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WaterlooRoad Comprehensive was on the scrap heap and when the Head Teacher, Mr Vaisey, had a nervous breakdown, his deputy, Jack Rimmed was reluctantly thrown into the hot seat. Following Lorna's suicide the whole school gathered for a memorial service when Jerry Preston took over and attempted to press his religious beliefs onto the pupils.

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A discarded cigarette met a leaking gas canister and all broke loose in the corridors as a fireball ripped through the school. When he discovered Chloe was trapped, Done made it his mission to save his estranged wife, no matter what the cost.

When one of the teachers found out, the police were called and Earl gave the gun to his younger brother Denzel, convincing him they'll be more lenient on him because of his age. Samba's diagnosis with an incurable form of brain cancer lead her to seek out her estranged father to say goodbye.

Mother Carol became a dinner lady at the school while son Barry eventually ended up in prison as sister Dynasty called the police after finding out about one of his illegal schemes. A long battle with alcoholism caused Christine countless problems and turning up drunk for a meeting with the education board lead to an argument where she resigned from her post as head.

It's a melting pot of class and race where the day-to-day troubles of its students spill out in dramatic ways. However, every pupil knows that at WaterlooRoad they'll always be cared for by the staff and given every chance to achieve an education.

The teachers themselves are often far from perfect, but as any pupil with a problem soon discovers, a few motivated and inspiring individuals can make a massive difference. Plot Summary | Add Synopsized Trivia WaterlooRoad ran for 10 series, 200 episodes and exactly 9 years.

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2 Episode Two Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick Barnaby Outcome 16 March 2006 4.56 WaterlooRoad is in mourning after a fatal car crash that killed one of its pupils, and put another in a coma. Meanwhile, French teacher Steph Haddock, a woman who craves the constant attention of men, targets Jack to return her affections.

3 Episode Three Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick Julie Edwards 23 March 2006 4.47 When heavily pregnant, fifteen-year-old Zoe Rams den steps onto the school bus for her first day, Andrew predicts trouble. 4 Episode Four Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick Julie Edwards 30 March 2006 4.59 The pupils think it is hilarious when they see a fluffy bunny climb onto the roof of WaterlooRoad School.

5 Episode Five Steve Griffiths Ian Levitt 6 April 2006 4.86 Even though she and Tom are officially separating, Lorna is surprisingly upbeat. 6 Episode Six Harry Footlight Ian Levitt 13 April 2006 4.07 Jack is panicking about the visit today by an LEA Inspector.

10 Episode Two Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick Barnaby Outcome 25 January 2007 N/A Jack lets Andrew do his worst as acting head teacher, but steps in when the local community turn against the school. 11 Episode Three Harriet Warner Jim Coach 1 February 2007 N/A Lizzie's life is turned upside down when daughter, Mikey Grainger, becomes the victim of an internet hate campaign and Chloe lies to spend the night with Done Charles.

Jack falls for Davina Shackleton but has a teenage love rival in Brett Spinal whilst Lorna and Andrew share a kiss. 12 Episode Four Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick Jim Coach 8 February 2007 4.77 Jack and Roger come to physical blows over the future of the school, while Brett learns some hard hitting home truths about his father.

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13 Episode Five Harriet Warner Warren Blackburn 15 February 2007 4.45 The school goes on high alert when a female pupil is assaulted by a serial attacker. 14 Episode Six Phil Ford Warren Blackburn 22 February 2007 4.64 Tom's career and relationship hang in the balance while Kim and Andrew work reluctantly together to find the truth behind Stacey Apple yard's allegations.

15 Episode Seven Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick Mike Cocker 1 March 2007 4.64 A student teacher learns the ropes the hard way when he takes on the kids of WaterlooRoad. 16 Episode Eight Harriet Warner Mike Cocker 29 March 2007 4.76 Jack and Kim are humiliated when a work experience placement goes disastrously wrong, and Steph puts her reputation on the line to speak up for Maxine.

18 Episode Ten Harriet Warner David Inner Edwards 12 April 2007 5.09 Lorna plays cupid by taking Tom and Lizzie away for a surprise treat in the countryside; meanwhile Steph's attempt to put Jack right about Davina backfires. 20 Episode Twelve Phil Ford Lance Knees haw 26 April 2007 5.06 Jack's determination to protect the kids and to find the source of the drugs makes him lose sight of the rising mayhem being wrought on the school by the new sponsor governor.

Meanwhile, Steph is relishing her new position as head of pastoral care, but disaster looms as a new pupil, Karla Bentham, who has Asperger syndrome, is placed in her less-than-capable hands. Utter chaos ensues when Grandly is on the receiving end of one of Karla's violent outbursts, leaving new Deputy Eddie Lawson to pick up the pieces.

