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• Monday, 28 December, 2020
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Having FD (True King of All Calamities) was, and still is its main win condition. Has been innovating Monster design, giving new ways to use cards not previously possible.

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Was forever changed by making easily summonable high attack Monsters obtainable. CHAOS Monsters still see widespread success today, with plenty having entered into the card pool over time.

“Light pulsar Dragon” is one of the most interesting CHAOS Monsters, as it can use its own effects to special summon itself from not just the Hand, but the Graveyard as well. “Light pulsar Dragon” is fantastic for recycling Monsters to extend combos, as when it's sent from the Field to the Graveyard it can special summon a Level 5 or higher Dark Dragon Type Monster.

If one is one of the Field, then Chaos Daedalus” prevents the opponent from being able to target both Light and Dark Monsters with card effects. Once per turn, at the cost of being unable to attack with it, Chaos Sorcerer” can Banish 1 face-up Monster on the Field.

In addition, Chaos Sorcerer” has a respectable amount of Attack Points, making it a great Monster to use offensively. “The Chaos Creator” is an incredibly powerful card that can easily build advantage by making use of Monsters that are Banished.

Its Pendulum effect is seldom used, as all it does is retrieve a Banished Dragon Monster by destroying itself. This is fantastic because cards that send without targeting are one of the best forms of removal, as it can get around protection as well as forcing the opponent to chain effects before the Monsters are chosen.

However, an erratum would take the card down a notch, as it was changed to make it so this was the only effect the player could use that turn. It has three different effects, depending on if all Light, all Dark, or a mixture of the two Types are used to summon it.

And by using all Dark Type Monsters, it can shuffle a random card from the opponent's Hand into the Deck. All of these effects are incredibly powerful and allows Chaos Dragon Levine” to be very easily splashable in many Decks.

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Updated October 12th, 2020 by Johnny Garcia: INAMI has been pushing for over the internet Remote Dueling by the use of webcams. Many more Decks have come and gone through the meta game thanks to set releases like Duel Overload and the Tin Of Lost Memories, so a few more have been added.

The recursion “Uniform” had access to made it incredibly strong against other Decks at the time and was part of the reason many people had grown a hatred for the Pendulum mechanic. “Sky Striker” immediately set its place in the meta upon its release, turning into one of the strongest Control Decks ever.

“Six Samurai” could flood the Field easily which made for absolutely devastating end boards. “Burning Abyss” was a Deck that was released in the incredibly popular Duelist Alliance set.

All “Burning Abyss” cards had powerful Graveyard effects, which could be triggered on the opponent's turn thanks to “Beatrice, Lady Of The Eternal.” Many cards in the “Burning Abyss” Archetype were put on different parts on the ban list due to how powerful it was.

“Super Polymerization” fuses from either side of the field, and no card in the game can react to it. An FT (first turn kill) is a deck that defeats the opponent before they have a chance to play (hence the name).

“Substitute” and “Ronintoadin” made it incredibly easy to loop “Frog” cards to get them onto the field. Once there, cards like “Mass Driver” were used to do “Burn” damage to your opponent's “Life Points” until they had no more.

Chaos Emperor Dragon” would activate its effect, which sends all cards on the field and both players' hands to the graveyard. This would trigger the floating effects “Sagan” or “Witch Of The Black First” to add “Yata-Garasu” to the hand.

This effect was not once per turn, meaning if you had 3 “Dark Armed Dragons” in your hand you can summon all 3. Being able to skip an entire step in the XYZ summoning process was begging to be broken.

“Zodiac Trident” can destroy any card on the field during either player's turn, proving to be much too powerful for the game to handle. All the “Dragon Rulers” are currently banned, with only the “Wind” type “Tempest” being limited.

Trading Card Game has been announced with the Chaos Impact set scheduled to hit shelves on October 25th. INAMI announced the release date for the Fall 2019 booster set ahead of the weekend and provided more info on what to expect from it.

If you attended Anime Expo 2019 or know someone who did, there was a chance to score some prizes for showing your support for the game. TCG’s Chaos Impact booster set will officially release on October 25th.

Dion took Mark’s identity and was given a fake version of The Winged Dragon of Ra to use in his Deck as well as a counterfeit Millennium Rod. During his Duel with Joey Wheeler, Dion draws The Winged Dragon of Ra but is too scared to use it because of the danger of Summoning such a powerful card.

The Winged Dragon of Ra, like the other Egyptian God Cards, required 3 monsters to be Tribute in order to Summon it to the field. Using a combination of Obelisk the Tormentor, Slider the Sky Dragon, and his trusted Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl, Yuri was able to destroy The Winged Dragon of Ra, as well as Mark’s evil alter-ego, putting a stop to him, as well as earning ownership of all three Egyptian God Cards.

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