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It also has a high turnover rate of characters, with staff and pupils joining and leaving the school over time. PositionSeries 12345678910 abababababcabcabab Headteacher Jack RimmerRachel Mason Karen Fisher Michael ByrneChristine MulgrewVaughan Fitzgerald Deputy Head Andrew TrenemanEddie Lawson Christopher Median Diamond Nikki Boston Simon LowsleyLorna Hutchinson Does not appear Tom ClarksonGeorge Windsors not appear Head of Pastoral Care Kim CampbellSteph HaydockTom Clarkson CampbellDoes not appearAdanna Waldoes not appear Executive Head Does not appear Max Tolerates not appear Introduced in series 1 Jack Rimmed (Jason Merrill, series 13) is the Headteacher of Waterloo Road, who first assumes the position in an acting capacity after his predecessor's public breakdown.

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He has romantic liaisons with Steph Haddock and LEA inspector Heather Davenport, and a more serious relationship with Davina Shackleton. In series 3, after witnessing Lizzie Red path's death he finds it increasingly difficult to cope with the pressures of running the school, and resigns with immediate effect after his financial mismanagement is uncovered.

He briefly returns later in series 3 in an attempt to win Davina back, but she chooses to remain with Tom. Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin, series 12; 45) is the Head of Pastoral Care and an Art teacher.

She enjoys the unwavering support of Jack Rimmed, which helps her overcome the trauma of an attempted sexual assault by a pupil. Following frequent clashes with Andrew Freeman she decides to join him in Rwanda, but returns to Waterloo Road during Series 4 at the request of Rachel Mason.

Lizzie Red path (Jill Halfpenny, series 12) is the Head of Drama and an English teacher, and the single mother to Chloe and Mikey Grainger. Tom and Lizzie reunite after Lorna's suicide, but soon after she is stabbed and killed when intervening in an attack on Jack Rimmed in the school playground.

Tom marries Lorna Dickey in the series' first episode, but kisses Lizzie Red path on the same day and is caught between the two women afterwards. After being promoted to Deputy Headteacher by Michael Byrne and learning of Josh's diagnosis of schizophrenia, Tom makes the decision to join the staff of the re-opened Waterloo Road in Scotland.

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Known for her erratic and manipulative behavior, Lorna is eventually diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and makes her peace with Tom and Lizzie before committing suicide. Passionate but unfamiliar with the challenges of an inner-city comprehensive, Andrew's ideas lead him into conflict with Kim Campbell.

He briefly becomes Headteacher in Series 2, but finds he is unsuited to the position and returns to working under Jack's leadership. After securing a position in a Rwandan school and resigning from Waterloo Road, he declares his feelings for Kim and asks her to come with him.

Shortly after his arrival, Jack Rimmed resigns and Eddie is disappointed that Rachel Mason is appointed Headteacher rather than him. Despite a difficult start, Eddie quickly develops a strong loyalty to Rachel and stands by her when her past is revealed.

He later develops feelings for Rachel, but their burgeoning romance ends when Melissa returns pregnant with Eddie's baby. Seconded to the school by investor Roger Spinal, she embarks upon an affair with his teenage son Brett and begins seeing Jack Rimmed at the same time.

At the school, her experience assisting Asperger syndrome pupil Karla Bentham encourages her to become a teacher. She later begins a relationship with Tom Clarkson, but leaves after realizing his growing closeness to Rose Kelly.

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She is also close friends with Davina Shackleton and Matt Wilding and in Series 4 develops a relationship with Head of PE Rob Cleaver but breaks up with him after he is suspended for giving Bolton Smile performance-enhancing drugs. After a period in the private sector, Michael Byrne tempts him back to Waterloo Road in series 7, where he successfully builds an unconventional orchestra.

His daughter is born prematurely after an incident at the school, and Matt declines the offer to move to Scotland to remain close to her. Curmudgeonly and cynical, Grandly frequently voices objections to the school's management and acts as the staff's union representative.

He is also devoted to his wife Fleur until her death in Series 7, after which he begins a relationship with Maggie Croft and agrees to join her to run the school house in Scotland. Arriving in the wake of Jack Rimmed's sudden resignation, she makes a bold start but soon wins the support of her staff.

However, she is confronted by prospective developer Stuart Holiday, who threatens to expose her true identity and criminal past. The blackmail ends when Eddie Lawson learns the truth, although Rachel is seriously injured in the fire that engulfs the school shortly after and suffers from post-traumatic stress afterwards.

