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Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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These lights are quite similar to halogen bulbs but will include a capsule of xenon gas instead of a wire filament. The xenon gas capsule in the HID headlights allows them to provide more intense light output.

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The Philips 42302C1 is our best overall HID headlight as it is an original equipment manufacturer quality product that will give you the light performance of a new car. With the UV-coating technology, these bulbs can withstand harsh sun rays for a long time.

Motorists shopping for the best HID headlight bulbs on a tight budget should give the CougarMotor CCD16 a try. And many users love the 6,000K color temperature as it provides a more natural daylight light output.

One more thing users love is that they have an exact alignment to ensure they always deliver a tight beam pattern. The bulbs seem prone to flickering as they do not have a built-in anti-flicker mechanism, but you can quickly fix the issue by buying one separately.

Highly affordable Consumes less power Natural daylight color temperature Quick and easy to install Delivers a tight beam pattern SRAM is famous for its top-quality bulbs that provide a brighter light output with brilliant color.

The unique light effect ensures other motorists can easily see you on the road, thanks to a more stylish, individual design. With the DOT and ECE approvals, the lights are street legal both in North America and Europe.

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Fits perfectly with no modification needed Provides a more pleasant blue light Legal for use in European and North American roads Stylish, individual design With the fully plug-n-play design of the RCP D4S6CA, you can be sure of having an easy time when it comes to the installation, and the job should also be much quicker.

The bulbs have an anti-UV quartz glass that does not crack easily or fade to ensure you get many years of service. With the precise focal length, you will get light that is the same as what new cars provide with a perfect beam pattern and no glare.

Once installed, you can be sure these headlights will give you a long service life as they have a glass quartz tube and sturdy base. The base is also water and heat-resistant to ensure the elements will not affect the headlights functioning.

With a service life of up to 30,000 hours, Car Rover D1B10K-GM is the best HID headlights pair for you if you do not want to change your bulbs for many years to come. And to make sure they last even longer, they have a more durable PPS base that offers superior high temperature and corrosion resistance.

These are entirely weatherproof headlights to ensure you will never have any issue regardless of the driving conditions or climate, making them very ideal for use all year round. When it comes to the actual light output, you will get at least 3,200 lumens, but what makes these headlight bulbs unique is that they deliver perfect beams every time with no dark spots.

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More long-lasting bulbs Durable base with better temperature and corrosion resistance Completely weatherproof design Perfect beam with no dark spots Road legal in the USA No matter the typical weather or road conditions you drive in, you can be sure the Innovated Premium will serve you well.

These headlights have a 100% shock, water, and dustproof construction that withstands almost anything for long service life. The headlight dust cover might need some modification for some vehicle types, and there is quite a lot of wiring to do.

And you can always be sure of getting a tight beam pattern thanks to the laser alignment of the bulbs to the base during manufacturing. The clips are not an exact match for some vehicles, which means the lights will be a little loose and hence prone to flickering when driving on bumpy surfaces.

With the Center H, you will get a decent light output of up to 3,000 lumens and a more pleasant 10,000K color temperature. The slim zinc alloy ballast not only offers a long service life but also ensures you have an easy time mounting it during installation.

Whether you just want to break the monotony of white light or prefer having blue headlights, the Television H is just what you need. These 10,000K color temperature headlights will give you a pleasant dark blue light that ensures you maintain great visibility.

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These headlights come with an advanced ballast that uses an ASIC chipset to deliver superior and consistent performance. The 2,700 lumens output is the lowest on our lust, which means these lights will not be as bright as others on our review.

No matter how good the HID headlights you buy might be, they need to be legal in your jurisdictions for them to serve you well. Because rules and laws on the kinds of headlights you can have on your vehicle varies from one place to the other, you need to check the specific requirements in your area.

The DC ballasts run on a single but continuous voltage, which gives them a greater energy output. Brightness is perhaps the most vital point that you will need to consider when choosing HID headlights.

Here you want to make sure you get the brightest HID headlight to maintain excellent visibility when driving. To make sure you get a bright enough light, you need to check the lumen count, and the higher the number, the brighter the HID headlight.

Color temperature impacts the visibility and determines whether the HID headlights you buy will be legal to use in your area. For this, you have to open the back cap on the headlight's assembly and then carefully twist off the light from its socket.

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You need to clip them to wires inside the vehicle and ballast, but it should be easy to tell which goes where from their unique shapes. And to make the choice easy, the Philips 42302C1 is our best overall model as they are OEM quality lights that consume way much less energy and have a fantastic build.

For motorist shopping for something more affordable that still provides adequate lighting, the CougarMotor CCD16 will be a more appropriate choice. Unlike halogen headlights, there isn’t a wide assortment of manufacturers that offer replacement His.

Also, keep in mind that there are plenty of counterfeit products out there, so make sure you’re getting it from a reputable distributor that can prove the bulb’s authenticity. Each Philips Xenon Standard HID headlight bulb comes with an original equipment quality seal for the most reliable performance and is DOT compliant.

The company offers its replacement bulb in a variety of fitments, so it’s almost guaranteed there’s a product that fits your car. For its combination of premium features and an affordable price tag, Xenon’s Xenon HID headlight conversion kit is hands down one of the best on the market.

That’s more than enough to adequately illuminate the road in the dead of night, and an advanced, patented anti-glare technology helps avoid blinding oncoming traffic. Even more impressive: they’re good for up to 15,000 hours of use, giving them around 3 times the longevity of a standard pair of halogens.

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Each Xenon HID kit comes with everything needed for a simple, plug-and-play upgrade, including a set of high-tech, ultra-slim ballasts that deliver maximum performance and efficiency. Better still, each kit is covered by a lifetime warranty that makes it easy to get a replacement part should something fail.

With 7 different color temperatures ranging from yellow (3000K) to purple (12000K), 35W and 55W bulb options, four dozen available bulb sizes including 40 halogen-replacement form factors, and a CANbus-ready option that ensures compatibility with your vehicle’s onboard computer, there is most certainly a Xenon HID headlight kit for you. Keep in mind that headlight regulations in Europe are different from the U.S., so if you’re purchasing a replacement, make sure you get one that’s legal for your country.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured to exact specifications, Sylvia’s HID replacement bulbs promise to deliver extremely long life and superior visibility. Pay close attention to the specifications for your particular bulb, but most Sylvia HID replacements are rated at 85 volts and 35 watts with 3200 lumens and a 4150K color temperature.

Pros / Reputable lighting manufacturer, used as original equipment in some vehicles Cons / Price, not as varied of a selection It’s likely higher temperature bulbs, which result in different colors, aren’t legal in your country so stick to what you can use on the road safely.

The company offers replacement bulbs in pairs for various applications and colors, depending on the temperature you want, including 3000K, 5000K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, Ruby Pink, Midnight Purple, and Deep Blue. HID Warehouse also offers a two-year warranty with its products, so despite its low price, you’re getting a bit of a guarantee with live tech support based in the U.S.

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Just keep in mind that some owners have run into issues with their life spans, which is to be expected given their price compared to Philips and Sylvia. Cougar Motor says each bulb is laser aligned to the base during the manufacturing process, ensuring a tight beam pattern.

Like other aftermarket bulbs, Cougar Motor’s product comes with a plug-and-play harness that is designed to fit your factory OEM housing without any necessary wiring or modifications. There’s always the chance you get a bad bulb, so purchase from a reputable retailer that won’t cause a headache if you need to return or exchange the product.

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