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Danielle Fletcher
• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
• 9 min read

When your xenon headlights start to dim, turn purple, or just burn out, it’s hard to tell what product to replace them with. Luckily, we have tested nearly every product on the market including Philips and SRAM, in order to determine the best replacement you should go with, and if the higher cost is worth the money.

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We tested the lumens, and more importantly the peak lux in 3 unique OE projectors at 25 feet. Remember that you can always jump over to the top recommended products page by clicking here.

We keep that page up to date as we test, so you’ll always find the best products long after this article was written. Other benefits include an increase in the color temperature, to get a whiter output to replace the yellowish OEM bulbs.

First up is the SRAM Night Breaker Unlimited (NBL) set. Keep in mind the prices we are mentioning here are based on the D2S size, and the D1S, D3S, and so on will typically cost a bit more.

The Unlimited’s offer 5% more lumens total over stock, but an incredible 26% more light when running in the low-beam setting, and about 7% when you turn on the high-beams. It’s tough to get such high marks with a higher kelvin bulb, but SRAM nailed it with this one.

Now knowing they are a great upgrade in terms of brightness, the color is really where the shine at 5450k, a nice pure white color with no yellow, and a small hint of blue. Just be sure if you do pick up a set of the major or premium brands, be sure to use the links from our website as you’ll ensure a genuine product.

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There aren’t many companies out there that actually sell a genuine product, and everything you find online including Amazon and eBay are over 80% faked. The real deals will have rare salts included for the best brightness and efficiency, precision alignment, and quality glass.

Philips and SRAM offer genuine validation, so be sure to check the pages if you picked up one of their models. Once we perform bench testing though, we’ll be sure to post the results on our website.

We purchased the 5 most popular premium models from what we researched, and one stuck out far from the rest. We don’t normally recommend buying HID bulbs from Amazon, but there were some great contenders, once in particular that stood out on top of anything we tested.

Just keep in mind again that the Amazon bulbs will not be nearly as high of quality like the others we mentioned, but if you’re on a strict budget, they are a great option to get you by for a while. We went through 14 products from Amazon, and the MRS ranked #1 at 5% more lumens, and a crazy 37% more low-beam brightness, and 4% more high-beam light.

They have the correct alignment tabs as well, which some Amazon models were lacking, and it showed during out tests. Well we have only tested one LED replacement product, and it didn’t fair well.

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It’ll net you about half the brightness of a proper HID bulb, at a cost of over $100. Be sure to bookmark this page, so you can refer back to it in the future if you’re not yet ready for the upgrade, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you don’t miss any of our upcoming videos.

Everything you need to upgrade your vehicle can be found in the Innovated Xenon HID Lights system. We appreciate the efforts of Innovated to create an efficient unit that operates really well for an extended period of time.

The entire setup process takes only 20 minutes, which leaves you with hours for other tasks around the home. It is waterproof, resistant to shock and dust, and it doesn’t require any extra wiring or resistors.

The H11 Mormon Elite HID Kit features a design that makes it compatible with a select group of ballasts. This enables customers to find the ideal unit, preventing any damage.

The H11 HID system is an excellent kit with similar features from its other models. The significant difference, however, lies in the input plug type that enables it to deliver a better performance than its predecessors.

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The plug-and-play design makes it very user-friendly, while the several mounting options expand its installation versatility. This is a regular HID conversion kit that runs 35-watt bulbs with a DC (Direct Current) feed.

That is potentially going to bring more raw power to the bulbs for a slightly brighter appearance, but it can also put more strain on the wiring. If you do have any problems, purchasing this product also gets you access to live tech support, available on the phone or over e-mail.

This HID system doesn’t back down after regular use and offers the necessary brightness for driving. This system lights up three times more than regular bulbs, so you gain more value for your investment.

It is a compact HID headlight kit designed with an aluminum shell for durability. This system features eight different color options, which add a touch of variety to your unit whenever it is in use.

Keep your HID bulbs fresh at all times with help from the SafetyStart voltage control system that is included in the design. This HID system comes with a two-year warranty, which shows the brand’s confidence in its products.

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The price makes us forget or ignore their short lifespan and limited brightness. To cater to our economic needs, HUB has offers an affordable HID system.