In Series 5, she oversees the merger with John Fosters but quickly begins to feel undermined by Executive Head Max Tyler. After Max is eventually forced out, Rachel settles back into her role and enjoys the romantic attentions of Adam Fleet, the new Healthy Schools Coordinator.

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Although their relationship progresses quickly to an engagement, Rachel struggles to separate her work and personal life and decides to leave the school after marrying Adam. He soon becomes suspicious of Rachel Mason's running of Waterloo Road and decides to base himself there permanently, while also beginning an extra-marital relationship with Kim Campbell.

Christopher Mead (William Ash, series 57) is the Deputy Head under Rachel Mason and Karen Fisher. Despite a brief romantic liaison with Rachel he begins a relationship with Kim during her pregnancy, but she leaves him after the birth of her son.

Subsequently, she faces financial difficulties, splits up with her husband John and struggles with her mental health, becoming jealous of Rachel Mason's imminent wedding. Jo Lip sett (Sarah-Jane Potts, series 5) is the Head of Modern Languages, who comes to the school as part of the merger with John Fosters.

Her arrival makes Steph Haddock fear for her position, and she unsuccessfully tries to seduce Jo to win her favor. As well as BEX's disappearance, Karen deals with her wayward younger daughter Jess, bulimic son Harry and unfaithful husband Charlie.

In Series 7, Karen begins a relationship with Site Manager Rob Scotched, which is complicated by the return of his wife and his son, Aiden, cheating on Jess. While a demonstration of support from staff and pupils allows Waterloo Road to remain open, Karen is dismissed.

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Janice is pregnant upon her return to the school, but struggles with the idea of motherhood and agrees to sell her baby to Ruby Fry. He protests bitterly at his children attending Waterloo Road, having previously homeschooled them, and takes Ruth's disappearance as confirmation of his doubts.

Rob quickly strikes a rapport with Karen Fisher, and also boosts the morale of the struggling Daniel Chalk. He begins dating Karen, but agrees to take back his wife, Naomi, for the sake of Aiden.

Seeing Waterloo Road as his last chance to make a success of his career, he initially struggles greatly but slowly finds his feet. He develops a crush on Janice Bryant, who takes advantage of his fondness, but has better luck with Linda Raleigh until he realizes that she is Michael Byrne's stalker.

After moving to Scotland, Chalky decides to become a foster carer and takes in pupil Kevin Skeleton. Eleanor Chandra (Poppy Chakra, series 7) is an English teacher with traditional beliefs and a high level of self-belief, who quickly comes to resent Karen Fisher's leadership and conspires to remove her from the school.

Michael Byrne (Alec Newman, series 78) is the Headteacher of Waterloo Road in both Rockdale and Scotland. He appoints his former partner, San Diamond, as Deputy Headteacher along with Tom Clarkson, and soon begins an affair with her.

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Despite overcoming his setbacks, he does not do enough to keep the school open, though after an offer from his former pupil Lorraine Finnegan he makes plans to re-open Waterloo Road in Scotland. In series 8, Michael reunites with his terminally ill father and allows him to die, facing a court case in the aftermath.

After realizing the deal will not allow him the active role he desires, Michael steps down once more and recommends Christine as his replacement. A highly competent and popular teacher, San is loyal to Michael even after their affair ends and is the first staff member to agree to move to Scotland with the school.

Happy to begin his new life with San, he is surprised when his ex-wife leaves his two children, Made and Zack, with him, and struggles with his stubborn daughter and anxious son. Linda Raleigh (Sarah Headland, series 7) is the Head of English, who harbors a long-standing obsession with Michael Byrne and is exposed as his stalker.

Nikki Boston (Heather Peace, series 79) is an English teacher who holds a variety of positions in both iterations of Waterloo Road. Appointed as Head of English after Linda Raleigh's arrest, Nikki's army-trained disciplinary style comes as a surprise to the school.

Although she doesn't initially take a position in the Scotland school, she returns to lead its newly established Pupil Referral Unit. Lorraine Finnegan, who she begins a romantic relationship with, offers her the role of Deputy Headteacher following San Diamond's departure, causing friction with Michael.

In Series 9, she becomes heavily invested in mentoring Kacey Barry's boxing career, even offering her own money to send her to a training camp in America. Her relationship with Sue Spark's sister, Six, is disrupted by Nikki's brief affair with Hector Reid, but they eventually reunite and move to Berlin together.

