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Daniel Brown
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
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The Wayne train was in full motion circa 2006, fueled by a compilation of leftover tracks from They Carter III brought to us by New Oceanian and former Weezy collaborator DJ Raj Move. This tape is reminiscent of the days when gangsta rap was the primary sound of mainstream hip-hop, before the crown was slowly but surely usurped by backpack rappers.

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Despite some songs sounding like they were recorded on a webcam in a hotel bathroom, this leftover dish still packs some flavor 13 years after it was released, but luckily for us, this was still just an appetizer. Even if D3 doesn't scratch the itch for a hard-bodied flow or killer double entendres, it's packed with hilarious skits and features from Nicki Minaj and Drake, among other upcoming acts of the era.

Later in his career Wayne would master a quick transition from staccato to melodic deliveries in the span of a single bar, for which we thank him, because the world is too small for it to have two T-Pains. Unlike the rest of the series, The Drought 2 packs an equal amount of good and not-so-enjoyable songs, which happened to be the same tracks where we don't hear the Martian at all.

It's no secret that HOV is Weezy's biggest influence when it comes to lyrics (to the point where Wayne has one of the Brooklyn MC's verses tattooed on his leg). Mildly entertaining fact: A few years later, Kendrick would drop a whole mixtape recorded over the beats used by Lil Wayne on The Prefix.

This project signifies the rise of the older, more mature Weezy, who effortlessly aces mixing bouncy and melodic flows. Roughly 15 years after his rise to stardom, the Young Money general was still able to impress with what was supposed to be an appetizer for They Carter V.

Composed and released by Raj Move, Weezy's affiliate from They Carter I days, this tape has quite an accurate name to it as it bleeds Louisiana, mostly because of the amount of guest features from local artists, which include preppiest Talk Currency, Mack Maine and Raw Dizzy. Unfortunately, just like with The Drought 2, we don't hear as much Wayne on this release compared to other projects, but we can spot a rare occurrence of an act known as 2 Chain, who was still performing under the moniker City BOI and was a part of Play Circle.

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The The Drought series was brought to listeners' ears by none other than DJ Khaled, when fans were finding for new music from the New Oceanian. He definitely backed both of those statements up, as the large amount of romantically vulgar punchlines and references to mind-altering chemicals have proven to be his go-to topics for the better part of this decade.

Once again, this was a major nod to the move JAY-Z had pulled three years earlier when launching his own line with Reebok accompanied by a release of a mixtape dubbed The S. Carter Collection. From such lines as “I love a blowjob, I need an employer” to the rhymes galore on all three parts of “16 Bars,” the collections pack paramount material when it comes to ace Weezy lyrics.

Clearly a worthy, if not a superior, follow-up to the previous release, No Ceilings 2 dropped at a time when the world was dying for They Carter V, and it offered a system of life support akin to Tony Stark's Iron Man suit. Declared the MC as he impenitently unwrapped this 12-track apology to his fans for the untimely release of one of his most monumental bodies of work, They Carter 4.

Conclusively, Big Wayne's take on Adele's monster hit “Rolling in the Deep” actually brought something new to the table, all it took was sprinkling some Weezy magic on it. One of the highlights of the tape is a feature from July Santana, especially for those who are still waiting for their collaborative project, which at this point in time has gained a Detox -level of mysticism.

Sound-wise, this tape signifies the birth of the modern day Weezy, who seriously 1-up'd his lyrical game compared to previous releases by expanding the topics of his bars. It might be his best tape when it comes to the quality of guest verses, varying from Wayne's old roadies and fellow New Orleans Currency & Mack Maine, as well as July Santana in his heyday.

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Surely by now, you’ve begun to dissect Lil Wayne's They Carter V, his long-awaited 12th solo studio album. With more than three dozen projects and well over 1,000 official and unofficial songs, the New Orleans legend hasn't made it easy for his peers to keep up.

It can be a challenge for any hip-hop fan to select a favorite project, given Lil Wayne's extensive discography. While Dedication receives loves from industry heavyweights, rap's new school favors Weezy's The Drought and They Carter series.

