Best Washington Heights Bars

Ava Flores
• Thursday, 14 January, 2021
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I don't mind the strollers too much; it's life. Located in the northern end of Manhattan, Washingtonians is home to one of New York City’s burgeoning bar scenes, so there’s no shortage of sizzling places that feature a wide selection of beers, spirits, and cocktails.

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This spacious gastropod fosters a warm and inviting atmosphere with rustic and offers an ample collection of rotating international and locally brewed craft beers. There’s a drink to suit every palate; Bronx, Founders Red Rye IPA, Reignites, Narragansett, and Flying Dog are all excellent choices.

Patrons will also find a wide selection of whiskeys and cocktails, from margaritas to Bloody Mary's. Le Chile is a family-friendly Irish pub with a quaint interior showcasing photographs and trinkets lining the walls.

Add to that a stunning view of the George Washington Bridge, and you have a calm, romantic atmosphere in which to enjoy your drinks. Locksmith Burger Bar is a small neighborhood tavern with brick walls and dim candle lighting, fostering a casual, laid-back atmosphere.

This weekend hot spot offers a great mix of retro music with live DJs. In addition to signature cocktails like the cucumber martini and the coconut mojito, this tavern serves a fine collection of wines.

Buddha Beer Bar has a cozy ambience backed by trendy music and multiple televisions screening games and the news. This modern, American sports bar offers an extensive and rotating medley of 26 craft beers on tap.

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Signature beers include Allah, Black Hog THC Vic Secret, Smutty nose Finest kind IPA, Pumpkin Pale Ale with Cinnamon Brown Sugar, and Wells & Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, so pair your favorite with classic American bar bites such as burgers and chicken wings. This saloon exhibits a cheerful, casual ambience with typical pub decor, including sports jerseys, beer adverts, and Irish memorabilia hanging alongside autographed photographs of celebrity guests.

Organ’s serves scrumptious concoctions like the Blue Hawaiian, the Hennessy Canada, and Long Island Iced Tea, alongside wine and beer. While their signature Champagne, red and white sangria are phenomenal, this Dominican establishment also serves a variety of spirits, wines, and cocktails, such as the guava margarita and the Chilean Carmen ere.

Heights Tavern has added a special touch to this predominantly Dominican neighborhood with its chic American style and an industrial, red brick decor. Complete with a mahogany bar, high ceilings, and exposed pipes, the tavern presents a comfy, upbeat atmosphere.

78 brings a unique retro cafe-bookstore vibe to the neighborhood with an intimate wooden bar that provides a relaxed, mellow ambience. They offer inventive cocktails on the weekends for great prices and events throughout the week like Sangria Sunday and jazz music on Wednesdays.

Live DJs play a nice blend of mixed tracks like R&B, hip hop, and dance music. The drink menu features countless signature concoctions like mango and coconut mojitos and margaritas.

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While relishing a few luscious cocktails, the bar also provides Jenna sets for patrons to have an amicable competition. This elegant, charming Spanish tapas bar’s decor is akin to a wine cellar, with dimly lit fairy lights fostering an intimate, romantic atmosphere.

The bar serves over 100 wines, 50 imported beers, and Spanish cocktails such as the ‘Muriel Brianna’ and the ‘Scenario de Sarria Rose.’ Great music, nice clientele, always plenty of parking.

New Cliff side Park closing hours for all bars is 2am. Andy is the top chef on Mosul ave. Burgers great specials are a fantastic value, service is unique.

This place is awesome and well worth the journey to South Harlem! Classy place, a different sight for the average New Yorker.nicely outgoing staff.

From Business: Located in Hamilton Heights, Manhattan, Hamilton Hall serves an elevated Castro menu, batched signature draft cocktails, craft beer & a large selection of… So I found my self telling my friends back home about Posh.

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Special party or show for every day of the week. This bar is a very cool place in the city where you can meet some down to earth guys. Mixed crowded, age and race.

|Social Update|3d The weekend is here, which means dinner and s’mores in the Garrison’s winter igloo village! |Social Update|4d Team Cannot continues to carry the very best selection of natural wines in uptown Manhattan.

|News|Dec 10 Company on Duncombe catering service made 180 free meals a day for Washingtonians residents during the pandemic. |News|Nov 25 The DoorDash grants are meant to help restaurants “winterize” their outdoor dining setups.

|News|Nov 10 The Hudson posted in multiple Linwood community Facebook groups Monday to inform residents it was closing down for the winter. |News|Oct 11 It looks like Upper Manhattan is about to get a new Indian restaurant to enjoy.

|News|Oct 2 “I feel like I couldn't serve any other neighborhood than Linwood since they've supported us so much,” the owner of Serrano Salsa said. |News|Sep 25 A GoFundMe was created Thursday to raise funds for the diner's staff.

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|News|Sep 8 Coogans permanently closed in March, but it is teaming up with Facebook and United Way to raise funds for local small businesses. |News|Aug 19 Around 25 people were reportedly flouting social distancing rules on Friday in front of Juanito's Grocery in Linwood.

|News|Aug 11 Feral Martinez returned to work Monday after being “unfairly” fired last fall for using a sick day. |News|Aug 3 Around 75 people were reportedly flouting social distancing rules over the weekend at Made In Mexico in Linwood.

|News|Apr 27 A GoFundMe started last week aims to raise $45,000 for the restaurant, which is one of the oldest in Linwood. |News|Apr 22 Owners said they're treating the iconic bar's closure as a true Irish wake, letting the “warm hug moments” and memories get them through.

|News|Apr 22 The longtime watering hole had hoped to reopen after the coronavirus pandemic, but said Monday it will keep its doors closed for good. |News|Mar 26 The Washingtonians and Linwood Chamber of Commerce has compiled a list of more than 50 restaurants offering takeout and delivery.

|News|Mar 12 Catrina Deli and Restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue was given 97 violation points by the health department last week, records show. |News|Jun 2018 Meat expert Johnny Prime breaks down the country's distinct barbecue styles, from Kansas City burnt ends to North Carolina pulled pork.

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Johnny Prime, Patch Contributing Writer |News|Jun 2018 NYC meat expert Johnny Prime is here to help you step up your burger game this summer.

|News|May 2019 NYC butcher Johnny Prime explains how to grill, sear, broil and roast steaks to perfection, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

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