After discovering Connor is the school's arsonist, Christine realizes the impact of her behavior and gives up alcohol. Christine focuses on advancing her career, applying for a job at Havelock High and covering head of year responsibilities for an unwell Grandly.

Despite her inexperience, Christine makes ambitious plans for the school, with George Windsor's Mandarin program the cornerstone of her innovations. Ultimately, the exposure of George as a fraud nearly costs her the permanent headship until Simon decides to endorse her application.

Her impassioned appeal and Simon's intervention allow her to continue teaching at the school, and she returns to the classroom in series 10. Formerly a teacher at Havelock High, she is tempted by Michael's vision for the school and enthusiastically embraces the freedom afforded by Waterloo Road's independent status in series 8.

After a trip to Africa Audrey returns with the much younger Dale Kay uni, causing much gossip in the staff room. They become engaged, but on their wedding day it transpires that Dale is already married and is also having an affair with Sonya, leaving Audrey heartbroken.

In series 9, she attempts to come to the aid of the Brown twins with mixed success, and also proposes a Second World War themed living history day to distract a grieving Maggie. Michael initially refuses the offer, but reconsiders when he learns Waterloo Road in Rockdale is to be closed.

She does, however, reluctantly accede when Michael insists on including a schoolhouse for the most at need students, and later establishing an on-site Pupil Referral Unit. Despite her respect for Michael, the two become increasingly at odds over the running of the school, culminating in Lorraine's plan to transition towards a fee-paying structure.

Maggie sells mail order cosmetics during school hours, which Grandly disapproves of until he sets himself up in competition. Sonya Finnegan (Victoria Bush, series 810) is hired as Michael's PA, continuing as school secretary following his departure.

George first comes to the school as supply during a strike, and Christine's first act as Head is to appoint him to the staff permanently. George is married to Princess, who he met in her native China, and he requests she is hired as a Mandarin Teaching Assistant to cover up his own failings in the language.

Princess soon becomes dissatisfied with the situation and leaves him, after which Christine demands that George takes night classes in Mandarin. He resigns from Waterloo Road after taking an instant dislike to Vaughan, but later returns with news that the council intends to merge the school with Havelock High.

Appointed as part of the council's takeover of the school, Simon's arrival surprises Christine at the end of her first day as Head and prevents her from retaining Nikki as a Deputy. Highly ambitious, Simon threatens to outshine Christine and applies for the Headteacher position with the encouragement of Head of Education Robert Bain, his future father-in-law.

He initially hides his engagement to Sue from Christine, and then attempts to cover up her difficulties in the classroom, but stops making excuses for her when her negligence puts a pupil in danger. A former flight attendant, Sue struggles to maintain order in the classroom and is more interested in her relationship with Simon than teaching.

Hector Reid (Leon Offended, series 910) is a PE teacher, who comes to Waterloo Road as part of its resilience program. Unconventional and arrogant, Hector initially sets his sights on Nikki but later begins an affair with Sue.

Initially distracted by the difficulties of his home life with Allie, he later puts his energies into fighting the merger with Havelock High. Lorna Hutchinson (Laura Airman, series 10) is the Deputy Headteacher of Waterloo Road, appointed following Simon's departure.

Lorna tutors the illiterate McKenzie Calhoun out of lessons and quickly becomes a popular figure in the school, despite some competitiveness with Christine Outgrew. Olga is first seen as a patient in a psychiatric care facility, having suffered a breakdown after Vaughan left her for Allie.

After she advocates for Kevin Chalk's transferal to Havelock High, Vaughan offers her a permanent position at the school. Guy Braxton (Regé-Jean Page, series 10) is a trainee teacher in Graphics & Product Design, who comes to Waterloo Road through the Teach Direct program.

Guy's position is threatened by the discovery of an apparent relationship with pupil Carrie Norton, until it is revealed that she is his estranged sister. Candice Smile (Kay Purcell, series 35), Senior Canteen Assistant and Bolton's mother.

Melissa Ryan (Katy Carmichael, series 4), Head of Extended Services, Philip's mother and Rachel Mason's sister. Oliver Mead (John McArdle, series 5), Chris' father who begins a relationship with Steph.

Hassan Bukhara (Ian Spinal, series 10), Abdul's father and sponsor of the school's bike loan scheme. Ronnie Fair child (Robin Lying, series 10), local police officer and Scott's father.

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