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• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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Visiting Waco Departments Directory Employment Agendas QUICK LINKS Whether you drive, fly, or walk to Waco, you're guaranteed a fun visit in the heartland of Texas.

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It features scenic overlooks, wildlife and playgrounds, plus approximately 20 miles of nationally recognized trails that weave through the natural landscape. The park runs along towering limestone bluffs and overlooks the Brazos and Mosque rivers.

The zoo rests on 52 acres adjacent to the Brazos River in Waco, Texas. Lush native vegetation surrounds splashing waterfalls, a picturesque lake and ponds.

Clicking on one of the links to the left allows you to find your way around our city government, as well as some Economic Development information. Nearly every trip I take to Waco, Texas I hear people tell me how lucky I am that I get to visit Magnolia Market.

Locals are excited that for once outsiders are seeing the town that they love to get the good attention that it deserves. While I am still baffled that people want to make a special trip to go to a small town in Texas, after my last visit, Fixer Upper clients from season 3 opened my eyes to the draw that Fixer Upper has created, and it seems as though this draw is something much bigger than the hit design show.

If you are being drawn to Waco, Texas I want to help you plan the perfect visit and am I going to give you my best insider secrets so that you can do just that! Worth airport are equal distances away from Waco, so I check fares to both cities to find the best flight and the best deal.

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The Outlander had all my favorite new car features and provided the comfort that we needed for the hour and a half drive to and from the airport. It also had plenty of space for all the treasures I was able to pick up at all of my favorite Waco shopping locations.

Once you have your flights and your car reserved, the next thing I look into when planning my trip to Waco is the hotel. I may have wanted that stay to be the most comfortable in the hopes that Baylor University would stand out on that trip so that I would have a reason to continue visiting Waco in the future.

The sun rays were shining just right on the campus basking it in light and with the craziness of narrowing down the college options, it felt like it was God's way of saying, this one is it. It was featured on season 5 of Fixer Upper and has the most beautiful space to spread out and enjoy a large group of girlfriends or a family.

That being said, there are only two hotels that are worth considering if you plan on spending time at Magnolia Market. It is within walking distance of Magnolia, so you don't have to worry about parking, but my favorite option is The Hilton.

It's close to the Brazos River, has a great view of Baylor Campus, ample parking and a beautiful pool and outdoor seating areas. I let the almighty dollar make the selection and let's just say, I'm surprised I didn't bring home bed bugs.

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Not only do you have the spacious hotel lounge, but there also is a gorgeous outdoor seating area that is covered from the blazing Texas heat or the rainstorms that come late summer and into the fall. The hotel pool has been recently remodeled and the lounge chairs poolside is one of the best places for an afternoon nap {just ask me how I know}.

The Brazos River is literally just a walk across the street and gives you a chance to wander along the riverfront. I love that you can easily pick up the Waco trolley just outside {leave your car in the parking lot and let the trolley drop you off at Magnolia's front door} and one of my other favorite shopping spots, Spice Village is just a walk across the street.

24-hour snacks in the lounge, complimentary hot breakfast, and an evening buffet easily make up the difference in price that you will pay. Not to mention, you have to use your hotel key to give you special access to your floor so that makes you feel super swanky and the attention you receive from the staff in the lounge will make you feel like you paid for an all-inclusive resort experience.

Flights are reserved, the car is taken care of, and you are checked into your hotel, let's get to the fun stuff! There was no football game or sports event the busy weekend in October that we visited {all things to consider before making your trip and planning your stay}.

I did however, find out that Joanna's mom comes to the store on Friday and Saturday to help make your wait in line a little more enjoyable. Even though The Silos aren't open on Sunday's, you may want to head down to the market and take some pictures out front.

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There is a gate that surrounds the open grass area, but you can still get some good pictures outside the Silos Baking Co. The three were good friends {and coincidentally all on season 3 of Fixer Upper} that noticed a need.

The increase in Waco tourism is great, but they all wondered who it was that was welcoming all these new tourists into the city. Mostly because the reason these clients were listing their homes was because of the tourists that were driving slowly past their private residences.

These families didn't sign up to be on some celebrity home tour, they simply worked with a design company that has a TV show. Luke has a full-time job as a young adult pastor at a local church but joins in on the tours when he can.

They were kind enough to welcome me into their home, and it is just as beautiful and comfortable {and a bit more lived in} as you saw on the reveal. David told me that before they started Waco tours, he would find Fixer Upper fans driving by his home and he would run out to greet them, often inviting them in to see the place.

While you will drive past some Fixer Upper homes on your Waco Tour {all homes that are listed publicly for rent on the vacation rental sites}, there is more to the tour than Fixer Upper. I spent some time reading reviews before I met up with David, Luke, and Rachel and asked them what it is that was different about their tour company.

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The group laughed and David smiled when I mentioned that comment and asked him about what he thought about that. David told me that it's quite common to see the tour group get out of the van and exchange numbers and information with one another.

Those women from one of their first tours planned another trip together months later to enjoy Waco again, this time no longer as strangers, but as friends. Clients can see that there is something vastly different about these guides and this city that is constantly being blanketed in prayers.

It's easy to hear the story of Waco and fall in love with the town because it's so much like the rest of us too. After your tour, you will, of course, want to make some time to spend a few hours at Magnolia Market.

Stop in for a sweet treat at the Magnolia Bakery and feel free to enjoy it under the sun on the patio or on the lawn. Spread a blanket out, pick up some toys, grab a swing, and enjoy the beautiful Texas weather.

Common Grounds no bull iced coffee is my absolute favorite and I have to drink my weight in them every time I visit. If you want to set yourself out on a little treasure hunt of sorts, don't miss these 20 Instagram worthy walls of Waco.

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From cars to hotels and stops in between, I think you have all the information at your fingertips to help you plan the perfect trip to Waco, Texas. Of course their ever-expanding destination Magnolia Market at the Silos, which includes spots to shop, eat and play games on the properties “big green lawn,” has been a huge draw for the small southern town, attracting 15,000 visitors per week, according to a 2015 article in the Waco Tribune.

In their most recent Magnolia newsletter, however, HGTV’s first couple prove there are many more destinations that fans should explore on their visit to get the full Waco experience. This state designated memorial commemorates the service of Texas Rangers who “gave their lives in the line of duty,” according to the attraction’s website.

After that soda-induced sugar rush dies down, visitors can unwind with a show and some snacks at Chip and Joanna’s next pick, the Hippodrome Theater. Embarking on its “second century in the biz,” this charming institution offers full service in-theater dining as well as a restaurant and bar that overlooks historic Austin Avenue.

The original Magnolia shop, at 3801 Mosque Blvd in Waco. A free trolley will drop you off right in front of the Silos and goes in a loop around the rest of downtown Waco.

Lindsay Hemphill/Business Insider To read more about the journey from the small Magnolia shop to the Silos, check out The Magnolia Story, ” Chip and Joanna's recently released memoir. Silos Baking Co, 601 Webster Ave, Waco, TX 76706.

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JD Iron Designs, 9685 N Lone Star Pkwy, Valley Mills, TX 76689. At the Austin airport waiting for my plane home, I saw others wearing Magnolia hats and reading the journal.

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