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(Picture: BBC)Playboy Hector has had his eye on Sue for while now, despite the fact she’s married. Sue isn’t sure about making a go of things with a known lothario, but it seems Hector could be serious about her.

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(Picture: BBC)Even though Gabriella isn’t in a good place right now Floyd seems like the sort of boy who could bring her a bit of happiness. (Picture: BBC)Okay, so their families don’t quiet get on, but Tiffany has really helped Justin become a better person.

He’s seems to have even stopped his campaign of terror against his dad’s girlfriend Allie. (Picture: BBC)They’re married and clearly care very much for each other, so it’d be a shame to see anything (read: HECTOR) ruin it.

Playing the brooding Duke of Hastings, Regé-Jean’s commanding performance has resulted in him being tipped as a potential James Bond successor when Daniel Craig steps down as 007. The actor played newcomer Guy Braxton, a newly qualified graphics and product design teacher who joined the staff of the comprehensive school in Greenback, Scotland.

The show is a contemporary drama set in a challenging comprehensive school. Davina is still pursued by a love-lorn Brett, whose behavior gives cause for concern but whose academic record is good for the school league tables.

Jack finally gets one over on Spinal when he discovers his funding comes from a porn website. Whilst Lorna is suffering from dizzy spells Steph is mugged by drug-addicted ex-pupil Maxine but gets the better of her and shows her the error of her ways.

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Lizzie suspects that Chloe had spent the night at Done's rather than at Holly's. Brett smashes up his fathers model in the school foyer using a fire extinguisher and is caught doing so by Andrew Freeman.

Jack Rimmed disciplines Brett and discovers the unrest in the relationship between Roger and his son. In a meeting with Andrew Freeman and Kim Campbell, Brett refuses to apologize for his vandalism and is pleased with his actions.

Lewis takes girlfriend, Maxine Barlow, to Done's house, so they can have sex. Maxine takes the opportunity to do a raid of Done's house and steal anything of value.

Done and Chloe return home to find the house a mess and several items missing, including his dad's collection which he has had for years. Done vows to assault Lewis after school, despite Chloe's best efforts to prevent him.

Davina lies to jack, telling him that the balloons were a practical joke from a friend. Davina tells Jack that the money for the new academy is coming from Roger's adult entertainment business.

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Jack comes to a compromise with Roger about the money issue, much to Andrew's disapproval. The results of Lorna's brain scan come back and the doctors look concerned.

Lizzie and Tom leave Lorna's, but Andrew decides to stay. Maxine demands free chips and tries to beg money off of Steph Haddock by telling her a sob story about being homeless.

School’s officially back in session, as the BBC’s long-running series WaterlooRoad, about all the drama at a comprehensive school, is now available to download and stream in its entirety. The show starred the likes of Victoria’s Jenna Coleman, Downton Abbey’s Sophie Musher, Jill Halfpenny, Angela Griffin, Denise Welch, Merlin’s Jason Done and ex- Corrie actor Adam Thomas.

Both her daughters, BEX and Jess, had been saved from the clutches of a nasty pornographer and son Harry seems to be over his own issues ;” the teacher who’d been caught having an affair with one of her pupils was safely on bail and awaiting trial (and motherhood); Tom Clarkson is healing nicely and is over his agoraphobia; a nasty racist incident was swiftly dealt with; WaterlooRoad’s first openly gay couple are doing very well; no-one died; and, most importantly, exam results are improving, single sex classes are working, and there’s the end-of-term gender-bending pantomime to look forward to! You could forgive her for cracking open a Bacardi Breeder and toasting a job well done, but, as devoted WaterlooRoad watchers will know, the end of term is not the time to relax.

He may have all the dance moves (how Holly Kenny kept a straight face when George Sampson was required to execute a “seductive” body-popping routine in front of her I don’t know), but his greatest skill is in winding up Finn Sharia. Used the panto chaos to escape from the school and rendezvous with Ceca to head for a wedding at Greta Green.

