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Ava Flores
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
• 8 min read

As spring rounds the corner, and the leaves on the trees start showing, so do the Salmon. April is a great time of year, with Steel head in abundant numbers, and Kings starting their migration up river, there are lots of fish to catch.

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Springers, as they are nicknamed, are undoubtedly the most explosive fish to encounter in the Northwest rivers. With their uncanny ways of twisting and spinning around like a top, they will challenge the skills of any experienced angler.

Our terminal tackle is: 8.5 -10.5 ft. Loomis' rods, Shaman and Ambassador high speed reels. This fish of a lifetime can peel off fifty to eighty yards of line in seconds.

In my 37 years of guiding the Olympic Peninsula and Southwest rivers, these Kings are a very prestigious fish to encounter. Not only their tremendous will to fight to the bitter end, but, the table fare of these hi-brood hatchery raised fish, are unarguably the finest tasting King in the Northwest.

There is plenty of fish to eat for the whole family, when you land one of these chrome bright Springers. On the Columbia or Cowling rivers, we use a late model 2007 Alumaweld 23 jet sled to find the action in the Spring and Summer months starting mid April for the Springers (Kings) running through June.

Also, the Olympic Peninsula has another run of Kings starting up river. This is another beautiful river valley of rich mountains and feeder creeks for these Salmon to spawn in.

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Summer Salmon enter the How river bright as silver dollars, with an unbelievable amount of power. With temperatures between 50-80 degrees. In August, yet another run of Salmon begin their migration up our Olympic Peninsula and southwest rivers.

The first rains generate thousands of Silver (Coho) and King (Chinook) Salmon. As the season progresses into October the numbers also increase, which many are trophy class.

All rods, reels, and tackle are provided or feel free to bring your own. A king will spend anywhere between one and eight years at sea before making their final trip home to spawn, returning to their native fresh water rivers and providing the opportunity for anglers to pursue the hallmark of Seattle WashingtonKingSalmon Fishing.

Certainly their tremendous size and strength are characteristics that few North American fish can rival, and fighting and landing a 30+ pound king can provide a work out that can leave even the hardiest of anglers with a pair of stiff arms WashingtonKingSalmon feed extensively before their spawning runs and as a result the Seattle Kingston provides a rich and satisfying dining experience.

Brewster Pool is also great for combo trips. When we have a good sockeye run to go with the Kings it's as fun as it gets.

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We do run some trips early in July out of the Wenatchee area. We launch from the Veronica Bridge area on the Upper Hanford Reach.

Hanford Reach fall Kings are some of the biggest of the year. The Pacific Ocean is home to six types of salmon, and U.S. and Canadian boats fish five of them: King, Sockeye, Silver, Pink, and Chum.

They have a high-fat content and corresponding rich flesh that ranges from white to a deep red color. They have bright red flesh and a slightly more delicate texture than Chinook salmon but a similar flavor.

Pink salmon are often canned but also sold fresh, frozen, and smoked. They are sometimes called “hum pies” or humpback salmon because of the distinctive hump they develop on their back when they spawn.

Sockeye (Oncorhynchus era) salmon are noted for their bright red-orange flesh and deep rich flavor. They are known as “reds” both for their dark flesh color and because they turn deep red (from the bright silver pictured here, which is how you'll see them at markets since the commercial catch is caught at sea) as they move upstream to spawn.

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Chum (Oncorhynchus beta) is also called dog salmon for its dog-like teeth. Beta comes from its species name and is a way to get away from the negative association chum sometimes has.

Kingston from Alaska is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified sustainable. Its flesh is an unmistakable vibrant red, which is a result of its exceptionally high levels of an antioxidant pigment called astaxanthin.

In combination with Omega-3 fatty acids, astaxanthin is believed to protect the nervous system and brain from inflammation. Its orangey-red flesh has a firm texture, and many consider it the best type of salmon for grilling.

These fish have a lower nutritional value because they’re often fed an unnatural diet of grains, plants, and fish meal They’re often bred in a densely populated, filthy environment They’re dosed with antibiotics and pesticides (which can then get past on to you) They’ve occasionally been shown to contain higher levels of industrial pollutants called PCBs than wild caught salmon. And when they escape (which happens), that can lead to the development of invasive populations that threaten other fish.

Why you should stop thinking caveman when you hear paleo diet Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Co. is proud to offer the highest quality Alaskan Kingston at the lowest available prices.

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The largest and most rich in fat and flavor of all the wild salmon species. Also called Chinook Salmon, which refers to the Chinookan peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

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