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Danielle Fletcher
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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So to throw tribute to my duelist homes, I’m ranking some best characters that the anime has to offer. Anime, but I’ve taken the liberty to include some absolutely fantastic characters from the sequels.

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Also, do you remember that time when Duke Devlin beat Joey and made him wear a dog costume? The personality dynamics between Set and Yoruba shaped the Kaaba family throughout the series.

I know many of you liked Yoruba for other reasons, but I never grew too fond of his character other than when he interacted with Set. Isuzu was Mark’s sister, the wielder of the Millennium Necklace, and one of the more mystical characters in the original anime.

She was a very skilled duelist that managed to become a Duel Monsters champion at a very young age, and her appearance on the series shows why she was so good at what she did. Arguably one of the best characters in GO and one of the few three people to have ever bested Jaden Yuri in a duel.

His fantastic deck comprised of mechanic dragons was enough to make my teenage-self envious of his cards and with the hopes of getting them someday. She’s the one anime character that all kids fell in love with, and one of the most talented duelists of the academy in GO.

She was a member of the Obelisk Blue dorm, and one of the best duelists of her generation. The little guy was as much of a good duelist as he was an asshole, but credit where it’s due: he really knew how to handle himself in a battle arena.

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Besides, one of the most iconic moments of the original anime came when Yuri managed to beat Noah himself using Set’s cards. I think everyone who watched the Battle City arc will remember that moment fondly.

I know many of you reading this will crucify me for putting Yuma in a worse spot than Jaden… but as I said at the beginning of this article, this is solely based on my opinion. In any case, Yuma deserves a sport on my list because of his fantastic personality, as well as his ability to beat almost any opponent that would get in his way.

Besides, let’s all rejoice in the reason why we remember Joey above other characters in the series: the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. It’s clear that the creators of the anime had a thing for kick ass dragon cards, but this fantastic beast was the one we all wanted to have in our decks when we were kids.

Those duels with the Egyptian God cards truly marked the childhoods of many kids who then went on to ask their parents to get them (Sly fer, Obelisk, and Ra were extremely expensive back in the day, if I may say so myself). Even though Pegasus was basically a cheater, the man was still one of the best duelists in the world.

To add to that point, Kaaba was also the man who rocked the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Back in the day this was basically a legendary card that everyone wanted to snag.

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In fact, the BED is such a legendary card that newer decks are still being made with it as the focus. Most people who enjoyed the anime also developed an interest in the card game all those kids were playing, called Duel Monsters.

Although no monsters popped up when you played, collecting cards, building decks, and dueling with friends was still tons of fun. Is pretty cheesy, it had a lot of unnecessary fillers, the characters broke the rules countless times, and if we were to get nitpick we'd find tons of stuff that just doesn't make any sense.

If you have to put on a Long Island Medium type of act to win at Duel Monster’s you’re probably not that much of a duelist. ESPN Rob was one of the Battle City competitors Joey Wheeler dueled and defeated pretty early on.

ESPN pretended to have ESP by having his four little brothers spy on his opponents and then tell him what cards they were holding in their hands. Appearing as the main antagonist of the “Duelist Kingdom” arc, Pegasus demonstrated the awesome power of his adorable, and at the same time chilling, too deck.

Back when the rules of Duel Monsters were as blurry as they can get, Yuri defeated a number of Duelist Kingdom participants with questionable moves. Against Make Tsunami, he literally used a monster to attack the moon, which was his own field spell card.

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He used intimidation tactics to distract and even torture his opponents, so Yuri’s victory, tainted as it was, can be considered poetic justice. Dart was the main villain of a surprisingly good filler arc called “Waking the Dragons”.

The spell card “The Seal of Orichalcos” ensured that the duelist who loses the duel would have their soul taken. The self-proclaimed ultimate Dark Magician user, Ar kana challenged Yuri during the Battle City tournament.

Rafael treated his monsters with respect and care and harbored no negative emotions in his heart, which prevented the Orichalcos from claiming his soul. Rex Raptor was among the first duelists to leave Pegasus’ island upon enduring a crushing defeat from Joey Wheeler.

She even held her own against Mark after he turned their duel into a Shadow Game and started erasing people from her memories. Mai’s life hasn’t been easy, and she’s hard to learn to fend for herself, which is why she may seem a bit uncaring at the beginning.

Bond likes to put on a tough guy act, what with his spiky hair, zombie aesthetic, and gross attitude, but he hasn’t proven himself to be much of a threat at all. During the Duelist Kingdom tournament, he became Bandit Keith’s lackey to obtain a few cards to even make his zombie deck useful.

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During Battle City, Bond continued playing dirty to advance in the tournament, but he came across Yam Sakura who showed him what real fear feels like. At the start of the Battle City tournament, we’re introduced to the Egyptian God cards, as well as the main villain Mark Ishtar.

The Keeper of the Pharaoh’s Tomb and the leader of the Rare Hunters, Mark proved to be quite the mastermind and caused a lot of trouble for our heroes. But things took a sharp turn for the worse when an even darker aspect of his personality, Yam Mark, took control during the final stage of the tournament.

In truth, Weevil was never confident in his abilities as a duelist, and he resorted to despicable tactics in order to ensure his victory. Sure, he’s loud, hot-headed, and sarcastic, but he’s more than capable of backing up the trash talk with his excellent dueling skills.

Because Joey doesn’t rely on special abilities and money to win, the creator Kabuki Takanashi considers him the strongest character. He came to the island to exert revenge on Pegasus who publicly embarrassed him by having a child defeat him in a single move.

He beat up Bond and his friends to take their stars, he stole Joey’s entry card to prevent him from entering their duel, and when that didn’t work, he cheated during the duel by pulling out cards from beneath his wristband. During the “Dawn of the Duel” arc, our heroes found themselves in Ancient Egypt where Sakura waged war against Pharaoh Item.

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Sakura proved to be a fierce opponent with a monster strong enough to stand alongside the Egyptian Gods. Oh, and during the final Shadow Game between Yam Sakura and Yam Yuri, Sakura fused with Zorn the Dark One, a creature so powerful that it took the combined power of three Egyptian Gods, The Creator of Light, to finally stop him.

The smug, pretentious, and rude president of Albacore is the arch-enemy of Yuri Auto from whom he wishes to take the title of King of Games. Much like Tea Gardner, Tristan Taylor never really displayed an aptitude for or interest in Duel Monsters.

During the “Virtual World” arc, he was easily defeated by one of the Big Five and subsequently trapped in the body of a robotic monkey. , the owner of the Millennium Puzzle and thus host to the spirit of Pharaoh Item, the King of Games, and overall just a bundle of joy and sweetness.

But don’t be fooled by his tiny stature and those big kind eyes, Yuri Auto is a force to be reckoned with. Yuri may lack confidence in his own skill at times, but that’s never stopped him from doing the right thing, and that takes strength.

One of the reasons Joey entered Pegasus’ tournament was to win the prize money for his sister’s eye surgery. During the “Battle City” arc, Serenity officially joined Joey’s group of friends and cheered on her big brother from the sidelines.

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Yam Yuri has a strong bond with his monsters, especially his Dark Magician, he's the wielder of all three Egyptian Gods, and you can always count on him to have something up his sleeve. She’s somehow had the immense fortune to find a job that actually allows her to spend her days thinking, talking, and writing about the things she loves so much, and it’s been an awesome experience.

When she’s not working on articles for CBR and Screen Rant, this nerdy alien can usually be found glued to the TV screen with the latest episodes of her favorite shows, re-watching an all-time favorite, playing mediocre guitar, or curled up with a book.

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