Best Washington Hiking Books

Maria Garcia
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
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* Prime hiking for fall, winter, and spring * Organized by quick access from Spokane, the Trinities, Yakima-Ellensburg, and Wenatchee-Chelan * 100 hikes, from short half-day trips (1-5 miles) to overnightersIf you're used to tight, tree-lined trails through (often-dripping) evergreens, it's time for a guidebook to an entirely different world: the high desert of central and eastern Washington. This landscape of sagebrush and rim rock canyons is starkly beautiful and rich in plant and animal life.

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It offers mild temperatures in fall, prime wildlife viewing in winter, and an explosion of wildflowers in spring. Some of these hikes follow designated trails; others guide you along the contours of the land for a more individual experience.

Hiking Waterfalls in Washington takes you through state and national parks, forests, monuments, and wilderness areas, and from city parks to the most secluded corners of the area to view the most spectacular waterfalls. After giving up a soul-crushing corporate job, Adam Sawyer now describes himself as a Professional Gentleman of Leisure.

Rowdy Sheer is a writer and photographer specializing in nature, the outdoors, environmental issues and travel. He has been living in and exploring the Pacific Northwest since 1999 and has become a trusted source for information on the region's outdoor recreation opportunities.

St. Helen's: The Continuing Story (KC Publications, 2005) and Earth talk: Questions & Answers About Our Environment (Plume, 2009). Meanwhile, his stock photography collection of iconic Northwest nature and wildlife subjects includes more than 10,000 images and is represented by the Anita Belmont Agency, while his fine art prints have been featured in three solo exhibitions and are for sale directly via his website and through a handful of galleries.

* Guidebook to 50 wildflower species and the trails by which you can find them in Washington * Hikes include charts listing trails by featured flowers, peak viewing times, and more Best Wildflower Hikes Washington offers 50 hikes from Washington's ocean beaches to its high alpine terrain and the lowlands in between. Included wildflowers range from the ephemeral (thus rarely seen) Lewis Tweedy to common trillium.

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The guidebook includes sidebars on flower habitat and color maps and photos illustrate each hike. A separate section presents in-depth profiles of 50 flowers, including common and Latin botanical names, distinguishing features, where they are commonly found, conditions in which they thrive, accompanying vegetation, their growth and propagation habits, and historical uses (culinary, medicinal, etc.).

Format Paperback | 255 pages Dimensions 136 × 212 x 16 mm | 435g Publication date 01 May 2004 Publisher Mountaineers Books Language English Illustrations note Illustrations, unspecified ISBN10 0898869641 ISBN13 9780898869644 This book is a real gem... Now you can hike a trail you've done many times before with a new perspective: paying attention to the plants of the area.

Goo dreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Although dogs aren’t allowed on national park or monument trails, there are plenty of wonderful hikes to enjoy in Western Washington.

In this guidebook, Nelson describes 85 hikes, complete with quick references for distance round trip, difficulty on a scale of one to five, the highest elevation point, elevation gain, best season, map, contact information and GPS coordinates, followed by detailed descriptions of the individual hikes. In addition to specific destinations, at the beginning of the book Nelson goes into some detail about hiking with a dog in general, which I found fascinating.

In the “Getting Ready” section, Nelson emphasizes the importance of good training, including use of a leash on the trail. Also, stay within view so that the horse isn’t suddenly spooked when he sees the dog.

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