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Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
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One common problem with people’s attitudes about their headlights is that they don’t often look to upgrade them even though it’s totally possible in most cases. Check out our latest headlight xenonconversionkit reviews and buyer’s guide on the top products for this year.

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The Xenon HID headlight conversion kit isn’t only one of the brightest on the market, it’s also very well-built, competitively priced and comes with an incredible industry- the best lifetime warranty. The kit can be customized based on brightness (35W or 55W) and HID color temperature ranging from 3000K to 12000K, although we recommend going with 5000K or 6000K.

This unit is guaranteed to last 229 days without a problem and in addition, the kit can work in any weather condition. You will not have any issues with its performance either, so all you can do is enjoy the bright and strong light coming from your headlights and the feeling of being safe while driving.

Some things we don’t like about this product We do not like that this kit does not come with a relay harness which can slow you down with the installation. Mormon’s HID kit comes with 2 ballasts, and they are both specifically guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Some things we don’t like about this product We found out that some German car owners get errors when they install this HID kit. This H HID conversion kit comes with a pair of XB35 and XB55 ballasts, a double relay harness designed to withstand a continual use and high quality bulbs.

The outstanding performance of this product is the reason why we give Marmots’s kit system a strong preference. The beam patterns are excellent, there are no hot spots or dead zones, and you get a true white color.

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Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world when it comes to buying HID headlight conversion systems. One of the first things you must do before looking into buying an HID conversion kit for your vehicle is to make sure you are not entering into this change lightly.

They can be very costly to install especially if they are not plugged and play versions They can be very time-consuming to put on There is a lot of gray area as to their legality in many places The more compatible an HID conversion system is with your make and model vehicle the better it will work and the easier your installation will be.

We have found that there is not a lot of correlation between price and quality when it comes to Xenon vehicle lighting systems. The most expensive ones are not always the best and there seem to be some real bargains on some great conversion kits in the auto parts marketplace.

These also are an item that rarely if ever exceeds $100 in price, so most people can afford to be picky and get the exact type of HID conversion kit that they prefer. People oftentimes think the ‘k’ at the end of a particular color Xenon light system indicates how bright it is but this actually could not be further from the truth.

All the different colors you can buy your HID conversion kits in will all give off the same amount of light or lumens. It is the amount of heat that makes a Xenon bulb appear to be white, purple, blue or any other color in nature.

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Here are the approximate heat scales for the different colors that a particular HID light system produces: You will also have to note that there are other factors in an HID conversion system that affects light color too.

Make no mistake about it there are a lot of gray areas when it comes to the legality of installing Xenon based headlights on your car. If you want to draw less attention to yourself then you want to choose a color that is as close to a conventional white light as possible.

Sure reds and blues look better because they are much more vivid and stand out, but they will also catch the attention of the authorities much quicker too. You don’t want to have a problem and then wait for such things as resistors and capacitors to arrive, so you can finish your installation properly.

If you have a vehicle that is strictly for show, then putting a few odd color lights on it will be perfect. So you definitely have to factor the main type of driving you to do with your vehicle into the HID conversion kit buying process.

This for sure is not an easy question to answer because each manufacturer does a little different thing with the design of their system. Overview of the main parts of a typical Xenon headlight system installation: Step: Find an HID conversion kit that is as compatible as possible with your make and model of vehicle.

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As a rule of thumb never throw anything away until the entire installation is completed and working properly. Step: Insert the new HID bulb casing into their proper sockets in the back of the headlight housing.

Step: Closely follow the instructions in the owner’s manual and install the ballasts and wiring that are required to run the system. Step: Make sure your headlight chamber has a properly installed casing that directs the beam of light your new system produces down at the road.

That probably makes you wonder why thousands of people are still buying these kits then and that is a very logical path of thinking. If you have the lights just randomly installed any old way and the beam goes all over the place you certainly will attract some unwanted attention that will most likely get you pulled over.

We don’t have time in this article to go over every state’s individual laws regarding the use of Xenon headlights. Some kits do come with the required “ECE R99” certificate stamp on them but even that is no guarantee it will make your particular HID conversion road legal in your state.

Authorities will usually consider two things when it comes to the legality of your conversion to an HID headlight system: An entire headlight placement is changed with a design that is thought to incorporate HID technology into it in a compliant manner.

