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This stratagem allows his monster’s attack points to be temporarily increased to an incredible level. To see someone remain that calm under such intense pressure and scrutiny is truly badass.

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This game of duel monsters has fundamental rules that one must follow while in battle. He summons “Catapult Turtle” to launch his monsters at Panic’s “Castle of Dark Illusions” card.

Yam explains that “Swords of Revealing Light” was holding everything in place, the castle that is, and, as soon as he ends his turn, everything (the whole castle) falls onto Panic’s monsters killing them all and reducing his life points to zero, much to everyone’s confusion. Embroiled in a bitter battle with Weevil, Yam continues to be on the edge due to his opponent's conniving ways.

At the climax of this battle, Yam draws the card ‘Berserker Soul’. Mark is insane and his lust for power threatens the safety of the world itself.

One such instance is when Yam fuses with “Divine Dragon” in order to win his battle. Yam finds himself at a major disadvantage against Kaaba and his three “Blue Eyes White Dragon”.

As Yam starts to doubt himself, he remembers the words of his friends and the bond they share. Yam completely obliterates Kaaba’s Blue eyes in one fell swoop.

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After the battle, he used his mind crush ability to destroy the evil that was in Kaaba. So, when the audience first sees Yam contemplating whether he should use “Slider the Sky Dragon,” it builds up anticipation.

Yam sacrifices three cards to summon the Egyptian juggernaut to deliver him victory. As Slider descends from the heavens, it illuminates the sky as lightning flashes and thunder roars.

“Almighty protector of the sun, sky, I beg the please heed my cry. Item goes on to launch an incredible barrage of attacks at his opponent, culminating in a win.

During Mai’s battle against Mark, he summons the winged Dragon of Ra and attacks her directly. Fortunately, the power of the millennium puzzle allows him the strength to withstand this attack.

Kaaba may have failed to defeat Yuri Motor in Duel Monsters (without a threat of suicide), but he always keeps the King of Games on his toes. Despite teaming up with Yuri and his friends in the past, Kaaba never becomes another “good guy” that cheers on from the sidelines.

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Not only is Kaaba an excellent duelist, but he's also a top-notch marksman... as long as his weapon of choice is a children's trading card. During the mind-controlled Joey Wheeler vs. Yuri match in Battle City, Kaaba saved Tea Gardner's life from the insidious deathtrap that Mark Ishtar placed her in.

First, he knocked out the Rare Hunter goon operating the crane that held a crate above Tea's head with his Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, then he tipped over the crane itself with his AI-controlled helicopter, so Tea could escape unharmed. Joey found that out the hard way in his first duel with Kaaba at the Duelist Kingdom.

Every monster Joey summoned against Kaaba was easily defeated by his Rabid Horseman, and when Joey finally summoned his pride and joy, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, it was quickly defeated by Kaaba's Blue-Eyes White Dragon. That philosophy came into play in his duel against Isuzu Ishtar in the Battle City semi-finals.

Isuzu allowed Kaaba to get cocky throughout their match; believing his fate was sealed. Her vision saw Kaaba lose horrifically, after Obelisk the Tormentor was destroyed by her trap card.

Kaaba briefly saw his past Egyptian life as an ancient priest, holding a mysterious woman in front of a stone tablet that depicted the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The shocking vision convinced Kaaba to change his strategy and win with Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

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As brilliant as Set Kaaba was in his youth, it wasn't enough to find him and Yoruba a new family to live with. Kaaba tricked Goulburn into adopting him and Yoruba by defeating him in a game of chess.

Goulburn didn't take his defeat lightly, as he pushed Kaaba to his limits by making him study day and night with little to no breaks. Kaaba would have the last laugh, however, as he successfully staged a coup on Goulburn's company by obtaining a majority of Albacore's shares.

However, it was revealed that Goulburn implanted his mind into the virtual world that held his real son Noah. In their showdown against Dart, Yuri and Kaaba joined forces to stop him from reviving The Great Leviathan and wreak havoc upon the world.

During their duel, Dart shocked everyone by revealing his Mirror Knight Tokens held the soul of their lost friends, such as Pegasus, Mai Valentine, and little Yuri. Kaaba, on the other hand, was unimpressed, which sparked this A+ dialogue exchange between him and Dart.

Kaufman defeated Jaden to show him there's no shame in losing a battle, as it's all part of becoming a better duelist. The Dark Side of Dimensions, Set Kaaba is the one that steals the show.

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When Kaaba's bodyguard threatened him, Diva dispatches him with the mysterious power of the Quantum Cube. Although Diva had the upper hand in the match, Kaaba's determination to duel Item gave him the power to summon Obelisk the Tormentor from the ground up.

