Best Washington State Campgrounds

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Washington state is located on the far northeast corner of the United States bordering the Pacific Ocean. The state of Washington is famous in the Western parts of the US and takes second place after California.

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Located on the pristine Make Reservation on Near Bay, this resort enjoys stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. While visiting, you can enjoy the beach, a vast network of hiking and biking trails, and numerous wildlife viewing opportunities.

Visitors to Ho buck Beach Resort also enjoy the chance to mingle with members of the local community and learn about the vibrant culture of the Mean Tribe. In addition to well-appointed cabins, this facility also offers an open meadow for tent camping as well as full hookup sites for your RV.

Note that there is no tent camping permitted on the south side of the resort or directly on the beach. Be sure to visit the Cape Flattery Trail and check out the panoramic views of the water and terrain from the observation decks.

Nestled into the foothills of the towering Cascade Mountains at the base of the Wenatchee River, you will find the popular Leavenworth / Pine Village GOA Holiday campground. During the summer, you will appreciate the free shuttle rides into the quaint Bavarian mountain town of Leavenworth.

While at the campground, be sure to make time to take a dip in the cool Wenatchee River, explore all the hiking and biking trails, and participate in a variety of campground activities designed to appeal to campers of all ages. You can choose from deluxe cabins with full bathrooms and hot water, priming tent camping sites, and RV pads complete with a GOA patio.

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Deception Pass State Park covers 4134 acres of marine land and is home to a strait that separates Whitney and Hidalgo Islands. The iconic Deception Pass Bridge makes a scenic site in the park.

There is something for everyone at Deception Pass State Park with the provision of arts and crafts shop. These campgrounds are located on Diablo Lake and the south side of State Route 20.

The campgrounds offer flush toilets, parking spaces, and garbage removal. Every campsite has a campfire ring and picnic tables and access to clean water.

Visitors should take caution while hiking or walking in the nature trails as they may come across various wildlife. This year-round RV campground is located just steps from the Pacific Ocean, delivering a wealth of recreational opportunities in a beautiful natural setting.

Boasting 28 miles of beachfront, you will not run out of space to spread out and enjoy your break from the rigors of everyday life. This campground is also distinguished by its dog-friendly policies, allowing you to bring along your favorite pooch on your camping adventure.

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Guests will also enjoy a swimming pool, playground, bike paths, a historical lighthouse, and an activity center. The campgrounds provide suitable spots for visitors to pitch their tents near the forest.

Kids can have fun with field games, forest exploration and skipping stones on the river water. Wildlife observation is available in the park, especially eagle watching during fall and early winter.

Address: 641 E Phillips Lake Loop Rd, Shelton, WA 98584, United States Phone: 360-432-8476 The privately-owned Buck Lake Campgrounds, located in Shelton, Washington, provide outdoor living and overnight stays.

The campground provides close access to the scenic Paradise area that is the most popular attraction in the park. Cougar Rock Campground is elevated at 3180 feet and includes an alpine environment with old-growth forests.

Visitors may traverse the old waterfalls, historic buildings, and enjoy a view of the glaciers up-close. The campground features an amphitheater area and a lookout point where visitors can observe Mt.

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The well-known 93-mile Wonderland trail encircling the park provides beautiful experiences full of nature for hikers. Rainier National Park is close to the campgrounds for visitors interested in wildlife watching.

The history-rich state provides multiple parks with campgrounds that allow tourists to spend time in nature. Washington state parks provide both foreign and local tourists with the right destinations to spend time in nature.

The state is home to a wide range of geographical aspects that form various bioregions. Washington ranks second after California in terms of wine production, making the state a hub of tourists looking to surprise their taste buds.

The state enjoys cultural diversity and consists of people from various parts of the world. State parks in Washington also beckon for camping excursions, and destinations like Deception Pass and Lake Wenatchee are filled with their own unique scenic attractions.

On the southern flank of Mount Rainier, Cougar Rock Campground provides the closest access to the stunning Paradise area of the park. Campsites are close together at Cougar Rock, but the old-growth settings of western hemlocks and Douglas firs add an extra sense of privacy between the sites.

