Best Washington Heights Restaurants

Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
• 8 min read

I was trying to search out reviews for new local Prospect Heights restaurants and I noticed that Yelp dropped them from the listings!! There are lots of authentic Mexican and Latin American restaurants in Upper Manhattan.

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A C: Great café with delicious pastries and fast Wi-Fi during the day, wonderful dinner spot with bomb pizza at night. Kendrick Cato: Great, mixed drinks.

Jennifer Gallardo: The Amsterdam is solidly delicious and always made fresh. Highly suggest you try this place....great gourmet burgers at affordable prices.

Bruce C.: Great produce, perfect emergency shopping. Washington Heights | OpenTable Skip to Main Content Restaurants are struggling due to COVID-19.

Coach Meeting House Oyster Bay Havana Heights is a big, boisterous neighborhood restaurant and bar that opened a couple of weeks ago right in center of Washingtonians.

We provide our customers with authentic Jamaican cuisine and a relaxed space for entertainment. We have a full bar, cozy dining, and a café equipped with Wi-Fi and flat screen televisions.

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Modern Italian Cuisine, with a Caribbean fusion touch, Great family environment, perfect atmosphere, excellent Woodrow crispy raviolis to Surf & Turf, our picadors are the must delicious appetizer to share on your night out with friends The interior of the restaurant closely resembles many small stores and markets travelers might have seen visiting Naples or Rome.

Hours: Closed (Mon),11:30AM to 9:30PM (Tue-Thu),11:30AM to... Washingtonians has a couple rivers, the world’s busiest bridge, and a Met Museum where you’ll find a series of massive unicorn tapestries.

Despite only being about two avenues wide, this area north of Harlem has an abundance of Dominican, Italian, Puerto Rican, and Mexican restaurants, just to name a few. Florida serves a large variety of Cuban and Dominican food, like moving, Sophos, and rotisserie chicken, but the reason you’re here is for the Cuban sandwich.

The $6 sandwich is very filling, with fatty ham, roast pork, and Swiss cheese, but the browned, pressed bread holds it together more tightly than a Victorian-era corset. Florida is open 24 hours a day, so order a sandwich with a coffee at the diner counter or a beer at the bar in the back.

The very long menu at Male con, a casual Dominican spot with three locations around the city, is illustrated with pictures of their dishes, like whole-fried snapper and moving DE Cimarron. It’s a tiny French spot with exposed brick walls covered in old photographs, and when you stop by, you’ll probably see one of the owners walking around, opening bottles of wine, and chatting with everyone.

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So if you need a charming spot where you can talk to a nice stranger and eat a big plate of COQ Au VIN, The Pandering Pig is an excellent choice. Unlike many other spots with neon signs on the walls, this bakery has been open since 1979 and the cake slices are taller than your coffee mug.

Order a glass of wine, and eat a CLIFF bar in what looks like the country villa of Catherine de Medici. This is a good spot for a casual group dinner, and we especially like it for a quick meal in the bar area where you can watch sports on TV and smoke some hookah (if you’re into that).

The very good pies are made in a brick oven and come topped with things like black truffle oil and suppressant, which you can enjoy with beer or wine. You can stop by at 11pm on a Tuesday, grab a table, and eat some perfectly decent Mexican food, like steak tacos or an all pastor burrito.

Even if it’s your first time sitting down at a candlelit table in the small, dark dining room or covered backyard at Maggie, you’ll feel like you’ve been coming here for years. La Chile is an exceedingly Irish pub with two floors, a view of the George Washington Bridge, and faded pink walls covered in old photos and posters.

Try this spot for a casual weeknight sushi meal or just order delivery the next time you’re feeling a strong emotional bond with your couch. This converted garage is mostly a takeout spot, but if the weather is nice, order some gelato and sit at one of the sidewalk seats along Wadsworth Ave.

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This ramen spot and sake bar is casual enough for a solo dinner, intimate enough for a date night, reliable for takeout, and pleasant enough to get drinks with a friend. The “Celebrity sandwiches” and “Classics” are the most popular orders and a good place to start, but if you’re here before 10 a.m., the breakfast burrito is also a solid choice.

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