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Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I lost the majority of my cards in a house fire last year, but I was wanting to get back into the game casually with friends.

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So basically I'm trying to rebuild my collection without spending an arm and a leg on player for shipping on singles. These sealed packs and decks were purchased by my Father around the time Yugo was released in NA.

I'm not thrilled with eBay's seller protections and the physical shops I've contacted seem uninterested in sealed vintage product. So, basically, I'm looking for advice on selling these and accepting offers; I'm especially interested in moderated sales given the value of these.

Evil HERO Malicious Bathe Legendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny is an awesome box. In this set you can pull Evil HERO Malicious Bane which is a very valuable card in the series.

Good price Evil HERO Malicious Bane 36 packs in the box This set has a total of 93 all-foil cards that brings a ton of new Link monsters to the game.

This set also releases Number 93: Utopia Kaiser which was originally only available to duelists who reached the top of competitions. Fantastical Dragon PhantazmayThe Savage Strike booster box has quite a few “money” cards in the set.

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This make Rising Rampage a great choice if you want to break-even or even surpass your initial investment. Cards like Witchcraft er Golem Aurora can give spell-caster decks a nice bump.

Each Rising Rampage booster box contains 24 packs of 9 random cards. I:P MasquerenaThe Chaos Impact set contains I:P Masquerade which is the card we are hunting for that has the most value.

This card can be added to any of the 5 Zebra type decks for new combos and synergies. All Zebra monsters can also take advantage of new, powerful spell cards that were specifically designed with this architect.

This set has quite few money cards, but its high price point kills any profits you may be able to get. This set features a new parasite card and an upgraded Cocoon of Evolution.

Kitchen DragonmaidKitchen Dragon maid is what you need to be shooting for in the Mystic fighters set. Mystic fighters almost made our recommended list, but was out-shined by Immortal Destiny.

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INAMI is a leading publisher, developer, and manufacturer of electronic entertainment and traditional trading card games. At the current state of the market, the best booster box to buy to make money is Battle of Legend: Hero’s Revenge.

It has a high number of valuable cards and a low purchase price. Although there will be fluctuations in the market, many of the “money” cards listed in this review will be relevant for months to come.

You see, Into possessed the insanely OP ability to negate almost every Trap card in the game! Stratus is yet another OP Monster whose might isn't apparent just from looking at him; he's got 1800 Attack, 300 Defense, and 2 big of' CD player wing things glued to his back.

In the right hands, however, Stratus possesses an ungodly amount of utility; he can specifically search for any other HERO Monster in your deck, or he can destroy your opponents' Trap and Spell type cards. Whether you win or lose in a card game, you probably won't have a sever case of sour grapes if you felt like you had a fair shot at winning; you managed to play all of your cards and implement your strategies, but your opponent simply outplayed in the end.

For 1000 Life Points, Confiscation can rob your opponent of a fair game by forcing them to discard a card of your choice. Unlike a lot of the other cards in this article, Cyber Dragon Infinity looks and sounds as overpowered as it is.

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This stinking' thing looks like a hidden Super Boss from a Final Fantasy game, or the most powerful form of an anime villain. While that might be an exaggeration, Cyber Dragon Infinity is one of the strongest Duel Monsters to ever enter play.

Typically, OK decks are extremely risky and require tons of skill to effectively play. This bulky douche-bag commits two major offenses; it assaults the senses with its poop-brown color scheme, then it wrecks players' faces by dealing damage equal to the level of a Monster that you'll have to sacrifice.

Before long, Solemn Judgement users could shut down mass summoning plays and OK's with just one card. Toadally Awesome has the unique ability to detach XYZ Material during the Standby Phase.

By triggering her effects, a player can shut even the machine cards and declaw the deadliest dragons! Most Wight princess/ King of the Skull Servants decks tend to have very high win rates across the board.

As a test of one's devotion, Ra demands that a duelist use their Life points to fuel his power. It's like someone at INAMI was angry one day and decided to make a card that immediately kills the fun of any duel when played.

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Immunity is what makes Apoqliphort Towers so overpowered; it can resist the effects of most Spell and Trap cards with ease. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool geek who's into all sorts of comic books, video games, movies, and TV shows.

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