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• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
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While the Red-Eyes archetype has become pretty relevant nowadays due to the support that it has gotten over the years... Joey had absolutely none of that when he was throwing his Red-Eyes around. Brunhilde was just the cherry on top that was able to keep herself alive specifically to slay dragons, making it a perfect counter for Kaaba's deck.

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Mai's 1300 ATK normal monster is actually pretty good when combined with other cards in her deck. Mai's strategy is usually to summon this monster and then build on it, with cards like Cyber Shield and Elegant Egotist being mainstays for the duelist.

Yuri had tons of support for his Dark Magician throughout his deck that help him to power up his ace card. When his whole deck is looked at, Dark Magician was a formidable card that was able to stand up to all the villains that Yuri went toe-to-toe with throughout the various arcs of the anime.

It also had the ability to merge with two other Blue-Eyes monsters in order to form Blue-Eyes White Ultimate Dragon. This card had the ability to absorb enemies and use them as a shield for itself, and the battle damage would instead be dealt to the attacker.

With Golden Castle of Stronger on the field, Cinderella's glass slippers are automatically attached to her. With her Pumpkin Carriage special summoned to the field, she is able to systematically take her opponent's life points down while immobilizing their monsters at the same time.

While she does need some support in order to make sure that other opposing monsters don't take her down, she is able to do quite a little number to her opponents, airing her a spot on this list. While The Winged Dragon of Ra is a pretty bad card in the actual game, in the anime this thing has an entire book of effects.

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It can also turn into a phoenix for 1000 life points and destroy everything on the opponent's side of the field. Despite the absolute nonsense that is The Winged Dragon of Ra, Dart's copy of The Seal of Orichalcos is the strongest ace card of these ten duelists.

This is because when combined with the other Orichalcos cards, Dart can do just about anything that he wants, including summoning a monster with infinite attack points. However, any other duelist who didn't have access to the Legendary Dragons would be absolutely unable to win in a duel against Dart, making his Seal of Orichalcos the best ace card of the list.

While he dabbles in all genres of games, he's a big fan of platformers, visual novels and anything Nintendo publishes. He is also completely obsessed with Disney and Beyoncé, and will not hesitate to pounce on anyone critical of Nicki Minaj.

Before people say anything like “I wasn't around to experience it, therefore have no right to judge it” or “You're just a kid who doesn't know what he's talking about and missed out on a deal with GO” no, just no. Now fast-forward 10 years later and without my nostalgia goggle it doesn't hold up very well.

HALF of the first season is nothing but one shot episodes that don't even matter to the overall story and even when they establish the plot it still delves away from it and does something completely different. Hell in the MAIN PROTAGONIST Judai-Kun is a one dimensional character for 3/4 of the series and when he finally does get developed he becomes an *beep* (he has his moments but overall an *beep* not to mention he hogs 70-80% of the screen time).

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Thanks to the Leo Corporation, headed by Meiji Arab, new advancements to Solid Vision, the holographic system that gives life to the Duel Monsters card game, give physical mass to monsters... See full summary ». So far the latest Yugo series is shaping up to be an amazing one.

I didn't know this series existed until about 6 months ago, and it was at EP. Since this is still an ongoing series (100 Episodes on the date I made this list: April 7th, 2016) and we still have another year at the least since Yugo series generally end around this time of the year I'll guess by April next year Arc-V will be over, or it'll be close to wrapping up.

But since I'm not spoiling anything I'll just say: It has amazing writing, a VERY interesting lead character, the best female lead we've had since 5Ds, a cool rival, and the fact that EVERY Extra Deck mechanic (Fusion, Synchro, XYZ, & Pendulum) Play an important part in the story helps as well. Not to mention if you enjoyed past series you'll be delighted to know that this is essentially serving as a 20th anniversary series to the franchise by having older characters make a return.

So far Jack & Crow from 5Ds have reappeared and had big roles in the series, Alexis Rhodes & Aster Phoenix from GO are scheduled to appear, and Kieth Ten from Zeal is scheduled to appear. 8/10 (I could bump it up in the future depending on how the rest of this series goes).

The first 73 episodes of Zeal are what really turn fans away from this series. The last half of Zeal however is SOON good, it's honestly one of my favorite Yugo Story Arcs.

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Yuma however does have some good development going from a terrible duelist into an amazing one. Overall Zeal is better than what most people credit for and if you haven't seen don't listen to the negative things others say about it.

You should watch it for yourself to judge it (or at least the last half of the series or “Zeal II”). A young boy named Yuri Auto defeats the world Champion, Set Kaaba, in a duel with the help of the mysterious Millennium puzzle, the support of the friends and the heart of the cards.

“HOW could you put the holy, almighty Duel Monsters at the SECOND best series when it should be Numbed ONE?!?!?” Yes, the original is my 2nd favorite Yugo series but that doesn't mean it's terrible.

Even now after 15+ years IMO the original Yugo series is still one of the best series to date with an excellent story, the OG Protagonist Yuri, along with Kaaba and Joey oh the memories but even my nostalgia with this series won't save it from the flaws it has. As far as the anime goes Yuri will always be the best duelist but in a real game Yuma, Yuma, & Yuma would thoroughly hand Yuri his ass on a silver platter.

AOI/Blue Angel is the most interesting female lead since Akita, Emma is waif material and a fairly interesting character, Revolver is a BOSS rival character. There lies a strong divide between the rich and the poor, and... See full summary ».

