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With a nice 1850 ATK, Snow's one of the stronger monsters that doesn't need a tribute to normally summon, and when fielded through either normal or special summon, she lets you change an opponent's monster to face-down defense position, blocking their effects and often putting them in a vulnerable combat state. For those playing the long game, Gold Sarcophagus is now unbanned and ready to add any card from your deck, giving it you two turns after activation.

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Unlike its counterpart Different Dimension Capsule, Sarcophagus doesn't remain on the field, meaning there's no way to destroy it and cancel the effect. Another great card for the long game, Ladybug should stay in your hand where you can reveal it on each of your turns (at your standby phase) to gain 500 life points.

Over the course of a lengthy duel, this can amount to several thousand extra health, granting you an appreciated defense in case your field gets destroyed. Alternatives include “Aroma Jar” and “Solemn Wishes”, which can also continuously restore your health but are more vulnerable to your opponent's removals.

Although I wish it possessed a graveyard-banishing effect, this still offers an excellent and fast way to prepare your discard pile with whatever monster you need. You can then revive your fallen ally with cards like “Call of the Haunted” or use any graveyard abilities they may carry.

If you manage to place the original vanquished Pomona back into your deck with cards like “Pot of Dichotomy”, you can reuse the combo once more. When normal summoned, Breaker gains a spell counter that increases his ATK from 1600 to 1900, impressive on a level four monster.

A handy support and boss monster for any deck, Star Sparrow matches a Blue-Eyes in power with 3000 ATK, though he'll need two tributes if normal summoned. While fielded, your opponent can't target other monsters you control with attacks or effects, a superb barricade for allies.

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Additionally, while in your graveyard, you must revive Star Sparrow in defense position (banishing it when it leaves the field) when your opponent makes a direct attack, taking a crucial hit for you. These two cards each protect you for a turn; the former prevents attacks from being declared while the latter guards both your life points and monsters from combat, rendering you invulnerable.

However, you don't just draw a card from your deck, you excavate (reveal) the top three and pick one, shuffling the rest back in. A modernized version of Soul Exchange, this quick-play spell belongs to the Monarch archetype but serves any tribute monster well.

Plus, its quick-play status allows you to combo it with cards that let you tribute on your opponent's turn, but note that it's limited, so only place a single copy in your deck list at official events. Card Car D bears the popular machine type, which can help prepare type-effects like Solidarity, but it's a useful draw tool for any structure.

He also brandishes 3000 ATK and points two arrows to each side and diagonally backwards, granting you (and not your opponent) several extra deck slots. Unlike several battle phase traps, it won't destroy or otherwise hinder their creature, but Scrap-Iron resets itself after use rather than heading to the graveyard.

In other words, as long as it isn't destroyed, you can block several attacks over the course of a duel and safely field weaker utility monsters. This fluff ball doesn't need any tributes to set, and it's immune to battle destruction, forcing your opponent to spend a monster removal if they want to swing at your life points.

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A useful unit, but beware monsters with pierce who can hit through Marshmallow's weak DEF with excess trample damage. A long-regulated original card, Penguin Soldier is now free to use as many (up to the regular maximum of three) copies as you wish.

While it's pretty weak, when flipped, you can return up to two target monsters to the hand, bouncing multiple enemies and circumventing destruction immunities. When activated, you halve the ATK and negate the effects of a special summoned monster, greatly reducing its prowess.

Now, rather than immediately sending fusion materials from your deck to the graveyard, Future does so at the standby phase after activation, so it'll need to survive a turn. While there's a delay, this beautifully summons a fusion monster without killing your hand and helps prepare your graveyard with whatever materials you desire.

We're fudging a bit here, since Odd-Eyes really works best in pendulum decks, but it's honestly a decent monster even outside its focus. With a decent 2500 ATK, Odd-Eyes also doubles battle damage against foes, an incredible force that can really decimate your adversary's life points if you boost Odd-Eyes's attack stat.

While Judgment saps half your life points, it can essentially counter anything, negating and destroying summons, spells, and traps! Judgment works particularly well as a check against pendulum monsters, as they'll head to the graveyard (and not the extra deck where they could be revived) when negated.

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While they're fairly weak, when sent from the field to the graveyard, Sagan adds a monster with 1500 or less ATK from your deck to hand while Witch does the same for 1500 or less DEF, making each a great tribute or link material since you'll get to search a unit afterwards. Still, note that Sagan is a level-three fiend while Witch is a level-four spell caster, offering different synergies with multiple deck themes.

