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Ruby is inspired by fantasy, botanical dreamlike or witch imagery. In all, Ruby is extremely talented and a great person that is involved with charities.

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He has been tattooing for around 15 years, and he specializes in extremely detailed realistic black & gray pieces as well as color realism. While he can do almost any kind of tattooing, Joe is focusing on large scale work at this time.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, set up a time to sit down with Joe make an appointment. Tattoo Profile: Jillian Kurosawa born on the East coast and then ventured out to the Pacific Northwest back in 2012.

Jillian would tell her work leans a bit more to the darker side and rooted in American traditional tattoos. She incorporates a lot of textured shading and heavy black lines.

If you’d like to set up a time to sit down with Jillian, contact her now because her books are filling up fast. Tattoo Profile: Justin Opposing was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. From an early age he was headed down a creative path with music and art being at the forefront of this journey.

Not only is Justin an incredible tattoo artist, but he is an even more accomplished musician and even had the opportunity to play a few shows with Alice Cooper. His use of bright and bold colors make his tattoos pop off the skin.

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Tattoo Profile: Kyle Decor is based out of beautiful Seattle, WA. He’s a homegrown product that has evolved into a great tattoo artist in the years he has studied.

His work tends to be a combination of melting monsters, exaggerated caricatures and human figures. If you think Kyle is the tattoo artist for you, reach out and set up a consultation today.

From Puerto Rico, currently based in the PNW Vancouver, Washington area. Most of my work and inspiration comes from the aesthetics of oriental imagery allowing myself to interpret my own vision on skin and paper.

The tattoo artists prep skin for application and provide aftercare suggestions for the best results. The shop's philosophy is that all customers, ranging from those seeking their first tattoo to those with many, deserve to be met with respect and an open mind.

Lucky Dragon Tattoo is a proud ally of all races, sexual orientations, genders, and countries of origin. Its tattoo artists are proficient in hand poking and machine tattooing techniques.

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Price isn't an issue, but I want someone with a proven rep. TIA! Although the quality of a tattoo design depends on the artists inking skills, there are tattoo parlors that are known to be home of top tattoo artists with expertise in quality designs and are as well outstanding in creating an atmosphere that is clean and sanitized.

Black Label tattoo Company is home to some of the most skilled and professional tattoo artists like Antonio Roque amongst others who are known for their expertise in the bold traditional styles. Black Label Tattoo Parlors is located at 126 E Patrick Street in Frederick, Md.

Circle Du Rouge Located at 416 H street North East DC, Circle Du Rogue is home to some refined tattoo artists with creative ideas and skills that are quite unique, making it one the best tattoo Parlors in Washington DC. The tattoo parlor is predominantly an appointment only with great portfolios that one can choose from.

This tattoo parlor is outstanding for its welcoming ambience with the bright and tidy space that makes clients feel comfortable ones the finish climbing the carpeted stairs. Located at 1333 Connecticut Ave. NW, Fatty’s Tattoos and Piercings have some of the most experienced artists with expertise in diverse design.

Located at 2444 18th Street, NW, the place is quite vibrant given the various activities going around and can be quite relaxing for the clients. The artists are literally surrounded by tattoo history which range from the traditional to the customized modern designs.

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The tattooer A walk into the tattoo shop brings the experience that you are stepping into an art gallery as the reception area is decked with beautiful tattoo artwork which range from the pop-culture inspired art to the weird sculptures and others. The tattoo shop provides a very clean atmosphere that customers find comfortable even as they wait to be inked.

Champion Tattoo Company is located at 719 18th street, SE and is home to highly experienced tattoo artists with great artistic ability. The tattoo parlor is owned by Jason who has great experience in the tattoo Industry and ensures clients ideas are incorporated into pieces of artwork that appeal to them Pin N Needle is located at 924 U street Northwest Washington, DC 11.

British ink Tattoo Studio and Gallery Located at 508 H Street North East Washington, DC. British ink Tattoo Studio and Gallery is home to some highly experienced tattoo artists with a great portfolio that one can choose from.

The tattoo artists are experts in varied designs that range from tribal, realism, Japanese, traditional alongside cover-ups and anything in between. The parlor is located at Seattle, Washington and is quite a welcoming place to have your tattoo design ideas customized to your ideal artwork.

Graphic Box Tattoos This is a customer-centric shop with a mission to provide their customers with the highest quality body art. The tattoo shop is located at 5816, Georgia Avenue Northwest, Washington DC.

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The artists have a great collection of portfolios to choose from and also offer custom designs as per a clients need. Laughing hyena is located at 1454 Park Road, NW Washington.

Iron Heart Tattoo Company Iron Heart Tattoo Parlor is located at Beaver dale neighborhood of Des Moines and is home to tattoo artists like Joshua Bowers, Buddha, Sean Wilcox and Paul NYC amongst others. The tattoo parlor provides an environment that is clean and comfortable for the customers.