22 Episode Two Lisa Holds worth Marc Jobs 18 October 2007 4.70 Not convinced by Steph's self-serving 'advice' to let it be, Jasmine Qureshi decides to trust her instinct and shares her concern about Paul Langley with deputy Eddie Lawson. 23 Episode Three David McManus, Annie Bruce & James Simpson Dermot Boyd 25 October 2007 4.39 Today is WaterlooRoad's first ever girls' football match and Tom is preparing the team to give it all they've got.

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She can't control her class and loses it big style, throwing half the girls' football team into detention and jeopardizing the match. 24 Episode Four Matthew Evans Dermot Boyd 1 November 2007 5.11 Matt Wilding injures himself in an effort to help wounded pupil, Ben McNulty, and is surprised when the boy recoils in horror as he bandages him.

26 Episode Six David McManus Luke Watson 15 November 2007 4.89 Jacks called to account for past decisions and financial acrobatics, facing the biggest challenge of his career. However, he's hardly had time to warm Jack's chair, when he's dealt a bitter blow in the shape of Rachel Mason, newly appointed Head Teacher.

29 Episode Nine Ann McManus and Sharon Oakes Laurence Moody 6 December 2007 4.84 A police investigation kicks off when Janice Bryant and Karla Bentham make a shocking discovery during an archaeological dig. 30 Episode Ten Liz Lake Laurence Moody 13 December 2007 4.87 Matt's thrown into a panic when Rachel announces the school musical is to be performed earlier in the day for a VIP audience, without a proper rehearsal.

Spring Term 31 Episode Eleven Lisa Holds worth Jenny Ash 10 January 2008 5.46 Rachel and Matt take four boys at risk on a day trip to prison, attempting to show them the realities of a life of crime. Ringleader Bolton Smile tells tales about his dad's easy life as a powerful inmate and sees the trip as a laugh: not for long though.

Meanwhile, the rest of the school is doing mock exams and faced with the teachers' derision of student's fears about their performance Eddie challenges the staff to re-sit one themselves. Janice leaves her work experience at her dream job in a spectacular manner and gets a second chance in a care home with Maxine where she surprises herself and others with unexpected talents, taking to resident Bessie, played by Rosemary Leach, and helpless dementia patients.

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36 Episode Sixteen David McManus Julie Edwards 14 February 2008 5.46 Grandly is even more curmudgeonly than usual when he's asked to supervise WaterlooRoad's bad boys alongside Mindy duo Alisha Dillon and Danielle Parker to cater for the Governors' AGM lunch. Janice ignores her friends warnings and leaves for a hotel for their first time, while the teachers find it hard to reconcile their growing suspicions about a sexual predator in their midst with the popular and competent Wilson.

The tension between Eddie and Rachel reaches breaking point 37 Episode Seventeen Get Thomas Laurence Moody 21 February 2008 4.85 Mikey, frustrated by Tom ignoring her requests to go on an environmental protest, takes her eco-warrior plans with Brett to another level, on the building site of the new Training Center. 38 Episode Eighteen Fleur Costello Laurence Moody 28 February 2008 5.14 When immigration officers arrive at WaterlooRoad, Rachel learns that Sateen Aziz's family are being held in a detention center and are due to be deported to Iran later that day.

A member of the WaterlooRoad exam board visits the school, as the plagiarism scandal instigated by Maxine Barlow comes to their attention. As he was the only member of staff who knew of the cheating, Grandly Budget decides to meet the exam board head on, determined not to let anyone else find out about his actions.

As they burst into flames it ignites a leaky gas canister, leading to a massive explosion and sending a fireball ripping through the school's canteen. 42 Episode Two David McManus Minnie Spiro 14 January 2009 4.85 Rachel's sister Melissa Ryan risks getting them both fired when she loses control of her adult education class.

43 Episode Three David McManus James Ermine 21 January 2009 N/A Davina’s reputation at WaterlooRoad is at stake when she is accused of racism by a Maori supply teacher. Meanwhile, an ill-thought out lie from Steph looks like it might just spell the end for Grandly's marriage... 44 Episode Four Phillip Odds James Ermine 28 January 2009 N/A Romance abounds as Melissa’s speed dating event brings some unlikely couples together.

With Done’s debts spiraling out of control, the boxing match is a quick win to earn some cash, but can he continue to keep the teachers in blissful ignorance? 47 Episode Seven Karen Lachlan & Phillip Odds Matthew Evans 18 February 2009 N/A Rachel is horrified when Eddie’s relationship with her sister Melissa takes a dramatic leap forward, but Philip seems to be hiding a secret that threatens everyone’s plans.

49 Episode Nine Michael Jenner Jonathan Fox Bassett 4 March 2009 4.81 The school is still reeling after the murder of Maxine Barlow. However, the shock revelation from Paul that the gun in the school at the start of term was Earl’s compels her to try and secure Denzel Kelly’s release before she goes.