Second, it is our mission to provide a rewarding and fun service opportunity for interested individuals and groups in local communities, for the benefit of children. Mind you, Love Me is an infectious slice of spooky pop-rap while the creeping funk of Rich as Fuck inspires Wayne to one of his sharpest flows of this era.

Released exclusively to Tidal as They Carter V lingered in legal purgatory, this set of Wayne leftovers unsurprisingly lacks cohesion. Given the barbed title, it’s a disappointment that there’s little reference to his battles with former mentor Bird man, while the uninspired writing and messy beats mean most of these cuts were better left on the studio floor.

The 17-year-old little Wayne’s ferocious debut encapsulated the Cash Money Records machine with Annie Fresh’s rumble’n’bump beats and ample appearances from Weezy’s group Hot Boy and Big Timers. His froggy flow would smooth out, and quotable lines would become more cutting, but there’s plenty of no-nonsense street bars and plaintive musings from a kid who was already a father.

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Wayne puts the frustrating delays and legal wrangles with Bird man in his rearview mirror with a personal, big-hearted record that combines modern sounds and thrilling early-00s pastiches. The same team is assembled, but their presence is minimized, allowing Wayne’s tales from Chopper City more space, his braggadocio bristling with extra confidence.

This project digitizes Dug aw’s index, preserving it as both a searchable research tool and a historical record in its own right. The Warrior Woman Project was developed in a graduate course taught by Professor Simone Chess in Fall 2019, with additional contributions from an undergraduate course in Winter 2020.

This project would not have been possible without the scholarship and generosity of Professor Dianne Dug aw, whose brilliant catalog was the starting point of all our work, and whose advice and experiences guided our decisions. Undergraduate and graduate students in ENG 5190 were the beta-testers of this site and contributed ideas, recommendations, annotations and essays, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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His feet have very high arches and his pinky toes turn under. He has scars on both ankles from Achilles tendon surgery.

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He was living homeless in Vancouver, Washington at the time. Well we are into the 7th and final part to this series and in this article I’m going to finish up with a review of the builder who I used to build my house, Wayne Homes.

As part of my Wayne Homes Review I’m going to cover the 8 reasons I chose this company to build my house. Wayne Homes definitely deserves a lot of credit for the job they did with my house, and if you’ve been following my series on building a new house you may have noticed some of the great things I liked about the building process.

In fact Wayne Homes has been building houses for 40 years and won the National Housing Quality Award in 2010 and now again in 2013 for the outstanding quality they give to their customers, and I totally have to agree. One thing that amazed me about their site was how much detail they covered on the house plans, in fact I could even see how much the basic cost would be.

On top of that I could even customize floor plans, do a virtual tour, see how their process works, and even talk to a live person via a chat session. The great part about Wayne Homes was that they took a lot of the design work out of the house for us.

The second thing I found so great about building with Wayne Homes was how fast they moved. What made the process go so much faster is the fact that they had a well-defined system in place along with individual crews hired to complete each task.

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So if you don’t want your house to take 6 months to build Wayne Homes is the place to go. I remember when we were going through the design process, and we decided to add an extra 6 feet on to the garage, and they had a price for me right away.

When you’re building a new house one of my concerns was what do I have problems with the foundation, or the roof, or the siding. Another thing I found very helpful during the building process was the fact that they were so easy to work with.

From the lot manager to the sales reps at there Bowling Green Office they made the process so easy for me. Whenever I had a problem all I had to do was just give him a call and in some case text him and there were no questions asked, he took care of it.

One thing I noticed about a lot of builders was the fact that there is no way to see the quality of their work. On top of that while they are building the house each crew that comes in cleans up the mess they made before they leave.

In fact Wayne Homes brings in a large dumpster to throw all the scrap and junk into. Finally, the last reason I chose Wayne Homes is because they have a very simple process they follow.

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In fact, when you’re first getting started Wayne Homes gives you a complete binder that covers ever last step you have to go through, so your’e never left guessing what’s going on next. Once the construction loan was closed we only had to make 5 installment payments while they were building the house.

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