare Dragon, each of which relied on unique methods of banishing or special summoning themselves that worked perfectly not only with the previous boss of Disaster Dragon, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal, but also with a host of new cards. The Winged-Beasts “unite”, equipping the Dragons and gaining effects, which often involves destroying other monsters on field.

The Drag unity specialize in synchro summons, which help them make bigger dragons with incredible effects to help them win the game. It didn’t take very long for INAMI’s favorite type to get a XYZ archetype.

When Red-Eyes then got Dr. Red, the engine which makes all Dragon decks run, that was thought not to be the case in the card game. Though there are good Red-Eyes cards, like Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon, which inflicts damage to the opponent every time they activate a card or effect, most of the deck is rather aimless, and it lacks the consistency of Blue-Eyes.

The incredible synergy they were capable of allowed them to place multiple high ATK monsters on the field with ease, making them into XYZ to get rid of their restrictions of the Dragon Rulers themselves.

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