50 Episode Ten David McManus Jonathan Fox Bassett 11 March 2009 4.44 It’s the last day of term at WaterlooRoad and everyone is excited about Bolton’s boxing final. Spring Term 51 Episode Eleven Lisa Holds worth Tim Hopewell 18 March 2009 4.92 It’s an exciting day at WaterlooRoad as Kim Campbell returns from Rwanda to resume her role as Head of Pastoral Care.

Popular with staff and students alike, Kim raises a few eyebrows when she turns up with a baby in tow, but no Andrew Freeman. Kim can’t wait to get stuck into work, but the planned careers day, involving former pupils of WaterlooRoad, is thrown into chaos with the arrival of Jordan-esque glamour model, Sarah-Leanne.

52 Episode Twelve Nazi Choudhury Tim Hopewell 25 March 2009 4.95 Kim’s day starts badly when the uncle of her baby, Grace, shows up at the school threatening to expose a secret about his niece. With Kim’s eye off the ball, Karla Bentham becomes the victim of Michaela White’s scheme to make money, and another type of bullying.

54 Episode Fourteen Phillip Odds Jon Sen 8 April 2009 4.51 Matt's choir are practicing hard, now that Rachel wants a performance that evening. Kim is dragged before Rachel and Eddie to explain, but she’s too consumed with worry as she’s found out the Home Office has hired a private investigator to track her and Grace 55 Episode Fifteen David McManus James Ermine 15 April 2009 4.60 Determined to reunite the girl’s football team, Tom persuades his old friend Captain Andy Rigby to run an army day at the school, using team building techniques to whip the girls into shape.

Elsewhere, Davina is delighted to finally qualify as a teacher, and things seem perfect when Rachel offers her a job at WaterlooRoad, but her day starts to unravel when she discovers that money has gone missing from her and Tom's joint account. 56 Episode Sixteen Nick Hear James Ermine 22 April 2009 4.93 WaterlooRoad’s latest supply teacher, Jem Allen, is proving popular with staff and students alike but her upbeat attitude and glamorous lifestyle are enough to get right up Grandly’s nose.

Meanwhile, a Home Office official turns up at the school to tell a shocked Eddie and Rachel that Kim has taken Grace from Rwanda against her father's wishes. 59 Episode Nineteen David McManus Keith Book 13 May 2009 4.54 Still reeling from losing Grace, Kim struggles to hold it together as organizer of a fundraising day at the school.

But will a surprise visit from her ex, Andrew Freeman bring the support she needs or just raise more questions about Kim’s conduct in Rwanda? Autumn Term # Episode Writer Director Original predate U.K. viewers(millions) 61 Episode One Ann McManus Matthew Evans 25 October 2009 5.06 It's all change at WaterlooRoad as it has merged with local private school John Fosters, which was forced to close when wealthy parents could no longer afford the fees.

The playground divisions are echoed in the staff room as many of the old John Fosters team have been ushered in to ensure the smooth transition, much to the annoyance of the existing staff. 62 Episode Two Maureen Chadwick Matthew Evans 4 November 2009 5.97 The hostility between the ex-John Fosters pupils and their WaterlooRoad peers continues unabated.

New girl Lindsay James is quick to use the incident as another example that WaterlooRoad pupils are trouble, happy to have a distraction from her father’s funeral which is taking place that day. 63 Episode Three Nick Hear Tim Hopewell 11 November 2009 5.78 Danielle and Alisha stagger into school after a night out drinking in Rockdale's bars and clubs.

65 Episode Five Phillip Odds Fraser MacDonald 25 November 2009 5.40 It's Open Day at WaterlooRoad and the school is buzzing with preparations. Max and Rachel are determined to show that the merger with John Fosters is a success and set out to wow the parents and governors with a united school.

Ruby Fry, meanwhile, has taken it upon herself to upgrade the school's buffet menu and puts caviar and other pricey sundries on her husband, John's, company credit card. When Ruby sneaks home to pick up some forgotten ingredients, however, she is confronted with bailiffs and John is forced to admit that his company is bankrupt.

66 Episode Six Louise Ir onside Fraser MacDonald 2 December 2009 4.54 New deputy head Christopher Mead becomes the focus of unwelcome romantic attention when his Year 10 fan club become increasingly brazen. When he discovers that Vicki has been sneaking off during school hours to work as an exotic dancer, he visits the club to talk her out of it, inadvertently putting himself in a vulnerable position.

67 Episode Seven Liz Lake Jill Robertson 9 December 2009 5.21 When quiet Year 10 student Cassie Turner accuses Amy, Siobhan and, later, Michaela of bullying her, it looks like the girl gang problem has returned to WaterlooRoad. Despite the protests of innocence from the accused girls, however, Cassie's recent detached behavior, along with her falling grades, is enough for Kim to haul the suspected offenders off to the Cooler.

