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WaterlooRoad Comprehensive was on the scrap heap and when the Head Teacher, Mr Vaisey, had a nervous breakdown, his deputy, Jack Rimmed was reluctantly thrown into the hot seat. Following Lorna's suicide the whole school gathered for a memorial service when Jerry Preston took over and attempted to press his religious beliefs onto the pupils.

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A discarded cigarette met a leaking gas canister and all broke loose in the corridors as a fireball ripped through the school. When he discovered Chloe was trapped, Done made it his mission to save his estranged wife, no matter what the cost.

When one of the teachers found out, the police were called and Earl gave the gun to his younger brother Denzel, convincing him they'll be more lenient on him because of his age. Samba's diagnosis with an incurable form of brain cancer lead her to seek out her estranged father to say goodbye.

Mother Carol became a dinner lady at the school while son Barry eventually ended up in prison as sister Dynasty called the police after finding out about one of his illegal schemes. A long battle with alcoholism caused Christine countless problems and turning up drunk for a meeting with the education board lead to an argument where she resigned from her post as head.

Dinner’s ready but mum’s letting you eat it on the sofa. Oh wait, you forgot your orange squash and quickly run back to the kitchen as the theme tune starts.

You’re excited because you know whatever happens in the next hour, everyone at school will talk about it during form time. But then you grow up and realize that looking back, the writers of WaterlooRoad must have smoked something very strong to come up with the insane storylines they ran with.

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As in, entire families moved to Scotland like it was no big deal??? The whole school is moving to Scotland, in a single hired coach may I add, and they stop over at the border.

Everyone goes to take a picture, Grandly proposes to one of the food ladies and while all of this is happening, a truck swerves and a drunk driver kills Denzel Kelly. After watching this episode, you never messed with a fire drill ever again.

Some drama with the headteacher meant that a pupil’s dad drove into the school grounds to try and destroy the building with a digger. She actually charged her classmates for putting their hair into ponytails.

Again, obviously tragic things like this do happen, but it was just a lot for a teenage brain to process. And obviously, he gave it to his little brother Denzel to get rid of it, and then he nearly shot someone.

“OMG how fit did George Sampson look on WaterlooRoad last night? It was intense and sad, but also the writers really went on a field day with this story line.

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When would anyone actually think of waking up one day and joyriding their headmaster’s car? Pretty sure in today’s world the fact he followed her to a strip club would be seen as very weird, but okay.

Nowadays students get in trouble for protesting against climate change, let alone climbing on roofs. Students and teachers have come and gone, and there’s been plenty of romance, drama, firings and hiring along the way.

So before the bell rings for the final time, we’ve rounded up the 17 best moments from series 10. (Picture: YouTube/BBC)Dynasty Barry made her last appearance in episode 2 before pursuing her dream career of becoming a police woman, despite her family’s history with the law.

(Picture: YouTube/BBC)Dale’s had it tough in this series after his eating disorder forced him to give up his cycling dream. He went off the rails and turned to drugs, but his BFF Lenny was there every step of the way to help him get better.

Always living in the shadow of his brother Justin, his family hardly gave him a second thought until it was too much for the youngster to bear. The moment Leo confesses to cyber-bullying Bonnie and the frustration that drove him to it is brilliant.

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(Picture: YouTube/BBC)Episode 19 saw Sonya give an emotional speech about her ‘cancer’, and former WaterlooRoad student Samba Kelly, who died of a brain tumor, was mentioned. (Picture: YouTube/BBC)Up until episode 6, Justin Fitzgerald came across as a bad’UN, but that changed when he saw an opportunity to help an impoverished student.

(Picture: YouTube/BBC)George is known for his withering put downs and general cynicism, but him helping Bonnie through her awful cyber-bullying ordeal was lovely. When he finally confronted her about her ‘constant whining and neediness’ before driving off into the sunset to his new career in Wales (trashing Hector’s bike in the process) we definitely cheered.

(Picture: YouTube/BBC)Okay, so Lenny might have slipped up with the poem he read to her in front of the whole class, we loved seeing the sweetest couple at the school finally became an item. (Picture: YouTube/BBC)Okay not Audrey personally, but the naughty novel she was reading, The English Teacher, went missing at school and the fallout was hilarious.

(Picture: BBC)Headstrong, kind and stylish to boot, we’d have loved to see Lorna make headteacher one day. His Torch wood alias Into Jones was our favorite, and David-Lloyd really made the character his own.

Trash UK This is the hard scientific proof we needed The staff are overworked and underpaid, the budgets only ever seem to get tighter, and the kids more troublesome.

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It's a melting pot of class and race where the day-to-day troubles of its students spill out in dramatic ways. However, every pupil knows that at WaterlooRoad they'll always be cared for by the staff and given every chance to achieve an education.

The teachers themselves are often far from perfect, but as any pupil with a problem soon discovers, a few motivated and inspiring individuals can make a massive difference. Plot Summary | Add Synopsized Trivia WaterlooRoad ran for 10 series, 200 episodes and exactly 9 years.

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