Best Yu Gi Oh Starter Decks

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Is a very complex trading card game thanks to its tendency of introducing new mechanics with every new major release. These Quarterdecks come with a full Deck of cards designed to teach new players either a certain game mechanic or strategy to utilize.

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This ranking will be based on the rare cards in the deck and the strength of their main mechanic. Other new products have been announced such as Maximum Gold with many cards revealed that'll give these Quarterdecks a big boost.

Phantom Rage is also going to be upon us soon, a Set releasing plenty of powerful cards for old and new strategies. 5D's includes plenty of fantastic staple cards like Exiled Force, Smashing Ground, and Lightning Vortex.

In addition, it comes with great staple cards like Dust Tornado, Rieger Break, and The Warrior Returning Alive. Starter Deck: Dawn of the Syn served as a great starting off point for XYZ summoning, with cards in it being used to this day.

Saber Force comes with great Spell and Trap cards, including Dark Hole, Dust Tornado, and Smashing Ground. The Calculator is also a very fun Monster to build around, and Cyber Dragon is an always-fantastic card for any deck to take advantage of.

Based off of Set Kaaba's card deck from the first episode from the original anime. The deck is designed for quick tribute summoning or keeping as little monster cards in your hand.

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Based off of Yuri Motor's deck from the first episode from the original anime. While more versatile than Kaaba Reloaded, with an incentive to use a lot of Spell cards, is never a bad thing.

GO, this starter deck is an interesting mishmash of monsters inspired by American Superheroes and Japanese History. This is thanks to both the deck featuring a ton of monsters that can be summoned or changed in response to an opponent's action and that Utopia Ray can easily be a boost to dangerous levels of attack points.

Similarly to V for Victory, this deck is based around summoning a powerful Monster. Also, similar to V for Victory, this deck avoids the potential problem of being a one-trick pony.

It also goes all-in on the Monster and Spell cards that allow a player to catch up with their opponents. The deck also has a larger body of catch-up cards allowing the player to craft a stronger strategy based on this tactic.

While it based around XYZ Summoning monsters, it features a lot more flexibility than V for Victory. This tactic combined with a nice variety of Effect Monsters makes it a powerful starter deck.

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The Space-Time Showdown Starter Deck is designed to take advantage of the Pendulum Summon system. Beyond Pendulum Summoning, the deck is also great with negating an opponent's potential actions.

From using the Gazer Magicians' limits on your opponent to a variety of special summons that a player can use. It avoids the problem most Quarterdecks have in being built around one or two certain strategies, giving the player flexibility in how they conduct their duels.

Born in 1995, Matthew England has long been interested in Science Fiction and Superheroes that started with his introduction to the Star Wars and the X-men at a young age. Currently, he is seeking to begin his freelance writing career and binging Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

A starter deck is a highly recommended for players just starting out because they come with all the cards you need to learn how to play the game. With so many starter decks on the market right now, it can be difficult to know which decks are the best bang for your money spent.

The Yuma Starter Deck Introduces Pendulum monsters into the mix. There are also a ton of support cards to help you get these beasts out onto the field, as well as introducing a few new archetypes into the mix.

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The Space-Time Showdown Start Deck is another Super Starter which comes with two bonus power-up packs. Two of the most notable mentions in this deck are Ultra Rare variants of Odd-Eyes Dragon and Dark Hole which are included as a cool little bonus.

There are also trap and spell cards that help aid in quickly increasing the power of these monsters. Beat-down decks are great for beginners because it still lets you use intricate combos and strategies, but they aren’t too confusing to understand such as the Pendulum archetypes.

The Saber Force set packs a harder punch than Dark Legion, and comes with quite a few more noteworthy cards. One of the most noteworthy cards is Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon that is featured on the cover of the deck box.

This is an incredibly strong Level 7 Monster with 2800 attack that can easily be summoned with the support cards in this deck. On top of having Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon, this set also comes with a lot of very useful monsters, magic, and spell cards that make previous decks in this list almost a joke.

Dawn of the XYZ takes our number two spot in this top 10 list, and for good reason. The main purpose of this deck is to rush your opponent by swarming the battlefield with low level monsters that are then powered up by support cards.

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All the cards in this deck synergize well to help boost each other’s attacks to give you some pretty easy to summon heavy hitters. Even veteran players have purchased three of these starter decks due to the fact that this set comes with a ton of useful cards that are good in many decks.

It is always a good idea to check out the entire deck list to see what kind of monsters come with it. If you are brand new to the game, it would be a good tactic to acquire starter decks that have spell cards that are generically useful.

INAMI is a leader in the publishing, development, and manufacturer of trading card games and electronic entertainment. INAMI has been striving to innovate and bring new, fresh entertainment sources to their audience since the 1960s.

Link Strike is hands down the best starter deck in the game at this time. With the right cards added to them, they can easily overpower a basic starter deck.

Its kit is just unmatched when it comes to the amount of rare and useful cards that this deck has to offer. This deck comes with a ton of powerful support cards as well as a few awesome XYZ Monsters.

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