Another great defense against swarming, you can't trigger Bottomless Trap Hole when your opponent summons at least one monster with 1500 ATK. Sara offers incredible versatility to any structure, needing a total link rating of four and arriving with a mighty 2800 ATK.

The downside to using spells and traps for defense is that if your field gets nuked, you're left open (even cards like Threatening Roar can be sprung into activation sooner than desired). It rests safely in your hand until needed, making it practically impossible to counter, and when your opponent declares a direct attack, you can special summon it to end the battle phase, banishing Fader when it exits the field.

It bears a respectable 2100 ATK, and it can detach two units to attach an opposing special summoned attack position monster to itself as material! This both removes an enemy and leaves you with a single XYZ unit, which you can detach to once prevent ARK's destruction (whether through battle or effect).

Then, on either player's turn, Jackal King can remove two spell counters (from anywhere on your field, including himself) to negate and destroy an opponent's activated monster effect, a fierce and versatile defense mechanism to shut down opposing warriors. This risky spell loses you 2000 life points, and you can't special summon or perform your battle phase for the rest of the turn after usage.

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Even with the prices you're paying, this fields two monsters at once with their effects intact, beautifully preparing your archetype's combos and extra deck summons. Many series contain their own draw engines, but Supply Squad offers excellent card advantage to just about any deck.

On either player's turn, if a monster you control is destroyed (by either battle or effect), Squad simply draws you a card. Mirror Force remains a potent offense/defense blend, but as destruction-immunities and exit effects have become more common, its powers have slightly diminished over the years.

Still, it enjoys a heap of awesome variants and offers a great comeback to turn the tide back in your favor. These tokens are pitifully weak and can't be used for a tribute summon, but they make great blockers and qualify as material for most link and synchro monsters.

This exiles three units at once, disrupting all of your opponent's main areas, and since it's an entrance ignition, you can still apply it even if Trisha gets smashed with Bottomless Trap Hole or the like. As a tuner, Ghost Ogre can aid with synchro summoning, but any deck can utilize its awesome hand trap effects.

Not only does this vanquish an enemy's unit, it typically blocks the effect, as most continuous cards need to remain fielded at resolution for their traits to function. Like her cousin Ghost, Ash Blossom can help synchro summon, but is generally used for her excellent hand trap abilities.

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Able to hinder three different types of strategies, Ash will throw a wrench in your adversary's plans, possibly ruining their entire turn. Now, you'll have to forfeit 700 life points during your standby phase, but that's an incredible barrier that really dampens your foe (spells are much more common than traps competitively).

You're affected too, but you can avoid the net by either building a low-spell deck or simply activating any magic cards in store before employing Order. A variant of the classic Mirror Force, Drowning now requires your opponent to directly attack you, so it won't work when they just take a swing at your monsters.

This is a far superior monster wipe that circumvents destruction and targeting-immune targets and doesn't fill your opponent's graveyard; they'll need to search out their lost units all over again. After years on the ban list, players can now implement a single instance of Rieger, the classic magic that casually destroys all opposing monsters.

Also, if a creature Firewall points to is destroyed in battle or sent to the graveyard, you can special summon a monster from your hand, adeptly fielding your higher-level champions without needing to tribute. Evenly Matched can be risky since it activates at the end of your opponent's battle phase, so it can't help you stop that turn's attacks.

As if that weren't powerful enough, you can activate Evenly Matched from your hand if you control no cards, both catching your opponent by surprise and banishing their entire field! The current competitive staple found in nearly every deck, Pot of Desires offers unparalleled hand advantage.

Universe, and one of the three Egyptian Gods, Slider The Sky Dragon is known as the best of three Egyptian God cards for players, along with Obelisk The Tormentor and The Winged Dragon Of Ra. In the universe, these monsters were only capable of being summoned by the chosen Pharaoh.

In the game, Slider The Sky Dragon requires three tributes to summon the monster and gains 1,000 Attack and Defense Points for every card in the player's hand. Slider The Sky Dragon is an archetype of DIVINE Beast Monster cards not released during its appearance until 2012 in Shnen Jump's July 2012 issue that included the promotional Monster card.

Read More Key Features One of the Egyptian God Cards Gains 1,000 Attack and Defense Points for every card in player's hand An archetype of DIVINE Beast Monster cards Reduces the Attack Points of an opponent's monster by 2,000 Points. Pros Card effect allows for players to have an incredible upper-hand during a duel Various versions of the card are released for people to collect Gains 1,000 Attack and Defense Points for every card in player's hand Reduces the Attack Points of an opponent's monster by 2,000 Points.

Cons Requires 3 Monster cards to act as tribute on the playing field to special summon Forbidden from worldwide tournaments It is an archetype of DARK Spell caster monsters released in the Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon card packs.