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While Karen was at pains to say several times during the episode that Ceca had committed a crime, was morally wrong and had possibly damaged Jonah in ways he wouldn’t understand till he was much older, there’s no doubt that the program’s sympathies have been with the star-crossed lovers. Karen David’s portrayal of Ceca has been of a naive romantic who let her heart rule her head.

This isn’t how the courts will see it, of course, but I expect I wasn’t alone in thinking how beautiful the bride and groom looked together, and having a tear in my eye when she was led away by the police. Denzel Kelly, finding that extreme pop drinking and recreational electrocution weren’t enough of a “buzz,” had taken it upon himself to balance along the wall of a railway bridge, while being filmed by Kyle Stack (being dumped from the pantomime had made him revert to type).

Tom Clarkson, Karen, Sam and Finn all rushed to the scene, yelling “Denzel!” or, simply, “DENY!” repeatedly in an effort to get him to come down, but this only distracted him enough to make him slip. Finn, still smarting from Sam telling him he wasn’t much of a man, staged an impressive rescue but then fell off the bridge himself.

However, despite doing probably the best interview they’ve ever seen (watching the elegant way she dealt with all the questions, I was thinking that scene should really be shown in schools to help future job-seekers), she was still haunted by being a Barry, as the woman interviewing her knew about her dad, who is currently banged up for armed robbery. The key question (apart from the diversity one, which Dynasty handled beautifully by saying she had a sister who’d once contemplated a sex change, and that hadn’t thrown her) was whether she’d be able to arrest a member of her family.

Tagged as Abby makers, Angus Dayton, BBC, Carl Au, heather peace, Kane tomlinson-weaver, Karen laws, Laurie Brett, mark Berwick, Naomi bat trick, Rebecca craven, Richard Milan, WaterlooRoad, Zoe Locker This time the situation was addressed differently, because the person due to be deported was fairly long-time cast member Lula Tribe.

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If only Nikki and Hector hadn’t arrived at the school at the same time as Barry was dropping Gabriella off (in an Audi this week. They made do with puncturing the tire of Hector’s motorbike with a handy nail gun.

I bet Connor’s kicking himself that he left WaterlooRoad just a couple of weeks too early and missed all the excitement. The boys’ attempt to smuggle alcohol to Resilience Camp was the laughably blatant “cheap bottle of spirits in the sports bag” route.

It would have worked if it hadn’t been for sneaky Gabriella, and the wine bag was confiscated by Christine. By the time she’d salvaged the remains of the disaster that was Resilience Camp, and been rebuffed by George Windsor who is no longer content to play the role of “the man who’ll do if nothing better comes along,” she couldn’t contemplate going back to an empty Connor-less house without a little liquid refreshment, so she popped the wine bag in her purse to enjoy while watching The One Show and eating a Lean Cuisine meal for one.

(Series 9, EP.14) Lenny Brown, perpetually in the shadow of his somewhat thuggish sister Lisa, is a gentle soul. They were chased out by the shop’s owner and his son, but not before Lenny noticed something that made him suspicious.

Gabriella’s other focus, apart from upsetting Dynasty, was to get her hands on new PE teacher Hector “Teamwork makes the dream work” Reid. A hero with an evil new haircut and the bad-boy swagger that can only come from being the black sheep of the Barry family.

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So Carol put on her best Humble Face (this is the one with less makeup) and went to see Christine, to ask if Dynasty could possibly go to Resilience Camp for free. Her visit coincided with a crisis in the canteen, and Carol soon found herself donning the tabard of canteen office and lining up alongside Maggie the Dinner Lady (who is now Maggie the Home Economics Teacher who thinks she’s way too good to dish out macaroni cheese from a serving hatch except in emergencies) and Connor, who’s just thrilled to have any excuse to go near a stove.

Tagged as Abby makers, Angus Dayton, BBC, heather peace, John Voice, Kristin Atherton, Lauren Klee, Laurie Brett, Melanie hill, Naomi bat trick, Rebecca craven, Shane O'Area, Vanessa heir, WaterlooRoad, Zoe Locker It’s so comforting to know that, even though it’s now a Scottish school and has an almost entirely new staff group, WaterlooRoad still has time for our old friend the Controversial New Initiative.

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