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The ease of access to these different hot springs varies from backcountry hiking to resort and spa visits, and each offers its own ambience and style, including clothing-optional policies at some. Whatever hot spring you choose, if you do a little research and plan ahead, you can easily enjoy some of the nation's best geothermal attractions.

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Whenever visiting a hot spring, whether commercial, wild, or with access granted on private land, it's important to tread lightly around these awesome attractions. Find the best places to visit and soak your cares away with our list of the top hot springs in Washington.

Nestled among the ancient forests of the Cascade Mountains near Snoqualmie Pass, approximately 45 minutes east of Seattle, Goldener Springs is one of the best -kept geothermal gems in the entire state of Washington. You have to work to enjoy Goldener Springs though, and the 15-mile drive on a non-maintained, unpaved Forest Service road, plus the 4.5-mile hike into the wilderness to access the springs, helps to keep this hard to reach location in good condition.

As does Northwest Wilderness Programs, the nonprofit organization that maintains the springs via an innkeeper, who enforces low-impact policies to protect the fragile environment. Trail and road conditions to reach Goldener vary with the weather, and visitors should consult the official site before planning a trip.

Doe Bay Resort and Retreat is your first-class ticket for everything the San Juan Islands has to offer. Located on Orcas Island in Olga, the waterfront soaking tubs and sauna are many people's centerpiece experience while visiting Doe Bay Resort.

The facility also features a yoga studio to perfect your pose, as well as adventure opportunities like guided kayaking excursions in Puget Sound or hiking the nearby trails in Moran State Park. Accommodations at Doe Bay Resort include cabins, yurts, and waterfront campsites.

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All overnight guests at Doe Bay Resort have unlimited access to the spa tubs during operating hours. A similar resort operated on the Olympic Springs until 1966, when the lease with the National Park Service (NPS) expired.

Since then, the NPS has removed all man-made structures from the area, and hikers can access these natural hot springs via a 2.5-mile trail. The hike to Olympic Springs starts in the Alpha Valley at the Boulder Creek Trailhead.

In the Columbia River Valley in southern Washington, Carson Springs Resort takes tourists into the past and away from their present concerns. The facade of the hot springs resort and surrounding small town of Carson has received a few fresh layers of paint over the last century.

Carson Springs Resort offers all sorts of rooms, with a few containing personal mineral-fed hot tubs for private enjoyment. The 1930s bathhouse at Carson Springs is an adults-only facility and features several tubs with mineral water pumped directly into the basins.

The surrounding Columbia River Gorge is worth exploring, including many of the best waterfalls in Oregon. Scenic Springs, amid 40 acres that border the Alpine Lakes Wilderness just west of Stevens Pass, is a privately owned hot spring location with a long and continuing history in the state.

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The lodge remained a commercial entity until the early 1920s and was nearly forgotten for 50 years, until new hot spring enthusiasts started seeking these soaking waters. Then problems with overcrowding and damaging the natural environment caused issues with local law enforcement and the private owner of the property.

The history of Scenic Springs is still in the making, so if you are granted permission to visit this natural attraction, be sure to pack out everything you bring in and help keep this pristine location open to visitors for years to come. Tucked amid the rugged Glacier Peak Wilderness, Gamma Springs has a nearly mythic status.

Even with the necessary equipment and experience in backcountry navigation to search for these geothermal diamonds in the rough, there is still no safe bet you'll find them. For inland adventures, the besthotsprings in Montana comprise several awesome commercial resorts and places for a weekend getaway.

Likewise, the top hiking trails in the state also lead to some awesome places to visit. For overnight adventures, our guide to places to camp in Washington will have you pitching a tent under the stars in no time (or parking an RV).

Not only will you feel fresh and rejuvenated, but you’ll also rest easy at night in your Roof nest and get a magnificent view of the stars at nearby car-camping sites. You won’t want to miss a chance to soak in these outdoor oases across the beautiful state of Washington.

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Hailed as the “gem of the wilderness” on their website, this hot spring is tucked into the historic Cascade Mountains, and is accessible only through the incredible trails nearby. Expert hikers will love the 4.5-mile hike through back country forests to get to the hot springs and accompanying campsites.

Once you’re done exploring Seattle, make a pit-stop near Olympic National Forest at this luxurious and rustic hot springs resort. Recent visitors have commented on their clean facilities and the various natural pools reserved only for members staying at the cabins.

You can set up shop at over 93 nearby camp sites surrounded by evergreens and the picturesque Sol Due River. Tucked in the Columbia River Gorge, this resort was built in the early 1900s, and is just as authentic as it is relaxing.

Be aware: You won’t find any glitz in this place, but rather a “doorway into the beauty of nature,” as they put it. If Baker wasn’t enough adventure for you, step it up a notch with a hunt for the legendary Gamma hot springs.

Stop for lunch at the picnic area near the Alpha River and take a photo or two at Lines Canyon. There’s nothing quite like discovering the perfect place to relax and unwind, especially with a steamy hot spring nearby.

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If you’re looking to escape the Emerald City and unleash your inner wild, pack your bags (and your swimwear), and head out for a camping adventure for the ages. Written by Kelly Rogers | featured photo by Ken Rep part With snow beginning to blanket the state of Washington, what better way to warm up than by taking a trip to a mineral hot springs.

Some will appeal to those looking for a beautiful resort experience, while others can only be reached after trekking through the Olympic National Forest. Originally built in 1901, Is adore St. Martin discovered this piece of property while on a hunting expedition.

He saw the waters bubbling up from their natural springs, marked the spot and returned home to apply for an Indian Homestead claim for the site. Word spread and the hotel was constructed so that more people could benefit from the healing powers of the springs.

This family owned, 38-acre destination offers a rustic lodging experience in a serene setting. Photo by Hundertnmorgan_At the end of a 4.5-mile rugged wilderness trail, you’ll find Goldener Springs.

Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, this location has many open pools and an upper hot springs cave. Surrounded by a natural landscape, these crystal clear geothermal hot springs range from 111 degrees inside the cave to 104 in the open springs.

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You must make a reservation to visit Goldener Springs as only twenty people are allowed per day. View Gallery Relaxing in a hot spring either tucked away in nature or in a more luxurious location is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

We’ve gathered our favorite hot spring locations in Washington state, ranging from family-friendly spots with lots of pampering to pristine wilderness with hikes included. The Olympic Springs are an easy hike of about 5 mile round-trip alongside the Alpha River Valley.

The dozen or so small pools are interspersed among trees with temps in the range of 100 to 112 degrees. These springs offer a more outdoorsy experience than the nearby Sol Due Springs Resort.

The trailhead is about 20 miles south of Port Angeles inside the Olympic National Park. For the hot spring lovers who want a bit more of a luxurious experience, then Sol Due Springs is the idea location.

Sol Due is in the northwest corner of Olympic National Park, about 3 1/2 hours from Seattle. Is adore St. Martin built the resort back in 1901 after applying for an Indian Homestead claim.

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The original antique claw-foot tubs are still filled with mineral water, pumped directly from the Wind River at 104 degrees. Doe Bay Resort and Retreat is located on Orcas Island at Olga and provides rustic luxury.

The waterfront mineral soaking tubs and sauna are a relating luxury and while not natural are still amazing. Visitors will enjoy yoga, guided kayaking excursions, hiking trails in Moran State Park and fresh, local food at the Doe Bay Café.

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