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Your new conversion is assessed by a proper inspection station to be in compliance with state laws and given a new ECE R99 rating. We are advocating that whatever you do you just need to be smart and courteous when you are doing it, and you will probably not be bothered at all as you drive around at night seeing the road in front of you lit up brighter than ever before.

There is no current system available that will light up your way as brightly as a Xenon bulb properly directed down at the road in front of you. That is the very reason why so many people choose to install these kits despite the gray areas as to their legality.

If you have stock headlights installed inside your car, the chances are that those are halogens and that their performance is average at best. People that decide to make the swap, and turn to HID instead of halogen, start seeing differences right away.

The very first thing you are going to notice when you turn your new HID lights on is the giant jump in performance. HID bulbs tend to heat up, yes, but they do not have a solid burning filament inside, as opposed to the tungsten-halogen case.

The xenon tube proved to last multiple times longer than the traditional headlight bulb. In the last section, we mentioned that HID headlights consume electricity in an unusual way, and now it’s time to shed some light on the mystery.

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But, the story with xenon bulbs is a bit different, because they require a power surge to heat up. After they reach the operating temperature, HID headlights go into a low-consumption mode and do not need a lot of juice at all.

One of the best advantages of HID headlights is their ability to provide broad and evenly-spread illumination, both during the day and nighttime rides. This feature provides comfort to inexperienced drivers while driving through the night, no matter the weather and visibility conditions.

Due to their dominant characteristics of xenon bulbs, in urban conditions, you will not even have to turn on high beams at all. Roughly speaking (and avoiding boring terminology), the higher the Kelvin rating, the “whiter” the headlight color.

On this scale, His are known for taking the first spot, with a wide range of color temperatures, from 3000 to 10000 Kelvin. Due to their extra-strong kick, manufacturers also make filter lenses, to help with light diffusion and glare elimination.

Doesn’t come with the ballasts, but can be used on standard, preinstalled ones If you plan on having fog clubs, you will have to install an additional pair with a lower Kelvin rating. Even though we are talking just about a set of HID replacement bulbs, the manufacturer had convenience in mind and made them compatible with a 35 W system only (both for AC and DC).

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Here we have an HID conversion set made for those first-timers, or simply people who want to replace their old xenon system completely. They are also famous for lasting longer than the similar models from the same class, with a 5500 hours life expectancy.

This HID conversion kit operates on a lower wattage rating of 35 Watts, making it consume less energy than the 55 W counterpart. Some users report that this bulb set goes a bit over 6000 Kelvin, so beware of the extra glare.

This one will be ready in ten to twenty minutes because the installation process is minimal and “plug and play.” The color of the default set clocks at 5000 Kelvin, making it less bright white, and more similar to natural sunlight.

Supports only a 35-Watt circuitry, but comes together with necessary ballasts The smaller frame of the bulbs’ housing can make them somewhat more complicated to install Sinoparcel made a replacement xenon bulb set to help you refresh the look of your car’s headlights in no time.

Keep in mind that we are talking about just an HID headlight bulb set, not the whole package with the wiring and the ballasts. The housing for the bulbs is shockproof and waterproof, which makes them the right choice for people that are afraid of overheating.

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The set includes everything you need to make the swap from halogen bulbs to a fresh new pair of His. The bulbs are shockproof, dustproof and waterproof, making them an excellent choice for cars that go through rough weather often.

Even though it is stronger than most of the sets, it will consume more energy Due to the size, some vehicles need professional assistance during the installation process. The OPT7 crew has a lot to offer in the field of xenon lighting, covering a wide range of sizes and car model headlights.

The housing of the bulbs is made of aluminum, which prolongs their life span by allowing faster cooling. Additionally, the casing is waterproof and shockproof, making them a convenient choice for people that ride through bad weather and on nasty roads.

Before we go into the various features HID headlights bring to the table, maybe it would be a good thing to go through the basics of how these lights work. At its core, an HID (or xenon) headlights works as a combination of halogen and neon lighting systems.

When the electric current starts running through this system, the metal halite salts become excited and create a discharge, which in return gives off light. This type of illumination gives you the best of both worlds, in a compact form, designed to fit inside your car.

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Sometimes, car manufacturers build in this combination due to the potency of HID low beam headlights. This particular combination is mostly made for urban drivers, and people who do not have the need to use high beam headlights often.

