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More cache space means, again, more efficient simultaneous running of multiple programs. This means higher endurance and greater longevity than almost every other processor, including the i7, and it is also what makes the Leon line an excellent choice for businesses that have a lot of server activity.

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ECC RAM is highly beneficial to businesses especially because it can prevent system crashes which are caused by errors. While the Intel Leon processor is an amazing choice for businesses, in some ways it may not be the best for every website, and some personal users, like gamers.

The most obvious potential downside of the Intel Leon series is that these processors may not have onboard graphics at all. In contrast, the Leon series has integrated graphics in some models, but it is not designed with gaming in mind.

If your business has servers large enough to benefit from the additional cores, then yes, go ahead and upgrade. Intel recommends taking full advantage of their Leon processors by pairing them with their Solid-State Drives.

The ECC RAM option is also great for ensuring maximum uptime, and the sheer longevity of the Leon processors makes them a worthy investment as well. The Intel Leon is designed for workstation computers, but that doesn’t mean only businesses can use it.

PC's users can use the Leon for its efficient handling of even the most intensive creative applications like 4K video editing, computer-aided design, and 3D rendering. For one, Leon processors cannot be overclocked, which is a popular technique used by gamers to boost performance.

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However, enthusiast gamers should still go with the safer option and stick to a Core or Ry zen series processor. In our series of Best CPU guides, here’s the latest update to our recommended workstation CPUs list.

In our CPU Guides, we give you our pick of some of the best processors available, supplying data from our reviews. Intel Leon + Octane (4.5 TB/set) $$481700 arm+legged On a Budget AMD Thread ripper 1900X $240 As we have moved through 2020, there haven’t been many new releases for the high-end desktop market.

The abundance of AMD’s Third Generation Thread ripper processors and Intel’s Cascade Lake-X hardware means that users have had options depending on workload balance. The immediate horizon doesn’t show much, but we know the next big target is going to be AMD’s Zen 3 based Thread ripper processors, expected in the first half of next year.

Based on the uplift Zen 3 has been having in the consumer space, translating that into Thread ripper is expected to be a big net plus, but we don’t see those parts coming out before EPIC; also with a healthy performance lead AMD can afford to let the market breathe for a while. It is worth noting that for some high-end desktop users, particularly professionals that can amortize the cost of the hardware over time due to their increased throughput, price and longevity might not be an issue.

Our recommendation here is that if you absolutely need an AMD CPU with ECC as a mission critical part of your build, go for EPIC. This means peak numbers of cores, memory channels, and PCIe lanes.

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But for benchmarks, in a straight comparison when pulling data from our latest reviews, the 5950X takes an almost clean sweep. Not pictured, because it isn’t a fair fight, is our 3DPMavx test, which runs at the best AVX for each platform.

Which is the main selling point for Intel’s processors in this range, should your workload be AVX512 accelerated. AMD’s Ry zen 9 5950X was only just released, and is in short supply unless you find a retailer with new stock.

The Intel Core i9-10980XE, by contrast, was released in November last year, and stock is available in lots of places. For AMD’s hardware, it should be noted that since our last guide in August, we’re seeing a number of price rises across the board.

We tested the Thread ripper 3990X against $20k of Intel’s premium enterprise CPUs, and for workloads that were embarrassingly parallel. The single socket 64-core EPIC 7702P is the right choice here, with an MSRP of $4425, or a recent retail price of $4750.

Cost per core is obviously close, around $55/core for both, and both processors have plus points (although in our tests, the 24-core does pull ahead more often than not). This is also where the mainstream processors usually get a look in for price, depending on use case and how much equipment is ready to hand.

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As noted in the graph above, it wins out against the 10980XE in almost all of our tests, but the availability of the Ry zen 9 5950X is quite limited at this time. In the past we’ve suggested Intel CPUs at this price segment, such as the 14-core 10940X ($800) or even the 18-core 10980XE ($995), when the timing is right.

This is the processor Intel created because its 10900K was too aggressive on frequency to provide reasonable supply, so the 10850K was released as a fall back because it’s easier to produce. Intel has been pushing its AVX512 support, even bringing it into its consumer laptop processors, in an effort to drive things like Boost to enhance AI throughput.