68 Episode Eight Katie Douglas Jill Robertson 16 December 2009 N/A's the day of Helen Hopewell's first official inspection, and she is desperate to impress. Terrified about losing her job, Helen agrees and can't help but think it's £20 well spent when the inspector is obviously impressed with her “teaching ability”.

69 Episode Nine Linton Chis wick Jonathan Fox Bassett 23 December 2009 N/A Rachel accompanies Lindsay to court for her mother's trial, but Marion's case isn't going well. After a grilling from the prosecution, Lindsay breaks down in the witness box and finally confesses to Rachel the real events of that fateful day.

70 Episode Ten Paul Rogue Jonathan Fox Bassett 30 December 2009 5.30 The governors have arrived at WaterlooRoad to inspect the merger. Sick of fighting a turf war with Max, a defeated Rachel hands in her resignation, believing her departure will at least provide some stability at WaterlooRoad.

Spring Term 71 Episode Eleven Maureen Chadwick Matthew Evans 7 April 2010 5.13 Rachel is determined to put the chaos caused by Max Tyler's dramatic departure firmly behind them. It's year eight pupil Bianka Vale's birthday but the only present she wants is to spend time with her dad, Gary, who has separated from her mum.

72 Episode Twelve David McManus Matthew Evans 14 April 2010 4.90 Ruby is still struggling to cope with her personal problems but is reluctant to take anti-depressants. To make matters worse she takes the year 10 class on a trip to a local farm, only for it to be a disaster from the outset with Lauren and Samba involved in an act of theft and Josh ending up in hospital.

Run by Mark Moran, the older brother of year 10 pupil Craig, the farm is in deep financial trouble. 73 Episode Thirteen Sasha Hails Tim Hopewell 21 April 2010 5.13 Kim and Chris come to blows over his introduction of an APU (Advanced Preparation for University) scheme for ROS, the school's brightest pupil.

Kim believes the scheme should be open to everyone, but Chris thinks it's cruel to build up pupils' hopes of getting into a top university if their grades aren't strong enough. 74 Episode Fourteen Lisa Holds worth Tim Hopewell 28 April 2010 5.33 It's Josh's birthday and Tom is planning a party.

Totally humiliated and desperate, Lauren steals hydrogen peroxide from the science lab to try to bleach the birthmark away, but ends up getting an acid burn. Lauren and Josh are less than impressed with their jobs as a hairdresser and chef respectively while Chris ends up with Finn Sharia as a teaching assistant.

76 Episode Sixteen Emma Taylor Joss Agnew 26 May 2010 4.49 New boy Finn's disruptive behavior continues at WaterlooRoad, and he persuades Josh and Amy to join him in smoking a legal high. Rachel's day of absence leaves Chris in charge with an important visitor and Adam, head of the Healthy Eating Program, gives Ruby a helping hand.

77 Episode Seventeen Katie Douglas Jon Sen 2 June 2010 3.55 Head of French Jo Lip sett is full of encouragement for her brightest pupil, ROS, unaware that the girl has developed a serious crush on her. 78 Episode Eighteen Liz Lake Jon Sen 9 June 2010 N/A Kim accompanies Chris on a Year 10 trip to an Art Gallery as she believes it will improve their relationship.

79 Episode Nineteen Alison Green away Matthew Evans 14 July 2010 4.84 Finn and Amy are separated during school time in an effort to get their behavior on track. 80 Episode Twenty Nick Hear Matthew Evans 15 July 2010 4.47 Finn and Amy's relationship takes a terrifying turn and Rachel must decide where her future lies.

Opinionated and ambitious, Karen is determined to bring change, making WaterlooRoad a safe and vibrant place to learn. While Jonah relishes the opportunity to make new friends and have new experiences, high-achiever Ruth feels she's got little to learn and soon takes matters into her own hands by running away.

83 Episode Three Liz Lake Roger Gold by 8 September 2010 4.66 WaterlooRoad is running a new sexual health initiative which includes a confidential emergency contraception service. 84 Episode Four Philip Odds Roger Gold by 15 September 2010 5.16 Tensions are running high at WaterlooRoad as the Fishers struggle to stay united on the annual celebration of BEX's birthday.

Reluctant to return Lauren's advances, an increasingly confused Josh directs his frustration towards new student Connor with a homophobic insult. 85 Episode Five Katie Douglas Julie Edwards 22 September 2010 4.82 Janice and Ruby come to blows over the subject of motherhood, while Marcus's first day almost ends in disaster when his proactive approach to teaching uncovers a shocking secret about Roman's home life.

However, it soon becomes clear that Marcus hasn't grasped the full picture and Roman is in fact saving the money to flee Rockdale and escape his father's illicit family business. Events reach boiling point in the corridors of WaterlooRoad and Roman is forced to make a decision that will change his life forever.

