Best Washington Ipa

Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Plan your trip soon, and you may be able to catch some fun Seattle Beer Week events! Serious Beer Ratings ***** Our new favorite **** Awesome, worth remembering *** We'd consider buying this again ** There are probably better options * No, thanks, I'll have water.

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This IPA has a nose of orange and piney resin, and delivers with sweet, rich oily hop flavors. This beautifully integrated beer reminded one of our tasters of an orange-flavored crème caramel.

Elysian The Immortal IPA Seattle, 6.3% ABV This rich IPA has a hint of apricot and mango flavors, with pine resin on the finish. It's rich but not heavy, with a scent of Creamily and a quick, clean finish.

We tasted crisp rye bread toast and a hint of lemon peel, and the finish is clean. This one probably isn't an IPA for beginners, but fans of bitter beer will love it.

Graham-cracker-like malt balances dry eucalyptus, lemon peel, and pine flavors, and there's a lingering bitterness. Nice body and a bit of Compare bite, this one is dry as a bone.

Yakima Craft Brewing IPA Yakima, 6.33% ABV We smelled canned pineapple in this beer, but the flavor is dry and crisp, with just a hint of peach. This IPA is a little thin, but has nice hints of bitter orange and sage.

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Double IPA Pike Double IPA Seattle, 8% ABV This beer has a huge fresh punch of grapefruit and lemon, with enough malt to back it up. It's mild, dry, earthy, and drinkable, but we have to admit, it reminded us a little too much of musty soap.

So far, this only includes beers from California, Oregon, and Washington, but there's more to come, and any IPA that scores well will have the chance to knock one of these off the list. Green Flash West Coast IPA (California) ****1/4 6.

Those familiar name-brand beers advertised during football games are all pilasters, but none of them are as tasty as the ones our local brewers produce. It pours sparkling clear and golden, with a thin white head that smells slightly happy and a wee bit ready.

Head brewer Dean Praise created a beer that refreshes the palate with a tactful combination of subtle flavors: just a bit of honey, corn and straw, then the tiniest hint of herbal hop spiciness provides a little pop of bitterness on the finish. Pairs with: Use this snappy, bright beer to wash down fresh oysters on the half shell.

Whether you call it amber or red, it’s more sweet than bitter and usually features a rich caramel character. Ridge top Red Silver City Brewery 6 percent alcohol by volume Saying you like this Bremerton-brewed beer is akin to saying you enjoy vacationing in Hawaii.

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Best Amber/Red Ale Finalists: Amber’s Hot Friend, Sodium Brewery (Arlington) Funky Red Patina, Hellbent Brewing Company (Seattle) Immersion Amber, Two Beers Brewing (Seattle) Planktonic Red, Jellyfish Brewing Company (Seattle) Spin Cycle Red, No-Li Brew house (Spokane) Best Saigon A traditional Belgian style of beer that was originally brewed seasonally for summer consumption, Saigon (the French word for season) has become a popular year-round style in America.

Pale, cloudy in complexion, it has a flavor that is often a bit fruity and even spicy. The Seer Holy Mountain Brewing 5.1 percent alcohol by volume Colin Longest, the head brewer and a cofounder of Holy Mountain Brewing, created a beautiful beer that pours a hazy yellow, with a tight white head.

The aroma is a bewitching combination of barnyard funk and herbal perfume that draws the glass irresistibly to your lips. You might taste lavender, then Chardonnay and tart lemons, along with the four (a large, oak, barrel-like vessel) in which the beer is aged for four months.

Find The Seer on tap at the brewery’s tasting room in Interlay, where the beer is available in bottles, but not growlers. Though porters come in shades from dark brown to pitch black and balance mild sweetness with happy bitterness, they are surprisingly refreshing and light on the palate, given their formidable appearance.

Global Mutt Baltic Porter Wander Brewing 7.0 percent alcohol by volume The light brown head that rests atop this pitch-black beer from Bellingham releases an unmistakable coffee-like aroma. In this one, head brewer and brewery co-owner Chad Fuel presents flavors that are robust but dry, with notes of dark chocolate, coffee and roasted, almost burnt malt.