Off the Hook Tattoo Parlor Located at 1414 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Washington DC, Off the Hook Tattoo Parlor is known for its unique customized designs and the clean atmosphere it provides to the clients. The tattoo parlor is home to some of the most skilled tattoo artists that are quite keen to customer needs and ensures the design ideas of the clients are implemented to their expectation.

With so many tattoo parlors to choose from, one might get disoriented or as we say aptly say lost for choice. Browse the internet, get ideas, ask friends; all the preparation work done beforehand will ensure the best result.

It is a good idea to print out the designs you like and taking them to the tattoo artist for a discussion. From his expertise and experience, a good artist will be able to suggest new ideas, and also assemble your thoughts to emerge with a personalized design.

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They eye also one of those shops that is more than happy to show you all of their past work to give you an idea of what you can expect before you sit down in one of their chairs. Coffee is a huge part of life in Seattle, so there are plenty of locals who opt to get some type of coffee-related tattoos.

People who want to show their pride in being from Seattle will often include Mount Rainier in their tattoo designs. Mount Rainier is one of those awe-inducing sites, so even people who aren’t from Seattle will sometimes include the mountain in their tattoos.

In addition, Seattle is a sea and air gateway to Alaska and Asia and also a major port. It sits along a deep inland arm of the Northern Pacific Ocean called Puget Sound, and it is in the middle of a conurbation that is roughly defined by Tacoma to the south, Bellevue to the east and Everett to the north.

Seattle is dominated by tall buildings that overlook Elliot Bay at its urban center. Seattle commands the resources of a broad hinterland just like many other western cities in the United States.

Seattle owes much of its growth to its Internet based commerce and its role as one of the world’s leading hubs for high technology manufacturing. A few neighborhoods, especially the ones that are near Danish Waterway and southwest of the center of the city, have an industrial character defined by wharves, low income housing projects, cranes and rail yards.

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Others in the area, mostly outside the city limits, are the example for the magnificence fashioned by the booming sector of high technology in Seattle. Seattle’s districts don’t have an ostentatious feel, but they are comfortably prosperous, characterized by townhouses and neat family homes occupied by industrial artists, workers, professionals, academics and the abnormal class of workers form the technology sector that novelist Douglas Copland labeled “microserfs.” Seattle has a closer connection to its downtown area that most cities in the western part of the country, and there has been a great deal of effort put into the marketing of the downtown area as a great place to work and live.

Seattle is a lively city that thrives with commercial, industrial and cultural activity every day. The waters around the city are teeming with great ocean bound ships, its railroads with passenger trains and transcontinental freighters, and the skies chock-full of any aircraft you can imagine.

Even though the image of Seattle is one of a commercial and financial center, the residents of the area place grand importance on literature, the arts, cultural activities and sports. Seattle proudly claims multistory bookshops, large arenas, many galleries and museums, and public art at a number that you can’t even count.

The shift to bedroom from urban communities is a result of many economic considerations, among these the cost of living for families within the city. There were around 200,000 workers commuting to Seattle’s downtown area from neighboring communities by the early 21st century.

At the end of the 20th century, Seattle had grown exponentially, in part because of the arrival of workers, many of which were educated and skilled, from all over the world but there was also a large percentage coming from southern California. Despite the city’s exponential growth, there is still a high level of public and social services, abundant parks and greenbelts, and excellent schools, which have been part of the reason Seattle earned the moniker, the Emerald City.” It is steadily rated of the most livable cities in North America and even though the information and technology economy is highly volatile, is still seems to be heading in an upward direction.

West of the city lies the Olympic Mountains which offer protection from the heavy winter rains that hit many parts of the pacific coast of Washington. Monumental changes have swept the city over its long history, including an influx of workers and capitalists first because of the thriving timber industry, the gold rush of the late 1890s, and then a boom in shipbuilding, sailing, and exporting in the post-war 1920s.

The Seattle Center is an incredible 74-acre campus that contains the renowned Space Needle which towers to a height of 184 meters. Aside from the tower, there is a large modernist sculpture that functions as a water fountain that was intended originally as an attraction for the world fair but has gained fame each year since.

In addition to the attractions, a handful of schools operate there that are dedicated to art, music, and drama and offer classes to the public. Annually, a number of festivals are held in the Seattle Center that work to include all types of people, cultures, and beliefs.

Seattle rests in the “Pacific Ring of Fire” or circum-Pacific belt, a geographical area that is susceptible to frequent, large-scale earthquakes. The climate of the city, due to its proximity to the ocean, is temperate and does not often include extremely hot or cold periods, with little snow in the winter.

This includes computer companies like Microsoft and the internet marketplace Amazon as well as the aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing. These advancements have helped to label Seattle as a leader in intelligent thinking and a center for the furthering of both the arts and scientific progress.

Super genius Tattoo currently boasts one of the largest selection of artists in the area, listing the following artists on their site: Damon Conklin, Chris Greenwald, Cory Jordan, Emily Canal, Rich Dillard, Matt Wear, Janelle Evelyn, Jason Vogt, Nate Leslie, Robbie Tudors, Jon Buffett, Darling Tom. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

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