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Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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Dedication 2 Wayne's flow is unbelievable, swagger is nearing Jay-Z “I hang out with the President” levels, and Weezy sounds like he isn't even fucking trying. He's got you listening in for every word, so you can appreciate the dopiness and at the same time giving you the feeling that he might just doze off on lean before he finishes the next bar.

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Best flows of his career, wordplay is great, and my god his delivery... You can't spit like him no matter how many times you listen to this mixtape. Plus it has a couple references to the Wayne kissing Bird man picture that came out a few weeks before The Drought 3 dropped.

Pretty much every song on this mixtape has at least one line that's been referenced by a post 2008 rapper (Cole, Drake, Alex Wiley, Big Sean, Flat bush Zombies, Plus a lot of Chance's vocal delivery is identical to Wayne's on this tape.) The Drought is Over 2 If my memory serves me correctly this was the original draft of They Carter III but a number of tracks got leaked onto the internet.

Actually gives a great look into the personal life of Wayne, he doesn't stray from the topic, and he doesn't brag, he just talks about the difficulties of maintaining a relationship as a rapper. He takes beats from lesser known producers (Deeply, Maestro, Play-N-Skillz) and big names like Kanye West, Swizz Beat, Cool & Are, and Alchemist and blends it into a really diverse but cohesive album.

Wayne does some really cool things with his delivery on his album that sounds a little more refined than the earlier mixtapes. Mr. Carter Song has Jay-Z passing the torch to Lil Wayne and basically calling him the new king of rap.

Got Money This song is basically an exact replica of Good Life by Kanye West, but I think Wayne's version is better. Dr. Carter Concept song where Wayne plays a doctor reviving hip hop.

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Normally I'm not a big fan of tons of features on an album because it usually takes away from what the main artist is trying to say, but damn this Interlude idea was executed perfectly. It's Wayne fresh out of jail trying to see if he still has the skills to compete with the top guys in rap, and I think he does an okay job.

I will NEVER FORGET getting the special edition MM.FOOD CD and being so inspired by album packaging. That album truly set me on my artistic path, and I’ll be forever grateful, for that and so much more.

So today I thought I would make my argument for why Lil Wayne is the GOAT of rap. Second, I get soon much hate online when I list Wayne has my number one greatest rapper.

Discography: This is something that I feel gets overlooked a lot when discussing who is greater than who. The reason why Andre 3000 can't really be mentioned in the top 5 rappers, even though he may be talented enough, is because he doesn't have a personal discography.

Likewise, rappers have to have a big discography but also have a good amount of their projects quality enough to override their bad ones. He has many throw away albums but his classics more than make up for his weaker projects.

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However, I think the biggest argument for Lil Wayne's greatness his is mixtape work. When I say that, I mean I would say that I would put his Dedication and No Ceiling mixtapes above things like the MMP and Reasonable Doubt in terms of rap quality and skill.

I am still convinced most people won't understand what I am talking about unless you go and listen for yourself. Even if you don't like Lil Wayne you can't deny his influence in the rap genre.

He also made tattoos on rappers popular, dreads, and was one of the main influences of the baggy jeans, gangster rap culture. But the most important type of influence he had been on great rappers today.

Weezy has mastered the art of dissing rappers without even saying their names. In an article from Revolt TV, they said Wayne redefined the art of rap, ripping apart your favorite rapper’s instrumentals and making them his own.

He took Ludicrous’ ode to Georgia and flipped it into a political statement. In 2006, he grabbed Jay-Z’s ‘Show Me What You Got,’ and everyone’s attention altogether, to assert his contention for an invitation to the rap gods’ table.

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Jones,’ he once reminded the world that the ‘Sky is the Limit,’ which even prompted Hilary Clinton to lift some of its lines for her speech at the Democratic National Convention.” I can't tell you how many times rappers would disc Wayne and all he would do is just get on one of their beats and kill the instrumental even harder than the original. While his albums do have some solid bars, I would say go listen to prime Wayne mixtapes.

Projects like No Ceilings, The Drought 3, and Dedication 6: Reloaded are out of this world. Now this is to prepare you all for my final point...if you didn't know, Lil Wayne freestyles most of his projects.

When you realize that the bars you are hearing are off the top of his head, it changes your perspective on how much of a genius he actually is.

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