One of the pain points I’ve had with Intel over the last couple of years is actually getting a list of AVX512 use cases: exact software examples where AVX512 is used. It often gets added for very specific things, like a certain filter in Photoshop, or a special edition of a benchmark, but ultimately those in the HPC space get the most from it.

If cost is no object, then moving into a dual socket system with Leon Scalable processors might be preferable, although take note that this introduces a non-uniform memory access (NUMA) environment, which would inhibit bulk data transfer if the software is not NUMA-aware. Some users might point to the Leon Scalable side of the equation, for anyone needing more Enterprise level features.

In the Cascade Lake-SP Refresh cycle, Intel launched the Leon Gold 6258R, with a list price of $3950. This processor is essentially identical in every way to the top-of-the-line Leon Platinum 8280 ($10009 list), except it only supports single and dual sockets.

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The price of the memory in this product category normally outweighs the CPU cost by an order of magnitude as well. In this instance, one choice is an EPIC, something like the 7232P at $481 will easily support 4 TB of Crimes per socket out of the box.

This is a relatively new development, posted by one of AS Rock’s engineers to his personal social media accounts, but the Biases required are now public, and for users invested in the Intel ecosystem this is well worth a look. With the launch of the new 3000 series Thread ripper processors, the previous parts are often found at low prices with some retailers looking to empty their stock of them.

The 8-core processor offers high capacity memory support, lots of PCIe lanes, and the low-end motherboards for Thread ripper are now entering that low-to-mid range pricing. In a sale, the 1900X can be found for under $200 (users with more money might look for a cheap 1950X instead), which seems like a crazy low price for a high-end desktop processor.

AMD is expected to go for Thread ripper based on Zen 3 at some point in 2021 (H rather than H I would think), and Intel’s HEAT roadmap is as unchanging as a drive on a desert bus. The company recently reduced the scope of its Cooper Lake Leon platform to select customers only, which also puts a stop to any HEAT product.

This means that the next generation Leon coming to market should be Ice Lake on the company’s 10 nm process. The company recently announced new Rocket Lake consumer processors for early next year, which take the newer Ice Lake mobile CPU design on 10 nm and ‘back-port’ to 14 nm, with the IPC improvement if not the process node improvement.

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But, those Chiclets will initially be served in AMD’s EPIC processors first, because that is where the higher margins are. Compile a list of the primary software applications you plan on running on the server and review the hardware recommendations that each develop presents on their website.

This will provide a good starting point and some developers will identify a recommended CPU or clock speed for the software. If the developer doesn't have any recommendations, use a search engine and forums to see what hardware other users are using.

CPU load will vary greatly depending on the number of concurrent users on the server. While 1 website may run on cPanel with a single 2.0GHz core, if you plan on hosting 1000 sites on one server, you will need to extrapolate the recommended CPU requirements accordingly.

Based on your current growth rate, you may have some idea how many concurrent users will need to be accommodated by the server in 3-6 months. If the previous steps haven't guided you towards a concrete CPU choice, you should consider booking a free server consultation.

They will listen to your requirements and choose a server that will perform well for you based on their years of experience. Review these descriptions of our popular dedicated server CPUs to find one that fits your needs and budget.

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This processor performs well on heavily-threaded multi-core operations due to its higher clock speed. The Leon -D processor is ideal for applications that require a lower clock speed with a higher number of CPU cores.

Ideal Uses: Game Servers, Machine Learning, Big Data With a whopping pass mark of 23323, this server delivers an incredible amount of CPU power to tackle even the most challenging computational loads.

With 20 cores at 2.2GHz, you can boost performance for your most demanding computational tasks in applications such as modelling and simulation, data analytics and machine learning, data compression, visualization and digital content creation. Book a free, no-obligation consultation, and we'll prepare a custom quote for your needs and budget.

He focuses on providing engaging and easy to follow content to help users navigate the hosting industry. Cloud Servers High-performance and highly-available infrastructure, delivering a reliable, secure, and scalable solution.

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