It’s a digital HID system that comes in a pack of two bulbs for most cars with computers. The kit comes with simple and easy to understand instructions that allow the user to set up without extra wiring or professional help.

In total, this HID system boasts of up to 35,000 hours of wiring life from the second it comes out of its box. In a world full of problematic halogen bulbs, Ken sun provides a unit that offers more brightness using less energy.

The Ken sun Slim HID kit comes with Xenon lights and is designed with new technologies for better performance. With its two-year warranty, it operates with 23,000 volts to deliver hours of extra bright light whenever it’s needed.

The Ken sun Slim kit replaces the filament of the typical halogen bulb. Its design helps it to last 10 times longer than the average halogen bulb.

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The Ken sun HID kit features a ballast that is connected to your battery and comes with a glass chamber that replaces the filament of halogen bulbs. Enjoy less power consumption but more brightness with this product and stay illuminated for longer.

This HID kit possesses many modern features known to aid in better performance. For durability, the kit comes in a rugged aluminum casing that has rumble resistant padding.

The variety of sizes and colors also aid in keeping your headlights lively and more exciting. The Center Standard Ballasts form a part of an even greater HID system.

All its features work together to enable it to fulfill its purpose of extremely bright light. The Center ballasts feature a super-bright xenon bulb, which offers 1.5 times the brightness of a halogen lamp.

The ballast is made with a reduced flickering technology that ensures your bulb operates steadily for longer. For installation, some amount of professional help will be required, so users are advised to consider assistance from skilled personnel.

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The Center Standard HID light kit is a digital ballast system that is highly compatible with a wide range of bulbs. The Can bus HID lighting system takes less than 20 minutes to set up using plug-and-play installation and Quicksand connectors.

The kit comes with a ballast, two 35W HID bulbs, mounting brackets, and an installation manual. These lights come in a variety of colors, including golden yellow, bright daylight, pure white, and brilliant blue.

The built-in capacitor in the CAN bus ballast minimizes error codes on the dashboard. The Ken sun replacement bulbs are shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof, so they have a longer lifespan.

The light produced by this system can be likened to natural daylight when it comes to brightness and comfort to the human eye. We recommend the Ken sun HID replacement bulbs for those seeking excellent light intensity, efficiency, and purity from their headlights.

The Lumen on HID Kit is unique in more ways than one with its sole aim to provide users with more bright light for less. The best feature this kit possesses is its ability to shine three times brighter than halogen lamps.

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The Lumen HID headlight kit increases safety when it comes to visibility. It includes a digital slim ballast and a zinc alloy casing that has a water resistant rating of IP65+A.

The xenon gas chamber is precisely placed to match the OEM bulb to create an accurate beam pattern. If you need a bulb that last longer, produces brighter light and comes in a variety of colors to match your setting and environment, this is the perfect kit for you.

It delivers 25% brighter light and lasts six times longer than the regular halogen bulb. THIS HID kit from OPT7 comes in a bulky duty aluminum casing for longevity.

This casing is resistant to water and rumble, thanks to its incredible padding system. This kit is expertly designed, and as such, it maximizes bulb life and performance.

You can replace your old halogen bulbs with the OPT7 HID system and experience a more and consistent precise beam pattern. This kit delivers 6,000 hours of operation time and is available in several, exciting colors.

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Mormon has a wide range of products in its arsenal, and each item is produced to provide excellent and unbeatable service. It is considered the most genuine Mormon model by all its users and comes highly recommended for those seeking to change their halogen bulbs.

What’s more, it has been manufactured to replace all your energy-consuming bulbs, helping you save loads of money and also comes with ballasts and lamps that are highly compatible and very durable. The setup of this system is straightforward, as manufacturers provide you with the necessary instructions and equipment.

We love that the Mormon kit has a double relay, heavy-duty harness because it prevents you from spending on an anti-flicker capacitor which are usually very expensive. We can’t forget to mention that it is the safest kit system you will find in today’s market, and it comes at a fantastic price for all kinds of budget.

This system offers all customers an extensive five-year warranty, which comes with a replacement guarantee within the first three years.

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