Forbidden One was one of the first deck themes and remains one of the most popular ones to date. Exotic's backstory and pharaoh-like appearance seemed to be a reference to the famous Egyptian legend of Osiris.

Osiris was the god Egyptians believed brought them civilization, such as the knowledge of architecture, farming, and establishing the line of pharaohs. However, Osiris was betrayed by his jealous brother Set and was cut into several pieces, which were then scattered across Egypt.

They have since been reprinted into lesser rarities, making a complete set easier to obtain. Often, Exotic The Forbidden One is printed as an Ultra Rare card, and the limbs are Commons.

Yuri's Legendary Deck prints all five pieces as Fixed Rarity Ultra Rares. If you're willing to risk the match by unleashing Exotic The Forbidden One, then be the legend that can hold all five cards together to defeat any opponent that comes at you.

Relinquished is easily a valuable card to have in a player's deck if Black Illusion Ritual is also in the inventory. The most likely way to defeat the monster is through Spell and Trap cards.

However, if that is not executed properly, expect Monster cards facing Relinquished to be absorbed and destroyed in an instant. Relinquished is eligible for Trading Card Game tournaments, having Common rarity but defeating opponents most of the time during duels.

Yuri summons him during his very first casual duel between himself and Joey Wheeler, his classmate and longtime friend. Dark Magician can only be summoned by sacrificing a Monster card already on the playing field.

As for its eligibility for Trading Card Game tournaments, Dark Magician is allowed to be used in-game. However, it is part of the Magician archetype that can be a trump set of a deck if a player has various Spell caster Monster cards in hand.

In the main series, the story goes that Kaaba won Solomon Mouth's Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, then destroying it. Leaving only three Blue-Eyes White Dragons in the world for himself, Kaaba became very obsessed with them, liking to decorate everything he possesses as Blue-Eyes.

Kaaba gained the status of being the only character in the series that is worthy and powerful enough to control the monsters. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is eligible in worldwide tournaments, leaving players to use and combine the Monster card as they please to.

In the universe, these monsters were only capable of being summoned by the chosen Pharaoh. A player is able to pay 1,000 Life Points and target one monster on the field to destroy it.

Like its neighboring Egyptian God cards, The Winged Dragon Of Ra is an archetype of DIVINE Beast Monster cards not released during its appearance until Shnen Jump's January 2011 issue that included its promotional card. The Winged Dragon Of Ra is of Ultra Rare rarity and Secret Rare rarity, the highest rarity status in the Trading Card Game, being impossible to obtain during the show's appearance, but has since been easier to obtain over time.

Cons Banned from all Trading Card Game tournaments Lore, it states that “the descent of this mighty creature shall be heralded by burning winds and twisted land.

Just like the other Egyptian God cards, Obelisk The Tormentor could only be obtained until many years after its appearance in the series, in the 2012 issues of Shnen Jump with its promotional card. Fanatics far and wide due to its reputation held in the main series and cards that people can collect.

The card's legend and continuing legacy grasps the hearts of many who remember the monster's appearance in 2003. To this day, Obelisk remains a statute of strength and unbelievable power for Trading Card Game players to enjoy and play.

Even though the card can be fusion summoned by fusing three Blue-Eyes White Dragons together, it doesn't stop there. If possible in a duel, the player can also fuse Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Black Luster Soldier together to summon Dragon Master Knight, a Monster card beyond belief with 5,000 Attack and Defense Points.

While difficult to make that move, it still serves a purpose to destroy the opponent during a match. The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is of abnormal strength, making it a strategic addition to any player's deck.

Introduced during the Legendary Heroes arc and the Capsule Monsters arc, Five-Headed Dragon has an incredible amount of Attack and Defense Points, along with a wild effect: “The Monster card cannot be destroyed by battle with a DARK, WATER, FIRE, or WIND Monster.” This is an unbeatable Monster card to obtain if you have a Dragon-themed deck in the Trading Card Game, guaranteeing the destruction of at least one or multiple monsters on the field, and probably winning the entire match.

Pot Of Greed was first introduced in Episode 65 and 66 of the main series during a battle against Yuri and Strings, one of Mark's so-called brainwashed slaves. Strings activate Pot Of Greed during the 11th turn but is ultimately defeated by Yuri in Episode 67.

As most fans state that it is by far the strongest card ever with no disadvantages, it is a positive note to state that it is banned because nearly all players in tournaments would have this Spell card in their decks. Pot Of Greed is truly a greedy card, getting players out of tough situations during a duel.

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