Best Wayne Toups Songs

James Smith
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Going Back to Big Major WayneToups won a Grammy for 2011's Band Court bouillon, the collaborative standards' album he recorded with Steve Riley and Wilson Savoy.

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Life intervened after that, with his arrest, conviction, and prison sentence for a drug offense, getting clean, earning his GED, and becoming a father. This self-titled album is more than a comeback offering, it's Tours re-introducing himself as a great singer of contemporary music while remaining true to himself as an artist.

Co-produced with James Shroud and recorded in Nashville over three years, Tours is in excellent voice, and he leads a band of seasoned vets, friends and young guns. Tours crosses over and back from modern country to rock, zydeco, and rhythm & blues with an ease, grit, and grace that groove and inspire.

A I-IV-V boogie pattern on fat guitars, chugging accordion, and lockstep drums introduces Tours and a female backing chorus. The set's first single, “A Good One,” is a honky took weeper with gorgeous, whining steel guitars and a wrenching vocal.

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