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As great as this card is for defense, you must pay 2000 LP to keep it on the field. This card should definitely be used as a last resort or if you have tons on life points to spare.

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This card puts a hold to a possible strategy they may have had planned. A great trap card that can clear the board of a strong monster, but would require you to have many your monsters in the graveyard to activate this trap.

This card can get rid of any high-level monster on the field to give yourself an advantage. Easily accessible early game and can get rid of any spell card that’s affecting your strategy during battle.

A great counter trap card to use against effect monsters! This card can help remove them from the field and negate their effect.

Whenever this card is attacked, your opponent takes the battle damage you would normally. Its effect makes it somewhat invincible while its face up on the field.

This card gains 500 ATK during the Damage Step when battling non-normal monsters. This card is a great counter to effect monsters in battle.

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Crystal Seer is a great way to possibly get that important card you may need for your strategy. Its effect allows you to choose between your top two cards and decide which goes in your hand and which goes to the bottom of your deck.

Once this cards attacks, all the spell counters are removed from it. Its effect is very useful as both you and the opponent will most likely activate spell cards during battle.

It has a decent ATK and DEF without the spell counters, so it’s useful in battle. A good counter trap that will protect a sole monster from a spell card by negating its activation and destroying it.

This card can help protect any strong monster that will most likely be targeted by spell cards that lower attack or hinder effects your monster may have. A great card that can get rid of your opponent’s defense position monsters when the battle position of their attacking monsters changed.

This card can benefit Enemy Controller; when you change the battle position of the monster using E-Con, Tragedy can destroy it upon activation. Its effect will increase its rather impressive ATK stat to be even more useful in battle.

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A favorite of Bandit Keith, this card depends on luck to destroy a card your opponent controls by tossing a coin twice and getting two heads. A great counter to effect monsters, which appear frequently throughout the game.

This great trap card will quickly increase your LP upon activation for the remainder of the battle. A great way to protect your LP, this trap card can protect you during your opponent’s turn at damage calculation by reducing the battle damage to zero.

Its effect not in, y protects you from battle damage, but it allows you to draw a card from your deck. A great card to help recover LP, this trap card grants you 1000 LP whenever you take damage to your life points.

A great way to regain LP, especially if you’re on the verge of being defeated. A great way to incapacitate effect monsters for a turn, this trap card can change their battle position to defense mode, lower their defense to zero, and prevent them from changing their battle position.

Gives you the opportunity to get rid of effect monsters that may be hindering your strategy during battle. A lucked based monster that requires each turn that you choose heads or tails and flip a coin.

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A risky card, but it gives you the chance to clear the field of all of your opponent’s monsters. This card is a great addition to any deck, as it will put any monster your opponent summons in face-down defense position and prevent it from changing battle positions.

This card can easily incapacitate any strong monster that’s summoned to the field. This continuous trap card can easily clear the field of all your opponent’s monsters by stacking up to four or more Thunder counters.

This trap card’s conditions can easily be activated as long as you have strong monsters on your side of the field A quick way to clear the field of all of your opponent’s monsters. Trap cards are utterly useless when Into is on the field, giving you one less thing to worry about during a duel.

A great early game card that can work well against the A.I. This card can also be a great way to take control of Tuner monsters whenever an opponent tries Synchro summoning.

Gives your monster 500 ATK points to be added to their original ATK and hinders your opponent from defending against an attack from the monster equipped with this card. A great trap card that cuts the attack of your opponent’s monster when they’re summoned to the field.

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This card is useful for ridding the field of higher level monsters, giving you the much-needed advantage. This trap card can change your opponent’s monster to defense mode when they declare an attack.

Useful for getting rid of trap cards that are hindering your strategy during battle. This trap card boosts the power of any monster of your choice for the remainder of the turn.

Useful for boosting the attack power of monsters and very useful when activated during your opponent’s turn. This is a great way to protect your monsters and yourself from taking a lot of battle damage.

This card will allow you to banish one of your monsters until the End Phase. Wonder Balloons can weaken your opponent’s monsters by sacrificing the cards in your hand, which will place a counter on this card; thus, lowering the attack of your opponent’s monster by 300 for each counter.

This card can help lower your opponent’s offense and allow you to overtake their team with your higher level monsters. This card can help you get rid of a higher level monster your opponent controls, giving you the advantage in battle.

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This card easily gets rid of any high-level monsters your opponent controls. This popular trap card gives the monster of your choice a power boosts and boosts their power, even more, when declaring an attack.

Yogi Ship can help rid the field of your opponent’s strongest monster. This trap card can change the battle positions of all of your opponent’s monsters.

This lower level monster packs a punch with it great effect that can benefit any type of deck; especially a ritual summoning deck! Sphere Turbo can help Ritual Summon a strong monster quicker and change an attacking monster to defense mode, preventing you from taking battle damage.

Any deck with 3 Enemy Controllers shouldn’t be taken lightly! This card is an excellent addition to any type of deck you’re running, thus making it very versatile.

Its effects are great against high-level monsters You can acquire this card early game by receiving an SR ticket or completing Yoruba’s Bingo Sheet 1. Dwellings is nearing its fourth year, and throughout the time the card pool has become incredibly expansive.

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However, this downside comes with a plus, as “Galaxy Cyclone” can also Banish itself from the Graveyard to destroy a face-up Spell or Trap card. This adds an extra layer to “Galaxy Cyclone” that others can't offer, being able to destroy two cards for the price of one is a powerful effect not to be understated.

“Necrovalley” prevents cards from being able to leave the Graveyard, which can completely shut down entire strategies just by just activating it. While it's useful in “Grave keeper's,” any Deck can run “Necrovalley” as a Floodgate to hamper your opponent plays and using that advantage to win the Duel.

If a Deck doesn't need their Graveyard, it's never a bad idea to include copies of “Necrovalley” to win games with just one activation of it. When the Dark Dimension Box came out, it completely changed Dwellings, as it included tons of powerful cards and Archetypes.

The very inclusion of “Invocation” was incredibly controversial when it was added to Dwellings, and it completely warped the meta and hasn't left it since its introduction. If your opponent can't get rid of it by a card effect, then “Power Of The Guardians” is unlikely to ever leave the field.

“Neo's Fusion” has been a staple of the meta since its introduction, and despite its Semi-Limited status, will continue to see play for months to come. “Concentrating Current” spent a lot of time being underappreciated since it was in the same box as the Tier 0 “Six Samurai” cards.

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It can take advantage of Monsters with high Defense Points, and turn them into behemoths capable of winning the Duel in just one attack. In Dwellings, Battle Traps are everywhere and incredibly powerful, so the ability to get rid of them all is a fantastic effect.

Was played in every combo Deck, as it allowed them to completely disregard Spell and Trap cards by returning them to the Hand. “World Legacy Clash” went under the radar for a while, however, once people found out about its potential it was being used in practically every Duel.

Not only that, but it would drastically lower the Attack and Defense of an opponent's Monster, making them easy pickings for your turn. Almost nothing in the game can be used once its Banished, making “Cosmic Cyclone” the premiere back row hate of Dwellings.

This makes “Cosmic Cyclone” incredibly versatile, and one of the best Spell cards in the entire game. The original staple card, “Enemy Controller” has been in the game since the earliest days and continues to see play over three years later.

“Enemy Controller's” other effect to Tribute a Monster to steal an opponent's for a turn is also useful when going for an OK. Having worked many odd jobs, including article writing, he is now a list writer for TheGamer.com.

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