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He was a great antagonist because he was constantly trying to get Jaden kicked out of the academy or scheming against him. Kaaba is one of the greatest duelists and consistent competitors in the anime series.

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In fact, he is the reincarnation of Priest Set, the first wielder of the blue eyes white dragon cards. When Kaaba finally gets his hands on the card, after he defeats Solomon Motor in a duel, he rips it up in front of Yuri.

When Noah was 12, he got into a bad car accident which left him in a comatose state. In hopes of making his son feel alive again, Goulburn created a virtual world that Noah could live in where his accident didn't matter.

Of Course, his life in this virtual world did not give him happiness for long, and he sought revenge on Set, as he now has all his father's attention. Noah then kidnapped Set, Yuri, and his friends in an effort to destroy them.

He was a savior of the Medford Emperor Genocide, which is what brought the world into an apocalyptic future. Z-One's plan was to destroy New Domino City because he thought it was the right thing to save the future.

Pegasus wanted to gain control of Albacore for their Solid Vision and all the Millennium items to resurrect his dead lover Cecelia. He was possessed by The Light of Destruction, a celestial entity that wanted to use him to remake the world for an extraterrestrial being.

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The catch to using the Label card growing up was that the opponent would fall into a coma upon defeat. In space, Label was shown the light of destruction, and it turned her crazy.

Label returned to earth to try and convince Jade to become a ruler of the demons, but Jaden refused. The last villain on this list is Yam Mark, the leader and founder of the Rare Hunters.

Fusion of Zorn and Thief King Sakura and arguably the best antagonist of the series. He wields the Millennium Ring, which can be used to track other Millennium Items, extract souls from other people's bodies, and forms a permanent bond with the host.

He is the Dark Ruler of the “Shadow Realm” in the English dub. Mark Ishtar is the leader of the Rare Hunters who wields the Millennium Rod.

He i.e. incredibly talented at art and manipulation and hopes to regain his wife Cecilia from the dead. He is the main antagonist of Season 1. The son of Goulburn Kaaba, Noah Kaaba was killed early in his life and brought to life as a computer hologram and sought revenge on Set Kaaba for “stealing” his life from him and planned to steal his body from him.

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Not really an antagonist, but since I can't put Dart here, I added on Set Kaaba. The American world champion of Duel Monsters, “Bandit Keith” Howard was a ruthless, scheming cheater.

THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT Official Trailer Teaser (2020) Anya Taylor-Joy, Netflix Series HD Some of them are trying to revive loved ones, some of them can't stop making penguin puns, and some are... well, you know what, we'll get to the rest.

Anubis is the equivalent of a CGI-fest monster villain, if such an underwhelming threat could exist in anime. His backstory barely exists, the Pyramid of Light is pointless (we're talking about the object and the movie itself, honestly).

The movie really could have just been a massive, hour-long duel between Yuri and Kaaba, but they instead decided to throw Anubis into the mix who, spoiler alert, added nothing of interest to the plot. He's truly the worst villain that the original series had to offer, especially of the (kind of) canon crew.

The Big Five is literally just a group of five idiots who think they're great while simultaneously engaging in a string of failures. And his plan of using the Golden Castle card in order to infect Kaaba's systems is an interesting plot device.

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A stunt like this wouldn't make Schröder Corp loved in the eyes of the public, only hated. The arc does a lot of work filling in the Kaaba brothers' backstories living with him.

The main antagonist of the Virtual World arc, Noah is a much better villain than his father. He's a complete trashcan of a person, but a pretty good villain for the arc he was featured in.

He basically plans on wiping out the world, which is pretty typical for this series. However, his soulless ways of manipulating his followers and destroying people's lives in order to achieve his nefarious goals are pretty messed up.

Despite doing evil things to everyone in the group (especially poor Joey), his intentions are what he believes to be pure. All-in-all, Diva is simply a flawed villain doing his best to save his home world.

An overarching threat throughout the show, Yam Sakura is the definition of evil. Sakura is always present throughout the anime, ready to strike and take his shot at the puzzle.

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No matter how many times he is defeated, he comes back, even joining forces with some villains to further his goals. Pegasus will stop at nothing to revive his long-lost love, Cecilia.

He puts hundreds of people in danger during Duelist Kingdom, and steals the souls of Kaaba, Yoruba and Grandpa. While Item is eventually able to subdue the evil inside him, Mark is brutal toward the people who love him the most, and even ends the lives of some of them.

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