Best Washington State Park Hikes

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
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With more than one hundred state parks, Washington has one of the largest state park systems in the country. Bookmark the winter schedule and check WTA's Hiking Guide alerts before you go.

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This gorgeous little park is the perfect place for both forest wandering and beachside strolling, and it's just a couple of minutes from Camaro Island State Park, so you can get two visits in for the price of one Discover Pass. Lake Sammamish State Park has opportunities to enjoy beach, forest and wetland environments.

With beach, forests, wetlands, and the potential to spot wildlife, Lake Sammamish State Park has it all. If you want to extend your adventure, consider heading next door to Beaver Lake Preserve, where WTA volunteers have built some trail system.

Gaze at this impressive bridge from the rocks near Lighthouse point at Deception Pass State Park. One of the most popular state parks in Washington, Deception Pass State Park is probably best known for the views to be had from the bridge, where many drivers stop to snap a photo.

Location : Mount St. Helen's Area Length : 3.0 miles, round trip Elevation Gain : 100 feet Here, fog makes a dramatic landscape in the winter, but it's also afford visitors gorgeous views of St. Helen son a clear day.

Hike beneath towering moss-covered old growth trees or visit the Catherine Montgomery Interpretive Center at Federation Forest State Park. This one can take a little while to melt out from winter snows, so save it in your My Backpack account for a late spring or early summer hiking inspiration.

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Location : White Pass/Cowling River Valley Length : 1.5 miles, round trip Elevation Gain: minimal Radar State Park, along the Wild and Scenic Skagit River, presents a variety of trails for exploring the park’s second-growth forest, native wildlife and pioneer history.

You can also catch views of nearby Sank Mountain on clear days from the Field Trail, a mowed path which returns you to the impeccably groomed, large campground. With fishing, swimming, and opportunities just to enjoy the sunshine, Alta Lake State Park, just outside Waters, is not to be missed.

Location : Northern Coast Length : 8.0 miles of trails Elevation Gain: 80 feet Located just eight miles south of Port Townsend, Anderson Lake State Park has ten trails for you to explore.

There are ten trails circling Anderson Lake, just eight miles south of Port Townsend. Eight miles of hiking trails zigzag around Millersylvania State Park, but you can make your own loop through the peaceful forest, across wetlands and beside Deep Lake.

Location : Kit sap Peninsula Length : 1.0 mile, round trip Elevation Gain: 25 feet The lush forest has been described by state park employees and trip reporters as “fairy tale”; take advantage of the one-mile loop trail here and enjoy it.

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Location : Lewis River Region Length : 3.0 miles, round trip Elevation Gain: 200 feet Rainbow Falls State Park is an island remnant of exquisite old growth forest in the upper Chevalier Valley, with a small cascade as the centerpiece of the park.

Gentle meandering hiking trails along the 489-acre state park offer scenic views of Jason Ridge, Dirty Face Mountain and the iconic Emerald Island. The Columbia Plateau State Park is a 110-mile railed of the old Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway that has been converted in two parcels as a multi-use trail.

Easy walking takes you along and over the Wenatchee River, traversing wetlands and fields and offering broad vistas. See the spectacular Matilda Rock and other magnificent geological formations at Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park.

The evidence of the floods that shaped so much of Central Washington is on grand display at Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park. From the overlook off Highway 17, gape at the skeleton of the waterfall that submerged this land thousands of years ago.

Location : Pa louse and Blue Mountains Length : 4.4 miles, round trip Elevation Gain: There are several factors that make Riverside State Park an ideal spot to work into your year-round hiking or trail running routine.

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Take a tip from local running coach and WTA staffer, Holly Water: “Trail 25 is an excellent long route in the park : follow the whole loop to cover twenty-five miles!” Washington Known for its lakes and waterfalls, Wallace Falls State Park is a hiker’s utopia.

This park features miles of trails with some leading towards Wallace Falls, which showcase three tiers of water rushing down timber and rock. Hike alongside the shoreline of Wallace River to see the beauty of the waterfall at its lower, middle, and upper viewpoints.

Other recreational activities that can be done here include: wildlife viewing, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Check out Ollie State Park where it features the Twin Falls, a highly popular and well-loved waterfall.

Ollie State Park also has other waterfalls such as Weeks Falls that visitors won't want to miss. This park offers a rushing river, interesting rock formations, lush forests, and more views of the Snoqualmie Valley.

Recreational activities done here include: rock climbing (there are four different cliff areas), hiking, biking (check out the 20-mile-long Ollie Trail), fishing, and more! Washington Featuring snow-capped cascades and mountainous terrain, Mount Chuck State Park contains one of the most popular and difficult trails.

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This trail is strenuous, begins at 3100 feet above sea level and heads toward the summit and fire lookout. Visitors should be prepared to wind through an old growth forest and large rocks while heading towards the summit of Mount Chuck (5324 feet above sea level).

At the top of the summit, visitors will be treated with magnificent views of the Cascades, Olympics and Puget Sound. At Mount Chuck, there are other recreational activities, such as: wildlife viewing, picnicking, and mountain climbing.

Washington Beacon Rock State Park features year round camping along the shore of the Columbia River. Make sure to check out Beacon Rock, an overlook with stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge, a gouge that was previously created by the Ice Age floods.

More recreational activities include: hiking, camping, picnicking, biking, fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing. Washington Pa louse Falls State Park is a camping park with a unique geology and history.

The park offers a dramatic view of one of the state's most beautiful waterfalls, Pa louse Falls. Rugged cliffs drop to meet the turbulent waters of Deception Pass.

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The park also includes the Nine Mile Recreation Area, which is available for camping, picnicking, swimming, fishing and boating. Walks along the undeveloped lake shore are peaceful and give the visitor many opportunities for nature study.

Washington Squad Mountain State Park is a 1,545-acre, day-use park just outside of Issaquah and a short 15-minute drive from Seattle. The forested park features miles of trails in wilderness solitude for both equestrians and hikers alike.

Note: The term squaw is considered universally offensive by Indigenous groups in America due to its use for hundreds of years in a derogatory context.

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