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Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
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We all know that the game mechanics weren’t exactly the same as the American TCG, but it was still good enough to get you hooked on playing them. This is solely due to new game mechanics and cards entering the scene each and every year.

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In order to gain new cards, the player must acquire DP, or duelist points. Hometown, shopping district, coliseum, and Area KC, and one secret town that is unlocked after winning the national tournament.

1,000 playable cards Free-roam open world Duelist points system Tons of unlock-able content Although there more cards, 1,238 to be exact, the lack of open world leaves a lot to be desired.

The Eternal Duelist Soul is another great title for the Game Boy Advance system. There are special events that occur on certain days of the week that provide new challenges.

Tea, being controlled by Mark, leads you into the Ghoul’s pyramid where you must defeat all the foes and chambers awaiting. Once you’ve received your deck, additional cards can be obtained through pack openings and passwords.

Many users have complained that the game is absurdly hard and is not very enjoyable compared to its counterpart The Sacred Cards. This game features many of your favorite characters from the anime series and tons of side quests, however the AI is extremely unbalanced.

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Features the Egyptian God Cards Lots of side quests Some may argues that this is the best title for GBA while many still believe 7 Trials to Glory holds the number one spot (as do we).

Nonetheless, the World Championship Tournament 2006 is still an awesome title and deserves its spotlight as well. As with prior games, cards can be collected with passwords and by defeating opponents.

The one main difference in this game is that you don’t duel with the typical anime characters in the series. Many love the idea of dueling against your favorite friends and foes from the series.

Absurd amount of playable cards Unlock-able content Different duel types The Sacred Cards came out before Relief of Destruction and is the real crowd pleaser.

The story of this game starts with the player and his two friends Yuri and Joey. Your deck capacity is increased by winning duels which allows you to use more and more powerful cards as you progress throughout the rest of the game.

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Different play-style due to utilizing the prototype rules Great story/campaign Face off against many anime characters The main story of the game is based upon climbing to the top of the Duel Academy.

Duelist points are obtained by winning duels and are the games main form of currency. You will encounter many characters from the anime including Lyman Banner, Martyr, Dr. Crowley, and Fonda Fontaine.

In dungeon Dice monsters, there is a tiled board that is 13 × 19 in which the game is played on. A player gets to roll 3 dice per turn which then determine their move on the game board.

After drawing a card, a menu appears that allows the player to summon up to six of their available monsters onto the board. To win a game, a player must obtain a certain a specified amount of victory stars that are acquired through summoning monsters.

Although some games do not have an actual story to them, they are also sometimes the most immersed when it comes to dueling, collecting cards, and just overall satisfaction. These include games like Dungeon Duel monsters and Destiny Board Travelers.

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Over the years, the company continues to grow and broaden its products across various markets. It offers 1,000 playable cards, a free-roam open world, a duelist point system, and tons of unlock-able content.

And, if you’re looking for a series that’s only about card-battling without any time-consuming dialogue sequences, then Ultimate Masters Tournament is the game for you. The tournament also features the tricky Duel Puzzle mode, where you have to finish a series of challenges in one go.

The mode doesn’t get monotonous too quickly because you have an excess of situations to choose from, and you can unlock more than you progress. There’s also the Theme Duel mode where players have to perform certain actions (like causing 10,000 points of damage) to achieve victory.

As far as graphics and sound effects are concerned, this one doesn’t offer too much in that sense. This version of the game can boast about being based on the TCG and the television series.

But the aspect we love best about The Eternal Duelist is the in-game calendar, purely for the surprises it can throw at you. You may receive a pack of cards on certain days or be challenged to a duel by an opponent on others.

Also, there’s good news for fans of the Stairway to the Destined Duel Edition as the game takes place in the confines of Battle City. The object of the game is to defeat opponents to get your hands on the powerful Egyptian God Cards.

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