Best Yu Gi Oh Monster Cards

Maria Garcia
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Monsters are capable of doing the majority of the heavy lifting in a player’s deck, from summoning other monsters to destroying parts of the opposing player’s field, and even occasionally drawing cards. As such it’s not restricted to any specific era, so expect to see quite a few banned cards on the list.

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This not only takes away valuable resources from the opponent but makes this card virtually impossible to kill. INAMI wound up slotting this card as rank 1 on both sides of the ocean because everyone noticed how absurd it was.

For such a small cost, Trisha could cause an opponent to lose anywhere from one to three cards depending on the current game state. Furthermore, he was a beefy monster that was hard to get rid of with key pieces of the strategy now missing.

In a game where drawing cards is pretty much the primary resource, especially during Data’s heyday, this was dooming an opponent to an automatic loss. Suddenly, their opponent summons Victory Dragon and attacks to win the game.

When it was released, Shock Master felt like an annoying card, but not necessarily one that was invincible. As the XYZ format went on and INAMI started printing decks that could spit out multiple Level 4 monsters in a single turn, things got more and more absurd.

It was bad enough when a single copy could be summoned and shut the opponent’s ability to use monsters, spells, or traps. Back in the days before a player could negate its effect with a hand trap, Chaos Emperor could come out on the field, send everything to the graveyard and burn the opponent for thousands of points of damage.

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Afterward, a player could still summon Yata-Garasu and attack to force the opponent to skip their turn. Working in tandem with the mini-Dragon Rulers and some old Dragon support, they became one of the most overpowered decks of all time.

The True Draco deck is built around summoning monsters by attributing spells and/or traps, and Master Peace is a monster that can gain immunity to effects based on what was tribute to summon him. In ideal conditions, he can be immune to every possible effect, meaning he can only be killed with a monster with 3000 ATK or more.

To make matters worse, if a player summons a monster that big...or tries to...it can blow it up with its other effect. Franchise began with a 1996 manga which detailed the stories of a young man named Yuri Auto who had a dark alter-ego that would help him win games and solves puzzles.

As is typical in such games, monsters serve as the primary combatants, attacking and defending against one another, with some having special abilities. As with most Tags, there is an element of humor involved in the design phase for these cards.

With that in mind, we've revisited this list and added a variety of different cards to the mix. As numerous as strategic options are in the game, some cards are designed to be terrible.

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Joke cards are beloved by the community for the meme potential, and there are lots to pick from there too. Some Monsters we're about to take a look at aren't joke cards (some are quite good, in fact), but their silliness is undeniable.

The first thing you’ll notice about Boy cotton is… well, its hilarious card art. After reading its effect, however, you’ll see that it’s totally niche at best and downright awful at worst.

In short, if you’re not awkwardly forcing this little sheep on your opponent, you absolutely don’t want it on the field. At level 7, its stats aren’t exactly stellar, and it doesn’t bring much to the table at all besides its goofy looks.

, we saw the reimagining of popular nursery rhyme character Humpty Dumpty, seemingly in the aftermath of having fallen off a great wall and not being put together again. This Zombie creature sports ear-wings, a demon tail, and a rather large septum piercing.

Being three stars, it requires no tributes to summon, and has a pretty enticing ability if you can keep it alive when it goes face down. Tragically, The Judgment Hand doesn’t have any effect or any stats worth caring about.

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Based on the image, they are fleeing an attack by a militia which has swords at the ready. Aside from the inclusion of these soldiers, there is also quite clearly what appears to be a puppy fleeing in the top left corner of the card art.

Nevertheless, the typing of this card as Fire and Pro makes one wonder whether these people returned to burn down the estate of a tyrant later. It’s fairly solid by all accounts, with its intimidating porcupine/dragon design, decent stats, and potentially powerful effect (when a Monster the player controls is destroyed by a card effect or by battle, Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon can be Special Summoned from the hand).

Where does the snowman end and the horrible green toothy thing begin? Bacon Saver is able to be banished from your Graveyard in order to negate the effect of an attack.

If the name doesn’t earn this card a spot on the list, its art will. Losing points for accurate naming conventions, the design team definitely got a chuckle when we opened a pack which contained these guys.

While his name would make one imagine that Garbage Lord looks something like the man who passes your home each Tuesday to take dirty diapers away to bye-bye land, he actually looks more akin to a villain from the Marvel Universe. If a space invader who steals your trash isn’t enough to leave you shaking, The Calculator surely will be.

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With no defense points and an attack of “?”, this mechanical menace sounds more like a cheesy party invitation than a card you would want in your competitive deck. While the Monster depicted looks nothing like a typical calculator, the attack number actually works well in the user’s favor.

If you’ve played Garbage Lord as well, The calculator boasts 2100 attack. Add to that a sweet ability which can prevent death or special summon something stronger from your deck, and you have a solid option which surprisingly doesn’t see a lot of use.

We’re sure you’ve already looked up some price listings, because this one is a must in any competitive scene. The most infuriating thing about this card is that the name refers to multiple donuts, yet we clearly only see one.

If you thought you’d make it through this list without seeing the Hungry Burger, you were badly mistaken. The idea of a hamburger (no cheese) with teeth and a flag on its head demolishing opposing Monsters is just too juicy to pass up.

Its stats are relatively solid, and being able to announce that you are attacking your opponent’s Doom Donuts with the Hungry Burger is priceless. Tyler is an active DJ and future YouTuber who enjoys Magic: the Gathering, League of Legends, and Final Fantasy.

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© Provided by Gamer Image via Yugo.fandom.com This is a gorgeous looking card, with an even better effect. Fire Hand terrorized the competitive scene for quite a long while, winning events for loads of players.

© Provided by Gamer Image via Yugo.fandom.com When normal Summoned, shuffle four Prototype monsters from your Graveyard back into your deck and then draw two cards. This is a must-have card for players with a vast array of Fire-Type Monsters in their lineup.

© Provided by Gamer Image via Yugo.fandom.com Solar Flare Dragon features the effect, where, when you control another Prototype monster, then this card cannot be attacked by your enemy. © Provided by Gamer Image via Yugo.fandom.com This is a beast of a card, and can only be Special Summoned in order to see the light of day.

Aria, Lord of Searing Flames, gains 1,000 Attack for each Continuous Trap residing in the Graveyard. Essentially this card is a solid Free +1 Effect, where you can perform return as many times as you please give each form of Shell you get into your Graveyard.

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