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An expansive amphitheater area at the campground offers educational programming throughout the season, and flushing toilets and potable water can be found nearby. One of the most popular state parks in Washington, Deception Pass encompasses both Whitney and Hidalgo Island and includes the historic bridge spanning the two.

Exposing dramatic views where Skagit Bay meets the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Deception Pass was heavily developed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps and inhabited by Coast Salish tribes well before that. Today, this sprawling state park entices visitors year-round with its abundant shoreline, generous tide pools, and a dense landscape to hike through.

Catering to tent campers and RVs with partial hookups available, the most campsites can be found at the Cranberry Lake Campground on Whitney Island near the Deception Pass Bridge. On Hidalgo Island, Bowman Bay also hosts campsites and offers easy access to the Civilian Conservation Corps Interpretive Center where visitors can learn more about the park.

On the Olympic Peninsula of western Washington, the How Rain Forest is an international tourist destination and unique environment found few other places in the world. The How Rain Forest Campground offers 78 campsites to aid in multiple days of exploring this lush and inviting landscape.

Campsites are granted on a first-come, first-served basis, with flushing toilets and potable water nearby, and the real appeal of this popular campground is its proximity to iconic trailheads in the area. Hiking, biking, and horse riding can be enjoyed on the park's many trails, and the shallow lagoon of Lake Wenatchee is great for young swimmers and first-time paddleboarders.

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All 142 sites at Colonial Creek are best suited for tent camping or small recreation vehicles, and all campsites have access to flushing toilets and potable water. Appealing to a wide variety of outdoor interests including horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, swimming, and off highway vehicle operating, Riverside State Park offers something fun to do for everyone who visits.

Encompassing almost 200 acres, including the eastern edge of Crescent Bay, Salt Creek offers constant views overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The campground is located near the Tongue Point Marine Sanctuary at the tip of the county park, where visitors can find some of the most diverse tide pools in the nation.

Over 90 sites comprise the two campground loops at Salt Creek, with year-round availability for most, including access to running water and flushing toilets. A must-do for any visit to Salt Creek Recreation Area, the Crescent Bay Beach is a stunning example of rugged Pacific Northwest shoreline and can be easily accessed with a short walk from the campground.

For extra add-on adventure, the city of Port Angeles is a short drive away and easily earns its status as one of the best small towns in Washington. One of the best campgrounds at Mount Rainier National Park, Ohanapecosh is a great base for exploring the generous alpine environment that surrounds the tallest mountain in Washington.

It is strategically located between the Sunrise and Paradise regions of the national park, and besides quick access to these aptly named areas, Ohanapecosh offers plenty to see and do within its immediate surroundings. The glacier-fed Ohanapecosh River carves its way through a canyon adjacent to the campground, and the nearby Grove of the Patriarchs Trail is a family favorite hike.

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Offering over 175 sites accommodating tent campers and RVs amid old-growth surroundings, Ohanapecosh provides flushing toilets and potable water within each campground loop. Thirty minutes east of Ellensburg, Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park presents a dense collection of fossils on display.

Overlooking the Columbia River and Wampum Reservoir, Ginkgo is considered one of the most diverse fossil forests in the country and provides a landscape found nowhere else in the state. A public boat launch is a popular means of enjoying the water, and nearby concert goers at the Gorge Amphitheater often take advantage of the campground come summer.

In the northeast corner of Washington, near the U.S./Canadian border, Curlew Lake State Park is a gem of the region thanks to its inviting outdoor areas and relaxing surroundings. On the shore of the five-acre Curlew Lake, this slightly off-the-beaten-path state park is popular for anglers looking to land trout, muskie, bass, or perch.

Large, open play spaces encourage lawn activities at Curlew Lake, and the adjacent Ferry County Rail Trail provides a great showcase of the scenic surroundings. Views and privacy vary between the different camp areas at Moran, and the South End Campground tends to be the most popular, with all sites positioned on the shore of Cascade Lake.

A trail leads up to the peak of the towering Mount Constitution, a defining backdrop and attraction of Moran State Park, where three different mountain ranges can be seen from the summit.

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