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• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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Supremely intense, definitely something Set Kaaba would say. We all started this for fun, and it turned out to be something that could also provide value to people.

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I do think all our work should feel like games and play. It is exactly in those moments, that we need to stand firm, and fully see things through to the end.

They shared a great bond, and were completely different personalities. That when we obsess or focus on a vision so much, that we bring it forth into reality.

“If you can’t understand the darkness in your opponent’s heart, you will never comprehend the pain and suffering from others.” The classic line from Yugioh, so we had to make a wallpaper out of this.

I don’t think he’ll every read this blog, but he’s one of the biggest hip hope choreographers in the world. We were roommates for years, and brothers from different mothers, and now we partner up with different business opportunities, and enjoy time with each other.

The power to decide who we become, what action we take next, and what our future holds, all in the palm of our hands, within each one of us. But there are so many great moments with this hero of the story, and Yam also makes wonderful points in dialogue, leading to really memorable and powerful quotes.

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Yam Yuri often faces off against villainous characters who don’t always play by the rules and sometimes are out to hurt him, just because they can. But this quote shows the idea that even the worst people had something happen to make them that way, and even they are worthy of empathy and understanding.

Yam Yuri plays Duel Monsters mostly to spend time with his friends and to protect them from people who would hurt them in the game. But despite the fact that maybe he would move forward or level up in competition if he left his friends behind, he knows that’s not even an option when they’re so important to him and have supported him for so long.

For characters like Kaaba, who are obsessed with winning, they’re often willing to do whatever it takes to get by, even if it means cheating or throwing their friends under the bus. He often talks a big game and throws insults at his opponents a lot, which he certainly did here, referring to Yam Yuri’s deck as pathetic.

Yam of course has some very good cards in the deck, like Exotic, which he uses to contradict Kaaba’s point. One of the best things about Yam Yuri is that he has a real sense of nobility and grace, probably because he’s royalty.

But when he’s had a really hard time fighting a duel, or even he’s very clearly going to win, he sees no point in making his opponent feel bad about it. Instead, he graciously acknowledges that his opponent did a great job, especially if they made him have to work really hard to win.

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While many of the villains in the series would probably disagree with Yam Yuri’s point here, there is some good advice in what he says. Even if a villain won a battle using the power of their hatred, they probably wouldn’t feel that good about it.

In her free time, you can find her eating hummus, riding the Haunted Mansion, or being suffocated by her cats, Moo and Mai Tai. He’s a brooding bad guy who has a lot of angst but is also deeply devoted to his brother and makes sure to constantly protect him.

Plus, he’s an excellent Duel Monsters player and often gives his opponents, including Yam Yuri, a run for their money during battle. His often nasty and pointed zingers whenever talking to an opponent just make fans like him even more, since his barbed comments are so clever and interesting.

Set Kaaba is one of those people; he’s interested solely in playing the game itself and particularly in winning it. He doesn’t see the point in harping on the history of the game and finds it a waste of time.

Kaaba doesn’t mince words, and when he’s bored with what his opponent is saying, he’s not going to waste any time in telling them just that. Boasting only matters if a person can back it up with actual results while playing the game and are otherwise nonsense.

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His declaration that he decides his own fate is a perfect show of his personality in one sentence since his forward-thinking approach to life is why he behaves the way he does. So it makes sense that he might see Yuri’s obsessions with the Egyptian mythology as dumb and naive.

Plus, it’s clearly a choice to try to intimidate or scare him, since skeletons do call up images of death. But Kaaba doesn’t scare so easily, as he shows with this weirdly specific line of dialogue.

Set Kaaba definitely has some issues in his past, which is part of the reason that he’s so determined to avoid thinking about it. But he also really just wants to succeed at his goals, professionally and in Duel Monsters, and has no time or patience for everyone else’s obsessive need to bring up the history and mythology of the game.

Her work has been featured at Loser City, HelloGiggles, and Women Write About Comics among others. In her free time, you can find her eating hummus, riding the Haunted Mansion, or being suffocated by her cats, Moo and Mai Tai.

Destroying people's brains with magical powers is a-okay! It's a good thing I'm Set Kaaba, or that might've actually hurt me. It's called SET FREAKING' KAABA.

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“Try speaking American, it's the only language I understand.” “These sunglasses sure make it hard to see in the dark.

(cue David Bowie's “Magic Dance” as Shade stumbles through the maze) Teddy : Your mother plays card games in hell! Duke : We'll play Dungeon Dice Monsters, a game of my own creation.

(BEEP) (He finally notices Tea staring at him.) My father was a drinker; one night he went a little crazier than usual, so my mummy got the teapot to defend herself.

Tristan : It's okay Serenity, I lived my life as a side character, fit only for spouting mindless quips and catchphrases. But now, I get to die the way I always wanted, falling, screaming like a girl into a pit of boiling hot lava, flesh being seared from my bones.

Jaden: I'm the cute, hyperactive one that people want to choke in his sleep! Yam: So stand back you all, because it's time for a real main character to take the field.

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Paradox: Oh please, you may be the King of Games in your timeline, but where I come from duel monsters has evolved far beyond your understanding. Paradox: Um... Yam: And where I come from, duel monsters is still a broken, exploitable mess of a game.

We usually SAY we're going to play a card game, but then we spend the entire duel making wisecracks and referencing internet videos. Then at the end I win and people laugh and have a good time.

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