Best Wayne Bars

Maria Garcia
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 9 min read

529 Belmont Ave, Hale don, NJ “My first time here, a few years ago, was bc I heard they had a great beer selection (90 taps to be exact).” In 7 reviews.

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710 State Rt 23, Compton Plains, NJ “I never give five-star ratings, but this diner has got to be the best in North Jersey if not the entire state.” In 6 reviews.

292 Passaic Ave, Fairfield, NJ “They also have a beer MBA program that gets you to try a lot of stuff you probably wouldn't normally order.” In 52 reviews.

1145 McBride Ave, Woodland Park, NJ “I was so happy to arrive and see wings, nachos and sliders on the table.all I could think was get in my belly.” In 9 reviews.

“The copper house fried chicken is the best fried chicken in jersey and the turkey pot pie is literally thanks giving in a bowl!” In 2 reviews. “Everyone was happy and friendly and the owner Jeff talked with us and made us comfortable and welcomed.” In 3 reviews.

95 Mountain View Blvd, Wayne, NJ “Since then I have been back numerous times whether it was for dinner or a few drinks, and they never disappoint.” In 4 reviews.

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“ Chef Chat was willing to work with this uncertainty and charge us only for actual head count (no minimum).” In 2 reviews. “Everyone else I was with ordered the AHI tuna salad, avocado spring rolls, BLU kabob, and they were all top-notch.” In 5 reviews.

1275 Bloomfield Ave, Bldg 7 Unit 40b, Fairfield, NJ “ John is very passionate about his distillery and sharing his knowledge of making the perfect drink.” In 15 reviews.

709 Van Often Ave, Clifton, NJ “Authentic Mexican food . Great service from Eddie ... Great local spot with reasonable prices!” In 16 reviews.

This is my ALL-TIME favorite place for Ribs! Cheap compared to many others in the area ($5 cover, $7 beers), its women are actually hot, though.

From there, Wayne has become one of the most successful and critically acclaimed rappers of his era, specifically hanging an extremely dominant run on the late 00s and early 2010s. His verses hold up, in part because he focused so heavily on delivering rapid-fire punchlines in his rhymes, in a manner that has inspired rappers after him: 2 Chain, Big Sean, and Drake, to name a few.

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“I play the hand that was dealt, I got a deck full of aces / I gave birth to your style, I need a check for my labor” From: “Intro” Album: Quality Street Music 2 Setting the tone for the second installment in DJ Drama’s Quality Street Music series, Wayne kicked off the album in a way that was hard to live up to.

Shout out Capone and Noriega / We can shoot it out and see who live to tell the story later / Diamonds in my Ollie face cannot be exfoliated” From: “Believe Me” Album: They Carter V Wayne’s ability to call back to hip-hop legends is highly appreciated here, as well as his use of the word “exfoliated,” for those of us passionate about our skincare routines.

The great Benjamin Franklin makes another appearance, as well as yet another unique play on language and sound. Lil Wayne, also a sex education teacher, giving sound advice on a song that was one of his biggest hits.

Not only a play on Wayne and Baby’s geographic location and a not to migration tactics, but also a reminder of happier times. On an album that pretty much served as a vehicle to capitalize off of Wayne’s hot streak, he still didn’t take any plays off.

“Forewarning / Young Money’s armed / And we can shoot it out / I got the money drawn / Yeah, take that to the bank wit' ya / I rock my hat to the side like I paint pictures / Smoke weed, talk shit like Lane Kyffin / Whole country in recession, but Wayne different” From: “Banned From TV” Album: No Ceilings Despite the dated USC-era Lane Kyffin reference, Wayne’s onslaught on this classic Swizz Beatz-produced Noriega beat is one for the ages.

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“Just bought a new charm / Fuck the watch, I buy a new arm, you lukewarm” From: “No Problems” Album: Coloring Book A vintage Wayne guest verse coming last year, he anchored this song and stole the show.

A guest offering on Orange’s stunning album produced one of Wayne’s most vulnerable and honest verses of all time. Hard to pick a single line from this song, which is one of Wayne’s most iconic and memorable from his brilliant run.

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