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Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
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Wayne Gretzky hockey cards are easily some of the most expensive and most sought after in the entire hobby. Hockey's biggest name comes with a lot of story, one that started in the humble town of Brantford, Ontario.

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After an amazing career, his status as the all-time greatest hockey player is firmly cemented in history. The card may not be as pretty as it’s Ogeechee and Tops cousins from the same era, but what it lacks in fancy borders it makes up for in rarity.

This card is from an Italian set which makes it a more unique way to start your collection of Number 99. The rookie card marks the start of Gretzky’s career, when he joined the scene as a part of the Indianapolis Racers.

It’s the picky blue border which is prone to chipping that has driven mint cards up so high. It’s arguably the most iconic of all hockey cards and rests high atop many collectors’ want lists.

While not quite as valuable as the PC card from ‘79, the Oilers Postcards specimen features an excellent shot of the young Gretzky. This card also has his early signature right in the bottom right corner, a nice touch for any collector.

Thankfully, you can add this one to your collection for less than $1000, so it’s not quite as painful to your bank account as other pieces of Gretzky memorabilia. The #250 Gretzky card has green, orange, yellow and blue in its border, and features an action shot of Wayne on the ice.

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The back of this card quotes Gretzky as having incredible instincts and a fine athletic ability, both of which would help him throughout his storied career. One of the most noticeable features of the card is the coating that covers his name in the bottom right corner.

It seems Wayne didn’t fancy his unruly locks, and wanted the replacement card featuring his clean cut hair-do to reach the masses instead. Gretzky’s ‘81 West Edmonton Mall card is on the plain side, featuring a black and white photo and a blank back.

The Belleville Bulls Gretzky card features a standard color photo of Wayne on the front, but it’s the back that keeps things interesting. The year ended in heartbreak for the Oilers, who made it to the Stanley Cup finals only to lose to New York.

The card itself has both an action and a posed photo with a border that matches the Oilers’ orange and blue perfectly. The back pays homage to Gretzky’s Stanley Cup winning goal against The Islanders.

Wayne led the Oilers through another successful season, heading once again to the Stanley Cup Finals. The back of the card is business only, simply stating stats and numbers from Gretzky’s career.

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The cost of this card isn’t too steep, so it’s an easy grab for The Great One’s fans. Wayne managed to win both the Art Ross and Hart Memorial Trophies, even though this season wasn’t at the top of his accomplishments.

He brought on Pat burns as the head coach, and the team was quite a success, winning championships in the league. The card commemorating him as owner of the team is super rare and can be pricey, nearing the $1000 mark.

From the moment that Wayne started playing on a team, it was obvious that he was beyond gifted with a puck and a stick. He blew up in the headlines after being acquired by the Edmonton Oilers, entering true super-star status after his unreal performances.

Gretzky was the obvious choice of Edmonton, and thus he moved to the NHL without ever being drafted – Wayne Gretzky is the unanimous, undisputed best player of all time in the National Hockey League… end of the story… mic drop.

Wayne Gretzky Rookie Season Stats: 79 games, 51 goals, 86 assist, 137 points, +14 Having said that picking up a few Wayne Gretzky rookie cards (or memorabilia) for your collection is a no-brainer.

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Let's go ahead and take a deep dive into the bestWayneGretzky rookie cards for investment purposes. The card is numbered 18 and simply reads Wayne is considered the best prospect to turn professional since Guy Fleur “.

The Oilers' logo is placed in the bottom right corner of the card while his name and position (C) are centered at the very top. The value to the Ogeechee and Tops Wayne Gretzky rookie cards will range anywhere between $1,000 to $150,000 depending on the grade.

Please note Wayne Gretzky memorabilia will not return as much as the above-named cards, but they are still a decent investment option for Gretzky FANBOYS. One of the more underrated Gretzky cards … LOVE the yellow border… Gretzky’s face on the card seems to know he is the greatest.

A solid early Gretzky hockey card produced by Ogeechee that will cost under $1,000 (for now)… great buy for mid-level investors. Numbered #EE the card shows a picture of Gretzky taking a face off in the top right-hand corner.

WayneGretzky’s rookie card worth will greatly depend on two factors; 1. We are dying to get our hands on a PSA 10 Gretzky PC rookie card… if you have one you're willing to sell, or you come across one (and you don’t want to buy it yourself) please DM us on our Facebook Page.

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