Best Washington State Quarterbacks

James Smith
• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
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^ “Jacob Season, QB, Washington Huskies, NCAA College Football”. ^ “Jake Browning, QB, Washington Huskies, NCAA College Football”.

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Since the late 1970s, WSU has had an unprecedented run of both prolific passing offenses and elite quarterbacks. With that in mind, I thought I would tackle the holy grail of WSU top five lists, the quarterbacks.

Sports Illustrated famously dubbed WSU “Quarterback U” in its prime. Signal-callers such as Jason Lesser and Connor Halliday have kept the tradition alive to this day.

There was a reason that he was the only player in WSU history to be invited to the Heisman ceremony. I don't think Bedsore was as consistent as Leaf, but Drew was the most physically talented of the quarterbacks.

But a guy who was a first team All-American and set NCAA records for passing yardage has to rank high on any list. He ran the Air Erickson offense to perfection and led the nation in passing efficiency.

They knocked off the No.1 team in the country and put up huge numbers against excellent competition. He fought through some injuries but still did some great things with the legendary RPM offense.

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A proposal to enact an early signing period is set to be voted upon this week. Fears about Trojans repeating recent disappointing season most likely unfounded as some members of the 2015 team remember to meltdown of 2012.

601-1,086 (55.3 pct) 7,818 yes, 53 TD, 49 INT: Even in today’s college football climate, Thompson’s aerial numbers would turn heads. 1,047-1,521 (68.8 pct), 10,893 yes, 89 TD, 26 INT: The former walk-on is on track to shatter every Cougar record that he doesn’t already have and will become the Pac-12’s leading career passer with 2,712 yards this season.

Mark Repair (1981, ’83-85), led Cougars to one-point win in 1985 Apple Cup … Time Rosenbaum (1987-88), beat No. While he's considered one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history, Russell's college accomplishments were good enough to win the Sugar Bowl and for him to be selected with the No.

Ronald Martinez/Getty ImagesStart watching some Arkansas football, and you might begin to get the inclination that Bobby Neutrino is building a new Quarterback U in Fayetteville. It begins and ends with Boomer Season, who set 17 school records at Maryland and who was the NFL's 1988 MVP among many other honors.

Add in names like Dick Shiner, Stan Laugh, Frank Reich, Scott Zola and King Corcoran, and the history of quarterback success runs deep for the Terms. UCLA, like several others on the list, has hit a bit of a rough spot in recent years, with a ton of instability at the quarterback position since Drew Olson in 2005.

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You can't talk about Penn State football without mentioning Todd Black ledge, Kerry Collins and Chuck Fusing, period. But it's not just about the Manning's for the Rebels, with over a dozen other quarterbacks who've played in the NFL, including John Forbade, Norris Geese, Glynn Griffin and Ray Brown.

But at the college level, with Heisman winners like Tim Te bow and Danny Eiffel and a cast that includes Rex Grossman, John Leaves, Erwin Bell, Chris Leak, Jesse Palmer and Doug Johnson, there's no denying the Gators belong in the Quarterback U discussion. But that's not to say that great college quarterbacks like Jason White, Josh Helped, Janelle Holiday, J.C. Watts, Jack Mildred, Charles Thompson and Came Grundy among others shouldn't be recognized as well.

Mike Powell/Getty Images you're making a list of the best college quarterbacks of all time, there's a good chance that Tommie Frazier is right at the top. Elsa/Getty ImagesWhile Purdue has done decently at quarterback in recent years, the Boilermakers produced some stellar passers in the past, with Drew Trees and Bob Grieve headlining the bunch.

Purdue also has Len Dawson, Jim Everett, Mark Vital, Scott Campbell, Mike Phipps and Kyle Norton, as well as a handful of others, who make it hard to keep the Boilermakers out of the top 10. Michigan, like a few others, is fairly new to the discussion, with the great Wolverines at the position all coming in the last 20 years.

From Elvis Grab ac in 1989 to Chad Hence in 2008, every Michigan starting quarterback for 19 years made it onto an NFL roster. Of course the greatest of those quarterbacks, future NFL Hall of Fame Tom Brady, wasn't selected until the sixth round of the 2000 draft.

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Fella, Ellen Clemens, Danny O'Neil, Tony Grazing, George Shaw and Jeremiah Mason. But quarterbacks like Trent Edwards, Steve Maelstrom, Guy Benjamin, Todd Husk, John Payne and Turk Schooner aren't quite at the level as the top five schools on the list.

BYU is one of the greats with former QBs ranging from: NFL Hall of Fame Steve Young, Heisman-winner Ty Deter, Jim McMahon, Marc Wilson, Steve Parisian, Kevin Ceteris, John Beck, Gifford Nielsen and even Max Hall. You can't talk about Washington football without mentioning Warren Moon, the greatest player in school history.

Long known as the true Quarterback U, Miami pumped them out with the best of them in the 1980s and 1990s, beginning with Jim Kelly, going through Heisman winners Gino Torrent and Vinny Testaverde, great leaders like Bernie Solar and Ken Dorsey and even underrated guys like Brock Berlin. He and Joe Heisman both went on from great careers in South Bend to win multiple Super Bowls.

Steve Berlin had a long pro career, Terry Hannity, Rick Miner, Brady Quinn, and Jimmy Clause were all high draft picks, and there are quite a few others who have reached the pinnacle of the college game. There's Mark Sanchez, Paul McDonald, Rob Johnson, Rodney Pete and a few more quarterbacks to back up the argument if you still need convincing.

On and around 3:50 p.m. PST, the firstfewtweets emerged in the immediate moments after Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was intercepted on a 50-yard touchdown by Indianapolis Colts safety Khaki Willis. Meanwhile, at 3:51 p.m. PST, frustrated49ers fans started venting after San Francisco quarterback Nick Mullen's threw a pick-six that was absolutely his fault.

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Washington Football Team safety Karen Curl ran 76 yards for the touchdown, which put his squad up 23-7. Perhaps current and former Bay Area football franchises are cursed for chaos at approximately 3:50 p.m. PST henceforth.

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