86 Episode Six Paul Lodge Julie Edwards 29 September 2010 4.98 Ceca is drawn into a complicated situation that threatens to end her career. Meanwhile, Grandly's increasingly slovenly behavior causes concern for Ruby, who is facing her own problems in the form of Janice and John's blossoming friendship.

Facing exclusion, Sam relies on the honesty of her best friend, Lauren, while Ceca's reputation lies in tatters as Karen struggles to unravel the truth. 87 Episode Seven Ellen Taylor Joss Agnew 6 October 2010 4.87 Harry's bulimia reaches crisis point under the stress of bullying and his parent's separation, while the tension increases between Ruby and a heavily pregnant Janice.

Events reach a climax when Harry sinks to the bottom of the pool during a swimming lesson, a cry for help that leads him, Josh and Finn to Karen's office. Vicki's home life continues to spiral dangerously out of control, Grandly's stubbornness compromises his ability as a teacher and Janice begins to wonder if she's made the right decision about her baby.

89 Episode Nine Neil Jones Dermot Boyd 20 October 2010 5.11 A controversial classroom CCTV scheme spectacularly backfires when the cameras are turned on the teachers. Elsewhere, a familiar face in the name of Steph Haddock comes to the aid of a desperate Grandly, and Janice finally confronts Ruby with the truth.

Jonah is outraged when he learns that the staff room doesn't have a camera and hatches a plan to expose the hypocrisy of the scheme, unwittingly stumbling upon Jess's and Chris's secret in the process. A violent clash in the corridors of WaterlooRoad ensues, and Chris and Jonah attempt to cover up the truth in Karen's office.

90 Episode Ten Nick Hear Dermot Boyd 27 October 2010 (BBC2 in Scotland due to live football) 4.48 It's the last day of term at WaterlooRoad, and it has dramatic consequences for the Fishers. Grandly's desperation reaches breaking point as he makes a huge mistake in the classroom and discovers the full cost of Fleur's care.

Steph offers her support, and Grandly is blessed with some end-of-term charity when the full extent of his wife's illness becomes clear to Karen and the school. In response to the boys' poor exam grades, Karen and Chris introduce a new single-sex teaching initiative, much to the disdain of staff and pupils.

92 Episode Twelve Ann McManus & Eileen Gallagher Jill Robertson 9 February 2011 5.44 Janice becomes embroiled in a complicated mother-and-daughter struggle leading to a dramatic showdown at WaterlooRoad. Elsewhere, a dangerous attraction begins as Ceca tutors Jonah in Spanish lessons, and Grandly's increasingly disheveled appearance draws attention among staff and pupils.

Events spiral out of control between mother and daughter, and it becomes difficult to tell who has the baby's best intentions at heart... 93 Episode Thirteen Carol Ann Doherty & Aileen Loss Fraser MacDonald 16 February 2011 5.29 Karen attempts to piece together the mystery surrounding BEX's disappearance. Meanwhile, Ceca continues to test her professional and personal boundaries with Jonah and Nate feels the wrath of his father over his burgeoning relationship with Josh.

Nate's uncomfortable relationship with his dad hits rock bottom when Matthew Gurney discovers that his son is gay. Two worlds collide when Grandly swaps books with Ruby and reluctantly samples the work of Jilly Cooper, a pleasure to which he refuses to admit.

94 Episode Fourteen Paul Lodge Fraser MacDonald 23 February 2011 5.16 Ruby's political views land her in hot water following the arrival of a new Polish caretaker to WaterlooRoad. When Ruby witnesses Martin Dowling and Kyle Stack taunting new Polish caretaker Lukas Winiowski about his right to work in the country, she controversially takes the side of the pupils.

Keen to clamp down on this behavior, Chris discovers that the normally intelligent Martin is emulating his father's right-ring views to gain approval. Lukas is pushed to the brink when Martin and Kyle step up their hate campaign, leaving Ruby condemned by the school and questioning her own views.

95 Episode Fifteen Nick Hear Robert Knights 2 March 2011 5.53 Harry's cry for attention veers out of control when he steals Karen's phone and causes turmoil among the staff of WaterlooRoad. Meanwhile, Chris and Karen have their hands full of the school business initiative contest and Tom struggles to readjust during his first day back.

96 Episode Sixteen Ellen Taylor Robert Knights 9 March 2011 5.54 The truth surrounding BEX's disappearance is finally revealed when a fellow pupil discovers a shocking secret. Elsewhere, Samba and Finn's mutual antagonism develops in an unexpected way, and Jonah gives Ceca a dramatic ultimatum.