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True to its name, Global Mutt presents a mélange of flavors stemming from the use of globally sourced ingredients: fair-trade cacao nibs from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, coffee from Brazil and specialty grains from Europe. Pairs with: Continue the worldwide vibe by serving it for dessert with a traditional Italian biscotto, and don’t be afraid to dunk.

Best IPA The happiest of all beer styles, today’s IPA are often described with adjectives like fruity, piney, citrus and tropical, all flavors imparted by the hops. Jumbo Juice IPA Airways Brewing 6 percent alcohol by volume This Kent-brewed beer is big on fruity flavors, with not so subtle hints of orange and tropical fruit, which are actually provided by the use of copious amounts of citrus-forward hops.

Pairs with: The citrus notes will complement and amplify the spiciness of four-star pad Thai, adding more depth of flavor to an already intense dish. To shape our final list of nominated beers for tasting, Jones, who tastes hundreds of Washington beers each year, relied on his own experience and also sought opinions of other industry professionals who do the same.

We then culled the list of beers to a reasonable size for tasting (five or six finalists per category). All rights reserved.

Harpoon Brewerydrizly.com The favorite of bartender Matt Nicola of Savannah, Georgia It's crisp and refreshing with great floral and citrus notes, but finishes with a piney bitterness that reminds you what it is.

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Russian River Brewing Companydrizly.com The favorite of brewery owner Natalie Cicero of Windsor, California I love the big, happy aroma with tons of juicy citrus, stone fruit, and tropical notes, and the lingering dry and bitter finish.

Happy Hops packs the punch of a juicy/hazy IPA in a clear beer, which I prefer. Many IPA's are too high in alcohol, thus adding heat and a wooziness that takes away from the hop character.

Burial Beer Co.drizly.com The favorite of brewer Fagin Owens of Centerville, Tennessee Burial Beer has to be the best place near me to get an absolute killer IPA every single time you go.

Their flagship IPA, Surf Wax, has won a ton of medals and is so unassuming but extremely complex, with the perfect balance of hop flavor that takes it to the extremes of the style but doesn't overdo it. Its delicious, tropical fruitiness mixed with pine and dank flavors meld together perfectly, and don't get muddled and 'muddy' like a lot of IPA's do nowadays.

“Since I'm a New England boy at heart, my first suggestion is the often sought out, but hard to acquire, Heady Topper, brewed by Alchemist in Waterbury, Vermont. “Heady Topper has a nice, hazy straw color with aromas of citrus, pine, and dare I say, what a hippie might call a bag o' dank bugs.

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If they want to stray away from Reignites, I’ve also been recommending Tristan Brewing of Birmingham, Alabama.” Dogfish Head Brewerydrizly.com The favorite of bartender Carl Parker of Washington, D.C.

Strong Rope Brewerystrongropebrewery.com The favorite of beer buyer Troy Rennet of Brooklyn, New York “I'm from the West Coast and still prefer a bitter, clean, nearly clear IPA versus the softer, fruit-flavor-forward, Northeast-style that's risen in popularity over the recent years.

The less chance the beer has to face temperature change (which happens frequently when it is placed in the hands of a third party distributor transporting it for long distances across country/countries), the better it will taste. So my advice: Find the brewery nearest you that brews on site and drink that IPA.

Pine and citrus from American hops, followed with a nice malt backbone, it won me over. Most people know us for our West Coast-style IPA Lunch, but my personal favorite is Woods & Waters.

“Hop Peak is a go-to for me because it's bursting with bright citrus and crisp pine aroma but isn’t overly sweet, which allows it to remain highly refreshing through any season. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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These are the folks who don’t screw around with the happy, refreshing goodness that is a nice, cold brew. They can take the subtlest sip of the froth off the top of a pint and give you a comprehensive history of its origins.

As such, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard people talk about Bell’s Two-Hearted or Reignites. You might have come across your standard India Pale Ale or even a hazy IPA.

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