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Yugo 5Ds has the best set of main characters WHO ALL have a purpose to the story, they all have a personality, and they're all developed. People hate him for his constant friendship speeches but given the fact that the Yugo franchise is about bonds/friendships and the backstory of EVERY main character and the meaning of Yuma's name they're right on the money and Yuma has every right to give a friendship speech.

Jack Atlas is a nice throwback to Kaiba, but he has more development as a character, Crow is a diet version of Joey if you will but more likeable. 5Ds has a truly excellent story, amazing duels, and GREAT characters (Hell Yuma and Akita are HEAVILY implied to be in love and get together at the end of the series and that's something we NEVER or hardly ever see in this franchise, even Yuma's VA believes they get together, or they will).

Most people who enjoyed the anime also developed an interest in the card game all those kids were playing, called Duel Monsters. Although no monsters popped up when you played, collecting cards, building decks, and dueling with friends was still tons of fun.

Is pretty cheesy, it had a lot of unnecessary fillers, the characters broke the rules countless times, and if we were to get nitpick we'd find tons of stuff that just doesn't make any sense. If you have to put on a Long Island Medium type of act to win at Duel Monster’s you’re probably not that much of a duelist.

ESPN Rob was one of the Battle City competitors Joey Wheeler dueled and defeated pretty early on. ESPN pretended to have ESP by having his four little brothers spy on his opponents and then tell him what cards they were holding in their hands.

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Appearing as the main antagonist of the “Duelist Kingdom” arc, Pegasus demonstrated the awesome power of his adorable, and at the same time chilling, too deck. Back when the rules of Duel Monsters were as blurry as they can get, Yuri defeated a number of Duelist Kingdom participants with questionable moves.

Against Make Tsunami, he literally used a monster to attack the moon, which was his own field spell card. He used intimidation tactics to distract and even torture his opponents, so Yuri’s victory, tainted as it was, can be considered poetic justice.

Dart was the main villain of a surprisingly good filler arc called “Waking the Dragons”. The spell card “The Seal of Orichalcos” ensured that the duelist who loses the duel would have their soul taken.

The self-proclaimed ultimate Dark Magician user, Ar kana challenged Yuri during the Battle City tournament. Rafael was the most powerful and intimidating of the Dome Swordsmen, and not only because he was a large muscular dude with sick sideburns.

Rex Raptor was among the first duelists to leave Pegasus’ island upon enduring a crushing defeat from Joey Wheeler. Rex’s over-confidence had been evident from the very start of the tournament when he lost his room to Mai Valentine, thinking she’d be an easy opponent.

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Mai’s life hasn’t been easy, and she’s hard to learn to fend for herself, which is why she may seem a bit uncaring at the beginning. Bond likes to put on a tough guy act, what with his spiky hair, zombie aesthetic, and gross attitude, but he hasn’t proven himself to be much of a threat at all.

During the Duelist Kingdom tournament, he became Bandit Keith’s lackey to obtain a few cards to even make his zombie deck useful. During Battle City, Bond continued playing dirty to advance in the tournament, but he came across Yam Sakura who showed him what real fear feels like.

At the start of the Battle City tournament, we’re introduced to the Egyptian God cards, as well as the main villain Mark Ishtar. The Keeper of the Pharaoh’s Tomb and the leader of the Rare Hunters, Mark proved to be quite the mastermind and caused a lot of trouble for our heroes.

But things took a sharp turn for the worse when an even darker aspect of his personality, Yam Mark, took control during the final stage of the tournament. In truth, Weevil was never confident in his abilities as a duelist, and he resorted to despicable tactics in order to ensure his victory.

Sure, he’s loud, hot-headed, and sarcastic, but he’s more than capable of backing up the trash talk with his excellent dueling skills. Because Joey doesn’t rely on special abilities and money to win, the creator Kabuki Takanashi considers him the strongest character.

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He came to the island to exert revenge on Pegasus who publicly embarrassed him by having a child defeat him in a single move. He beat up Bond and his friends to take their stars, he stole Joey’s entry card to prevent him from entering their duel, and when that didn’t work, he cheated during the duel by pulling out cards from beneath his wristband.

During the “Dawn of the Duel” arc, our heroes found themselves in Ancient Egypt where Sakura waged war against Pharaoh Item. Sakura proved to be a fierce opponent with a monster strong enough to stand alongside the Egyptian Gods.

Oh, and during the final Shadow Game between Yam Sakura and Yam Yuri, Sakura fused with Zorn the Dark One, a creature so powerful that it took the combined power of three Egyptian Gods, The Creator of Light, to finally stop him. She’s always there to cheer on both Yuri and Joey when they encounter difficult opponents, she cares deeply for her friends, and she’s always looking on the bright side.

Much like Tea Gardner, Tristan Taylor never really displayed an aptitude for or interest in Duel Monsters. During the “Virtual World” arc, he was easily defeated by one of the Big Five and subsequently trapped in the body of a robotic monkey.

, the owner of the Millennium Puzzle and thus host to the spirit of Pharaoh Item, the King of Games, and overall just a bundle of joy and sweetness. But don’t be fooled by his tiny stature and those big kind eyes, Yuri Auto is a force to be reckoned with.

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Yuri may lack confidence in his own skill at times, but that’s never stopped him from doing the right thing, and that takes strength. One of the reasons Joey entered Pegasus’ tournament was to win the prize money for his sister’s eye surgery.

During the “Battle City” arc, Serenity officially joined Joey’s group of friends and cheered on her big brother from the sidelines. Yam Yuri has a strong bond with his monsters, especially his Dark Magician, he's the wielder of all three Egyptian Gods, and you can always count on him to have something up his sleeve.

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