BEX finally confronts Karen with the truth surrounding her disappearance when Wayne Bosley, a Year 11 pupil, stumbles across a compromising video of her and spreads the footage around the school. It couldn't be a worse time for BEX, as she prepares her speech on the day of the head pupil elections, and it's left to a still-fragile Tom to get to the bottom of Wayne's behavior.

97 Episode Seventeen Ryan Craig Jon Sen 16 March 2011 5.67 The corridors of WaterlooRoad are buzzing with talk of Finn and Roman's illegal party, but the boy's bragging ends up alienating the only two girls they want to show up: Samba Kelly and Vicki MacDonald. Back at WaterlooRoad, Ceca makes a life-changing discovery that turns her world upside down and leaves Jonah planning to abandon his education.

98 Episode Eighteen Liz Lake Jon Sen 23 March 2011 5.27 Ceca and Jonah make a decision that will change their lives for ever and Grandly and Ruby form an unlikely creative partnership. Roman's mentor, Dan, a modelling industry professional, proves to be a big hit with the ladies when he is brought in to judge the school fashion show.

99 Episode Nineteen Georgia Pritchett Julie Edwards 30 March 2011 5.21 The secrecy surrounding Ceca's relationship with Jonah is finally lifted when she hands in her resignation to Karen. Elsewhere, Adana unveils her latest plan to unite the sexes; Denzel conducts a life-threatening stunt; and creative differences threaten Ruby and Grandly's writing partnership.

In a bid to finally go public with her relationship with Jonah, Ceca hands her notice in to a shocked Karen and Chris with a fabricated story about her father being sick. However, when a series of events arouses Chris's suspicions, he follows the pair and finally uncovers the truth, sending shock waves through WaterlooRoad and bringing the wrath of both Karen and Marcus.

100 Episode Twenty Philip Odds Julie Edwards 6 April 2011 5.02 It's the day of the WaterlooRoad pantomime and there's drama both on and off-stage as Finn gets Kyle purposely kicked off the cast, Ceca and Jonah rush to get married and Denzel's latest stunt ends in tragedy. The bickering continues between Finn and Samba and, as the script veers unexpectedly off course, Kyle and Denzel exact an explosive payback, sending Adana's good intentions up in smoke.

Autumn Term # Episode Writer Director Original predate UK viewers(millions) 101 Episode One Philip Odds Andrew Gun 4 May 2011 5.67 A new term at WaterlooRoad gets off to a noisy start when Karen arrives to discover the alarm going off and her new site manager, Rob Scotched, taking a laid-back approach to the problem. When a Year 12 pupil abandons and then claims her baby, Karen is concerned for the girl, her child and the dark secret she's keeping.

“Chalky” is instantly marked out as a soft target, while Ms Chandra's strict rules land Samba Kelly in the “cooler”. 102 Episode Two Liz Lake Andrew Gun 11 May 2011 6.01 Year 12 pupil Martin Dunbar is branded a pervert by his classmates when he's caught poring over a lingerie magazine and creeping around the girls' changing rooms.

104 Episode Four Chris Murray Jill Robertson 25 May 2011 6.12 When new girl Evil Prior arrives at WaterlooRoad, something about her story doesn't quite add up. 105 Episode Five Carol Ann Doherty & Aileen Loss Julie Edwards 1 June 2011 4.59 It's launch day for Karen's new community café, and she's invited the Director of Education along.

106 Episode Six Liz Lake Julie Edwards 8 June 2011 6.20 Samba is keen to find the father she's never known before she dies, and secretly enlists the help of Lauren and Finn on a quest to Blackpool. And when Richard Whitman, the Director of Education, arrives unannounced, he makes no secret of his disapproval of both the PR launch and Karen's professionalism.

At the memorial service Denzel struggles with his grief, especially when new girl Scout inadvertently steals Sam's jumper, while Jess makes her own shock admission. 108 Episode Eight Davey Jones Joss Agnew 22 June 2011 5.88 Karen starts to doubt Chris's judgement when he tries to help newcomer Scout.

She's unwashed, hungry and sleeping in class, and when Chris finds out that she's working as a drug courier he steps in to rescue her from her feckless family. Meanwhile, Chris stirs up some healthy competition between the staff and Year 10s as they pull on their wellies to help with a community garden project.

110 Episode Ten Nick Hear Brian Kelly 6 July 2011 6.04 The whole school gears up to face an independent inspection. As the staff do their best to rally round, Jess issues Eleanor with an ultimatum: if she really wants to save WaterlooRoad, she needs to take action.

Spring Term 111 Episode Eleven Davey Jones Andrew Gun 14 September 2011 5.35 New headmaster Michael Byrne arrives at WaterlooRoad with big ambitions to improve the school, bringing with him a team of high-achieving teachers including newly-weds Jet and San Diamond and former WaterlooRoad teacher Matt Wilding. Left scarred by a pupil's knife attack at his last school, the new head is called to court to hear the verdict of the trial.