The Dark Side of Dimensions, Set Kaaba had only one thing on his mind: a rematch with Item. Unfortunately for Kaaba, Item passed on to the great beyond after little Yuri defeated him in the TV series.

In what essentially looks like a high-adrenaline space elevator, Kaaba combined his advanced technology with the mystical powers of the Quantum Cube to transport his consciousness to the Afterlife. Against all odds, Kaaba found a way into Egyptian Heaven, just to play a children's card game against a dead pharaoh.

It has much better acting, soundtracks, and the full complete story without it being butchered, watered down, or otherwise tampered with. I turn 21 this Summer, and I was 6 when Yugo came to the US, so I grew up with this franchise, I've seen every series, so I know what I'm talking about while I make this list.

Now fast-forward 10 years later and without my nostalgia goggle it doesn't hold up very well. HALF of the first season is nothing but one shot episodes that don't even matter to the overall story and even when they establish the plot it still delves away from it and does something completely different.

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Hell in the MAIN PROTAGONIST Judai-Kun is a one dimensional character for 3/4 of the series and when he finally does get developed he becomes an *beep* (he has his moments but overall an *beep* not to mention he hogs 70-80% of the screen time). Thanks to the Leo Corporation, headed by Meiji Arab, new advancements to Solid Vision, the holographic system that gives life to the Duel Monsters card game, give physical mass to monsters... See full summary ».

So far the latest Yugo series is shaping up to be an amazing one. I didn't know this series existed until about 6 months ago, and it was at EP.

Since this is still an ongoing series (100 Episodes on the date I made this list: April 7th, 2016) and we still have another year at the least since Yugo series generally end around this time of the year I'll guess by April next year Arc-V will be over, or it'll be close to wrapping up. But since I'm not spoiling anything I'll just say: It has amazing writing, a VERY interesting lead character, the best female lead we've had since 5Ds, a cool rival, and the fact that EVERY Extra Deck mechanic (Fusion, Synchro, XYZ, & Pendulum) Play an important part in the story helps as well.

Not to mention if you enjoyed past series you'll be delighted to know that this is essentially serving as a 20th anniversary series to the franchise by having older characters make a return. So far Jack & Crow from 5Ds have reappeared and had big roles in the series, Alexis Rhodes & Aster Phoenix from GO are scheduled to appear, and Kieth Ten from Zeal is scheduled to appear.

The story takes place in the near future in a city called Heartland. The story focuses on Yuma Tsunami, a young duelist who strives to become the Duel Monsters champion, despite being an ... See full summary ».

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*GASP* “How DARE you put that *beep* series known as Zeal above the greatness from my childhood that is GO?!?” Namely, being an initially bad story and unlikable characters.

The first 73 episodes of Zeal are what really turn fans away from this series. The last half of Zeal however is SOON good, it's honestly one of my favorite Yugo Story Arcs.

Yuma however does have some good development going from a terrible duelist into an amazing one. Overall Zeal is better than what most people credit for and if you haven't seen don't listen to the negative things others say about it.

You should watch it for yourself to judge it (or at least the last half of the series or “Zeal II”). A young boy named Yuri Auto defeats the world Champion, Set Kaaba, in a duel with the help of the mysterious Millennium puzzle, the support of the friends and the heart of the cards.

“HOW could you put the holy, almighty Duel Monsters at the SECOND best series when it should be Numbed ONE?!?!?” Yes, the original is my 2nd favorite Yugo series but that doesn't mean it's terrible.

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Even now after 15+ years IMO the original Yugo series is still one of the best series to date with an excellent story, the OG Protagonist Yuri, along with Kaaba and Joey oh the memories but even my nostalgia with this series won't save it from the flaws it has. As far as the anime goes Yuri will always be the best duelist but in a real game Yuma, Yuma, & Yuma would thoroughly hand Yuri his ass on a silver platter.

AOI/Blue Angel is the most interesting female lead since Akita, Emma is waif material and a fairly interesting character, Revolver is a BOSS rival character. There lies a strong divide between the rich and the poor, and... See full summary ».

Yugo 5Ds has the best set of main characters WHO ALL have a purpose to the story, they all have a personality, and they're all developed. People hate him for his constant friendship speeches but given the fact that the Yugo franchise is about bonds/friendships and the backstory of EVERY main character and the meaning of Yuma's name they're right on the money and Yuma has every right to give a friendship speech.

Jack Atlas is a nice throwback to Kaiba, but he has more development as a character, Crow is a diet version of Joey if you will but more likeable. 5Ds has a truly excellent story, amazing duels, and GREAT characters (Hell Yuma and Akita are HEAVILY implied to be in love and get together at the end of the series and that's something we NEVER or hardly ever see in this franchise, even Yuma's VA believes they get together, or they will).

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