Best Wayne Hancock Album

Brent Mccoy
• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
• 18 min read

Best Of isn't a particularly imaginative collection -- the track listing is divided roughly evenly between Thunderstorms and Neon Signs, That's What Father Wants, and Wild, Free & Reckless, with no unreleased material or rare stuff included, minimal liner notes and credits, and a frankly unattractive package design. Then again, given how consistent his work is, any of his albums will offer a fairly similar experience, but this still isn't a bad starter for honky took neophytes who want to hear one of the contemporary masters of the form.

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PREVIEW Miller, Jack, And Mad Dog According to the late Waylon Jennings, Texas is the home of western swing, and Bob Wills is still the king of the genre.

From brooding ballads to hot-rod lightning honky-tonk, Hancock and his crack band are keeping the sound alive, and doing so with one hundred percent credibility. Tulsa finds Hancock calling out his band in the traditional swing way on many numbers, coaxing guitar solos from lead guitarists Eddie Bieber, Paul Skeleton, and Dave Miller at different times, and then calling the smooth steel guitar of Eddie Rivers into play at just the right moments.

Chris Darrell slaps away on the stand up bass viol, while Bob Stafford and John Doyle lend their talents on trombone and clarinet, respectively. “Tulsa” kicks the album off in high swing Texas Playboys style, full of clarinets and brilliant steel guitar accompanying the rhythmic guitars and bass.

“Drinking' Blues” slows it down a bit and features a couple of amazing jazzy guitar solos offset with the zesty twang of Paul Skeleton's Bakersfield sound. “Highway Bound” is a heavily reverb-soaked downbeat ode to the road, while “I Don't Care Anymore” picks things back up and throws in some more fantastic solos.

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