Elsewhere, Phoenix and Harley Taylor struggle to hide the death of their Nan and Finn begins to show an interest in newcomer Trudy, sister of the nearby estate's ringleader Tariq Siddiqui. 113 Episode Thirteen Jake Rid dell Julie Edwards 28 September 2011 5.02 New Head of English Linda Raleigh arrives at WaterlooRoad to Grandly's fury.

114 Episode Fourteen David McManus Julie Edwards 5 October 2011 4.50 It's the day of WaterlooRoad's rugby clash with St Mary's and Jet, under pressure to deliver the morale-boosting victory that he's promised Michael, enlists the help of combative ex-pro Ken Wailing. Phoenix, meanwhile, is over the moon when Nelson presents him with a moped for his birthday, and later that night professional boundaries are crossed for Linda and Michael when she makes him an indecent proposal... 115 Episode Fifteen Jess Williams Reza Board 12 October 2011 4.60 Matt has organized a special orchestra project and is irked when Michael insists that Tariq is included.

116 Episode Sixteen Ben Current Reza Board 19 October 2011 5.31 When Made is mugged on the way into school, an enraged Jet responds by starting boxing classes, but these prove short-lived after Zack floors Harley and Michael intervenes. Meanwhile, Michael is under pressure after concealing the CCTV footage of his altercation with Wayne, and Linda's wayward pet rabbit, Roger, causes mayhem when it is set loose in the school.

117 Episode Seventeen Chris Murray Alex Calumnies 26 October 2011 4.49 Michael is appreciative of San's support when a newspaper article announces his salary. 118 Episode Eighteen Philip Hawthorne Alex Calumnies 2 November 2011 5.56 Margaret Parker, the wife of a local entrepreneur, is visiting the school to consider if she should make a sizeable donation to WaterlooRoad.

However, Michael finds it hard to keep focused when he discovers that it is Phoenix who has been emailing him the footage of him leaving an injured Wayne on the roadside. When a panicked San tells Michael that Linda knows about their affair, he struggles to keep up his professional façade in front of the important visitor.

Everyone's excited about having a masterclass in radio journalism from a chat show supremo; everyone, that is, except her daughter And, a loner in Scout and Emily's class, who shies away from her mum's limelight. Jet, meanwhile, is trying to move past his suspicions, but he steals San's car keys to check her GPS, only to discover that she has lied about her whereabouts and had really been at a hotel.

120 Episode Twenty Nick Hear Fraser MacDonald 16 November 2011 4.88 The last day of term starts badly for Michael when he finds a threatening note on the dashboard of his car. Summer Term 121 Episode Twenty-One Jake Rid dell Jonathan Fox Bassett 22 February 2012 5.50 Following Michael's hit-and-run, Jet is the prime suspect.

DSC member Mason Price threatens Tariq's fresh start as the gang targets Finn, and Grandly criticizes the work of dinner lady Maggie Croft, but also learns how to make easy money. 122 Episode Twenty-Two Davey Jones Jonathan Fox Bassett 29 February 2012 4.77 Hoping to start a career in modelling, Lauren attempts to raise money for surgery.

Michael is impressed when Trudy protests against his anti-gang measures, Tom tackles Josh's problem with drugs and Matt faces fatherhood sooner than expected. 124 Episode Twenty-Four Sally Satchell Darwin Marsh 14 March 2012 4.92 Zack is convinced that Jet isn't his father and undertakes a DNA test to confirm his suspicions.

Elsewhere, Matt fears he could lose Martha when he learns that Rosie is moving away with Alex, Grandly and Maggie are left high and dry when the cosmetics company goes bust, while Trudy feels guilty when she forgets the anniversary of her mother's death 125 Episode Twenty-Five Matthew Evans Steve Hughes 21 March 2012 5.21 Grandly is dismayed at Fleur's deteriorating health and, after some advice from Maggie, decides to take action. Fleeing WaterlooRoad, he takes Fleur away from her nursing home to a cottage near where they honeymooned, in the hope it will jog her memory.

126 Episode Twenty-Six Alana Hall um Steve Hughes 28 March 2012 4.97 It's the day of the school fun run and Jet's star athlete Mercedes has been training hard to impress him. 127 Episode Twenty-Seven Chris Murray Paul Murphy 4 April 2012 5.08 It's the start of exam season at WaterlooRoad and Josh is struggling to cope with the workload.

Josh becomes obsessed with an old plague pit underneath the school and when some girls play a trick on him, he starts to believe that spirits are trying to contact him. 128 Episode Twenty-Eight Chris Hucknall Paul Murphy 11 April 2012 5.03 On the morning of her art exam, student Shelby is desperate for alcohol, having spilled her secret stash of vodka.

