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Originally the Chicago Packers, the NBA's first expansion team, the Bullets moved to Baltimore before the 1963 season. After a few lean years in Baltimore, the Bullets started to have some success, drafting some of the best players in team history.

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These teams were constant contenders and featured Hall of Fame players like Was Unsold, the only player to win the MVP award as a Bullet, Walt Bellamy and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe. They were a consistent playoff threat and won an NBA title behind some of the best players in team history in 1978.

While the Wizards haven't had too much success in recent years, the team has had its fair share of great players on its roster. Even the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan, playing his final days in Washington, the team had trouble mustering a playoff threat.

At one point, superstar guard Gilbert Arenas was one of the best players in the league. Today, the Wizards hopes are pinned to star point guard John Wall, the number one overall pick in the 2010 draft.

Mediocre teams, bad free agent signings, and questionable draft picks have plagued this franchise for the past two decades. When talking about the greatest players in franchise history, Was Unsold undoubtedly tops the list.

Standing at only 6’7, Unsold used his great strength and size to his advantage while playing the center position. Unsold was a five- timely -Star, Hall of Fame, and helped the Bullets win the 1978 NBA Championship.

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Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships10.814.03.951 One could easily make the case that Elvin Hayes is the greatest player in franchise history, and I honestly see him and Unsold as interchangeable. Despite being sidelined with injuries the past year and a half, I believe John Wall has established himself as a top player in franchise history.

Wall is undoubtedly the best point guard in team history and has some quality years left in him if he can stay healthy. Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships20.73.95.330 “Earl “The Pearl” Monroe played his ball with the Baltimore Bullets for the first four years of his career.

Over those four years, Monroe would average 23.7 points per game, being named an -Star twice and made an -NBA team in 1968-69. Monroe would ultimately be traded to the Knicks in 1971, where he would spend nine seasons and help New York win the NBA Championship in 1973.

Johnson began his NBA career in 1963 with the Baltimore Bullets, the same year that the franchise first moved there. In his four years with the Bullets, King continued to be a reliable scorer and put up over 20 points per game in each season he was a consistent starter with the team.

During his years on the ‘Cards, Jamison put up around 20 points and nine rebounds per night, good enough for two All -Star selections. He was a versatile big man who could play down low and stretch the floor, a perfect teammate for star Gilbert Arenas.

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Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships18.57.51.620 Moses Malone was initially committed to play his college ball at the University of Maryland but instead opted to go straight to the ABA from high school. Malone, one of the greatest big men of all time, would later play in the DMV for two seasons with the Washington Bullets.

Malone was a double-double machine with the Bullets, averaging 22.2 points and 11.2 rebounds per game over his two seasons in Washington. He would make the -Star Game in both of those seasons as well, something “The Chairman of the Boards” would accomplish 13 times in his Hall of Fame career.

Bellamy’s best season would be his rookie campaign, where he averaged an absurd 31.6 points per game at only 22 years old. Chewier would go on to be a TV broadcaster for 33 years for the Wizards and is loved and admired by fans all across the DMV.

Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships17.23.63.031 “Tuff Juice” played on nine different NBA teams in his career, but his longest tenure was with the Washington Wizards. Butler would play in D.C. with Gilbert Arenas and Antwan Jamison to form of the game’s best trios.

In those seven years as a Bullet, Malone was a two- timely -Star and averaged over 20 points per game five separate times. Malone was known for his more than capable scoring ability and was excellent in generating offense off of the pick and roll.

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Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships19.02.62.420 Although he was never named an -Star during his time in the NBA, Rod Strickland certainly had a career worthy of a nod or two. During his time in Washington, Strickland was one of the best facilitators in the game, averaging close to double-digit assists every year.

Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships13.23.77.300 Former “Fab Five” member Juan Howard was reunited with his college teammate Chris Webber when the Bullets drafted him in 1994. Howard made an immediate impact for Washington, averaging about 18 points per game over his five years with the team.

He averaged around 17.6 points per game for his career in Baltimore, and his name is listed many times in the history books of the franchise. Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships15.33.03.700 MJ is, of course, known for his six championships with the Chicago Bulls and is considered arguably the greatest player of all time.

Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships30.16.25.3146 After spending his first eight seasons in Milwaukee, Tandridge joined the Bullets in 1977 and played there for four years. Tandridge made an immediate impact for Washington, averaging 19.3 points in his first season with the team, helping them capture their first and only NBA Championship.

His best season in Washington would come the very next year when he averaged 20.4 points per game and was named both an -Star and an -NBA selection. Hamilton came onto the scene in his second season in the league, establishing himself as a skilled scorer and shooter.

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However, Hamilton would eventually be traded to Detroit in exchange for Jerry Stack house, as then player and GM Michael Jordan wanted to clear the way for himself to be the Wizards starting shooting guard. Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships17.13.13.431 Box entered the league in 1985 with the Bullets and immediately made history, becoming the tallest player to ever play in the NBA.

Standing at 7’7, Box’s freakishly large frame allowed him to be a menace on the defensive side of the ball. Box averaged a ridiculous five blocks per game in his first season in the league and was named to an -Defensive Team as a result.

Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships2.64.20.300 Stack house spent the first seven seasons of his career in Philadelphia and Detroit, where he established himself as a solid NBA player and made two All -Star Games. Points/GameRebounds/GameAssists/Game All -Star GamesChampionships16.93.23.320 Standing at 7’7, George Mean is tied with Minute Box as the tallest player in NBA history.

In 1995-96, he was named the NBA Most Improved Player after averaging 14.5 points and 9.6 rebounds per game, all while leading the league in field goal percentage. Haywood would become the Wizards starting center through the Michael Jordan and Gilbert Arenas years after mainly coming off the bench in his rookie season.

He used his impressive strength to be a capable defender at a position in which most players he guarded were taller than I. The Washington Bullets defeated the Seattle Supersonic in seven games in 1978 to claim their lone NBA Championship.

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The team was led by Was Unsold, Elvin Hayes, Phil Chewier, and Bob Tandridge. The Bullets would face the Supersonic in a rematch in the Finals the very next season, only to lose the series in five games.

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