If you want to have high and low beams singled out, you will need two HID kits, with four ballasts, one for each bulb. These headlights are the most versatile and give you the option to switch between low and high beams at any time.

In the long run, a bi- xenon kit can be the most affordable, but if one of them breaks, your car is stuck in winking mode until you get to a repair station. Similar to the bi- xenon, a telescopic kit can change between low and high beams with a single HID bulb.

These HID kits can also have issues with heat dissipation, so they remained popular with experienced users only. We can say with certainty that both HID and LED headlights outperform halogen bulbs in almost every aspect (except price, of course).

Several tests have shown that from a distance of 33 feet, HID bulbs can offer up to 20% better lux rating, compared to an LED set from a matching class. There isn’t a more straightforward way to put it, His will provide more light than both LED and halogen headlights.

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If you take that the average energy expenditure of a halogen bulb is around 60 W and that LEDs need 30w or less, the 40 W rating of a xenon set seems fair and generally well-balanced. HID systems can heat up to 520 Fahrenheit, which is far higher than the average working temperature of LED headlights.

With the most potent HID kits, you need to be careful with high beams, because they can seriously impair the visibility of the cars you are encountering in traffic, especially during night rides. Xenon headlights need a short time period to heat up, using the ballasts which rectify the current.

Now that we went through all the critical comparisons, some downsides and a lot of advantages, it is time to see what to expect and how to sort the features you would like to have in your new headlights. People often hear about how His are the most powerful when it comes to Kelvin rating, and they decide to buy a set with the highest possible K number.

When selecting how “warm” the color of headlights needs to be, firstly, you should think about the way (and time of day) you use your car. On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time driving through the nights, or often go on long trips by car, you could consider getting a combination of two sets.

Foggy weather is usually defeated by a warm, yellowish 3000 K xenon bulb, usually installed in the low beam position. And to counter the complete darkness of country roads and highways, you can get a high beam HID set, rated between 6000 and 8000 Kelvin, or even higher.

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The point is, with HID headlights, you have a wide range of choices, from 3000 to a fantastic rating of 30000 Kelvin. If you opt for a stronger, 55W HID set, please be cautious and replace wires that look even slightly damaged.

No matter if you like to spend time around the garage or not, no one wants to waste their whole day on a set of wires and a couple of bulbs. Most models on the market today have a simplified installation process, with color-coded wires, and simple schematic explanations.

People make the common mistake of not checking if the new bulb will fit their car’s system, and then go through a long hassle of returning their set and replacing it with the adequate one. After you got the car’s model correctly, check the wattage of your existing light system, no matter if its halogen or not.

In short, ballasts are the little modules, connected directly to the xenon bulb, which provides the initial high-burst voltage necessary to turn on the headlights. On the other hand, a DC ballast is still functional, but the direct electric current is known for being slightly “unstable,” so expect your xenon bulbs to last a bit shorter.

Different HID sets come with their own quirks and puzzles, and there is no one single formula for the entire process. Having the wrong set can cost you a lot of time (and usually money) on waiting for replacements, or a professional car mechanic to do the job for you.

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If you got the correct set for your car model, now is the time to read the provided instruction manual. The instructions will usually have a simplified schematic and a list of parts you will need to perform the bulb swap.

Avoid excessively touching the glass parts of the bulb, because that can easily lead to damages. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully, because the wiring needs to be done precisely as the manual says.

The problem with HID is that they can be too strong, or that they can cause a lot of flares that blind the oncoming drivers you meet, especially during the night. However, if installed correctly, and within a normal color temperature (preferably white or white/yellow combination), HID headlights will not cause any problems on the road.

The point is: you should always look into picking the headlights within a normal range when it comes to the color strength, and you should also invest time into the fitting and focusing the bulbs correctly. Just pay extra attention to flickering while you test the new HID bulbs connected via the old ballasts.

It takes a moment for the bulbs to develop the high voltage needed to turn on, and it is nothing to worry about. There is a lot of info to go through, but it will undoubtedly help you make a valuable decision and get the best HID kit for your 4-wheeled companion.

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Changing the lights on your car is not something you often do, so it wouldn’t hurt to learn something about it, and ultimately upgrade your vehicle.

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