Meanwhile, Jet realizes he needs to prioritize his relationship with his children, and Kyle oversteps the line when he is caught selling illegal vodka shots, punching Nikki in the face and being permanently excluded. 129 Episode Twenty-Nine Davey Jones Dermot Boyd 18 April 2012 5.25 At school, Scout becomes jealous when Danilo flirts with Em, and calls the wedding off.

When Danilo fails to show up to football practice, Phoenix lets slip to Tom about the marriage, and it's a race against time to find the happy couple. Elsewhere, Lorraine continues to chase Michael about her job offer, Zack struggles with his identity now that his father has gone, and Maggie and Grandly take their relationship to the next level.

130 Episode Thirty Jake Rid dell Dermot Boyd 25 April 2012 5.46 The final day dawns on WaterlooRoad in Rockdale as Michael arrives to break the news of the schools imminent closure. Reeling from the realization, Michael tackles the possibility of taking a handful of students with them and asks Lorraine to consider setting up a boarding house at the new school.

Autumn Term # Episode Writer Director Original predate UK viewers(millions) 131 New Beginnings Ann McManus and Eileen Gallagher Paul Murphy 23 August 2012 4.44 WaterlooRoad opens in Scotland, with a number of new pupils and Christine Outgrew and Audrey McCall joining the staff. Whilst teenage runaway Jade announces to her boyfriend Drew that she is enrolling in the school, Michael and San face rivalry from Havelock High headteacher Gerard Findlay.

Tom, still unconvinced by the new school, faces Drew's anger, and Christine remains withdrawn until Grandly suggests a trip to the pub. 132 Spirit Child Paul Rogue Paul Murphy 30 August 2012 4.05 Troublemaker Lula’s home life spills into school as Tom attempts to uncover the root of her disruptive behavior; a desperate Connor tries to out Christine’s drinking; Josh helps Tariq face up to his disabilities; and Grandly deals with a spate of graffiti at the school house.

Distressed following another heated argument with her Uncle Lionel, Lulu runs to the sanctuary of her school, but her behavior irks the other pupils and gives the teachers cause for concern. 133 Troubled Waters Jake Rid dell Di akin Marsh 6 September 2012 4.47 Tariq is struggling to accept his disability, which gives cause for concern.

When encouraged to join in a fight against pupils of rival school, Havelock High, Tariq rejects the offer, claiming that life is too short. He is further unsettled when he finds out that his friends will attend his kayaking trials, so tries to get Phoenix and Gus to arrange a fight against the rival pupils.

135 Future Proof Sally Satchell Paul Cotter 20 September 2012 4.16 Havelock High's Head Girl, Liberty is a rising athletic star and carer to her mum Sandra, who has rheumatoid arthritis. Concerned that Gerard's failing management of the school will ruin her university plans, Liberty secretly blows the lid on her head teacher with a damning story in the local paper.

The confrontation is a catalyst for change as Janice makes some tough decisions about her future at WaterlooRoad and her relationship with Chalky. Meanwhile, Rhiannon's bullying of Scout intensifies as she frames her for stealing. 137 A Woman Scorned Chris Murray Fraser MacDonald 4 October 2012 N/A Maggie calls off the wedding to Grandly, saying they're too busy to get hitched.

However, when Scout has suspicious something is amiss after hearing Maggie making a secret phone call, Along with Phoenix, she tells Grandly that she thinks there's another man. With their wedding day in Jeopardy, Grandly Hatches a plan to make Maggie his bride, with assistance from Scout and Phoenix.

When Ray doesn't precipitate, she is humiliated and vengeful, Made Posts a rumor on a social networking site that he kissed her, but her lies impact on her friends. 138 The Price of Love David McManus Fraser MacDonald 11 October 2012 N/A Quiet student, Morag decides to take participate in Lorraine's bench design competition.

When Tom turns up to collect Moral's bench design, her father Kai can't resist the opportunity to preach about his Organist, anti-money beliefs. But his moral high-ground becomes shaky when he learns the competition carries a substantial cash prize for the winner. Enraged at his daughter's deception, Kai forces Moral to destroy her handcrafted bench.

Horrified, Tom decides to take matters into his own hands and secretly helps Moral design another bench, resulting in a clash of beliefs between Kai and Lorraine. Elsewhere, new boy Kevin turns up at WaterlooRoad and quickly draws attention to himself, not least from Chalky who suspects the schoolboy is more intelligent than he's letting on.

Also, this week, Made tries to persuade San to let her spread her wings and leave school, while Billy has a surprising request for Michael to consider. Believing she's compensating for her weight issues by acting the class clown, Audrey urges Rhiannon to join the lunchtime power-walking club.

Elsewhere, new boy Kevin takes drastic action to gain credibility with Connor, which threatens his future at WaterlooRoad, San is horrified to discover that Billy has asked Michael to end his life.

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