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• Friday, 15 January, 2021
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Washington's state’s spirited landscape is changing rapidly, as both new and well-established distilleries introduce a wide array of intriguing imbibes. This increased selection goes beyond staples such as vodka, gin and whiskey into a tasty range of fruit and herbal liqueurs as well as interesting international favorites, such as aquavit and shock.

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And Amy Sheehan, EvenS tar, released late last year, is created using a local barley base and a single distilling before a short stay in recycled oak wine barrels. With hints of rosemary and grain, and slender herbal insinuations, EvenS tar has an ideal malleability and can be served straight over ice; slightly heated, sake style; or mixed into cocktails with fresh fruit juices or other graceful liqueurs, such as Chartreuse.

But here’s a hint: When sipping it, cardamom mingles with mint and other forest tones, as well as a few brief flowery tinges. It could substitute for Chartreuse in a Bijou cocktail, but I would suggest first sipping it accompanied by nothing more than a cube of ice, so it can work its enchantment without interference.

Sidetrack Blueberry Liqueur$24.95 for 375-ml bottle lush berry taste of Sidetrack blueberry liqueur owes its vivid style to the use of homegrown fresh fruit from Kent’s Lazy River Farm, on which the distillery resides. This makes the trip from blueberry patch to bottle quite short, and Larry and Linda Person’s dedication to freshness is evident when sipping the liqueur, as the berry taste pops brightly on the tongue, underlined by a mellow spiritless.

While it could be mixed carefully into cocktails, such as the Rosalind Russell (aquavit, dry vermouth, a lemon twist), it might be finest when sipped straight as the sun begins to set. Katherine Kennedy Allen: Green hat gin, muddled cucumbers, cracked pepper...

Get the cantatas braves, any of the gin & tonics, the tuna tartar...amazing Carla Elaine: Try the Iberian tasting, cantatas braves, chicken croquettes & liquid olives.

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Hal Mack ins: Neat bar themed after the famed Civil War general, with antique photos and silver lithographs on the walls. Behead Eats: Cashew nuts with rosemary are a great near snack that pair well with the whiskey cocktails here.

Joel Lewis: Had great gin cocktails, cool, relaxed vibe. Eater: A speakeasy with a variety of classic cocktails, operated by the Aqua Al Due team, upstairs from Sun.

The bar's secret enough that you need to schedule a reservation by text message. KAZ K.: Great for brunch and coffee; not as crowded as other places and more relaxed and casual.

Campbell Bird: Get a “Go for Gin and sit back in a nice leather chair at this old-school cocktail spot. Li's R: Staff are great at coming up with creative cocktails with ingredients grown or made in house.

The American Craft Distillers awards were just announced, and seven distilleries in Washington state placed for their spirits. (Image: Think stock) The American Craft Distillers awards were just announced, and seven distilleries in Washington state placed for their spirits.

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Only one WA brandy placed in the competition, from San Juan Islands Distillery, although it won both a Gold Medal and Best in Class. (Note: They're doing a small, limited release of their winning Apple Brandy to celebrate the award).

Distiller.com uses cookies that are essential for us to operate the website and that are helpful for us to improve the services. Photo by Erwin Henry / UnsplashInfused with citrus peel and spices, then aged in a former Bourbon barrel for 12 months, this mellow, soft gin has lots of body.

Look for a good dose of vanilla chased by cinnamon heat, plus touches of honey, oak and citrus on the finish. Photo by Brunei Branch / UnsplashThis brisk, citrus gin is made for classic cocktails.

Photo by Alina Miroshnichenko / UnsplashMade in the London dry style and packaged in a distinctive peacock-blue bottle, this gin has mild aromatics and fleeting sweetness on the palate chased by citrus, juniper and spice. The finish is crisp and assertive, even slightly hot at 94 proof, but that won’t matter once mixed into a tall gin -and-tonic or Tom Collins.

Photo by Miroslaw / Unsplash gingerbread-like aroma entices with a fleeting whiff of nutmeg and baking spice, while the palate zings with grapefruit-peel bitterness and lemon verbena. The mouthwatering finish harmoniously echoes the spicy notes detected in the aroma: anise, cardamom, baking spice, and a final dose of citrus, all smoothed over by a cucumber-like freshness.

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Photo by Mae Mu / UnsplashDistilled from California grapes, it holds a bold, mildly sweet profile. At first sip, candied citrus peel seems to dominate, but star anise really rings through on the spicy finish.

On the palate, lightly sweet candied-lemon peel is framed by lively juniper and anise, finishing with a brisk flourish of pink peppercorns and ginger. Photo by Melody Tribe / Unsplash ready, wine-lovers: this unusual rosy gin is made from a rye base, infused with gin botanical, and then is “rested” for 18 months in casks that previously held Sarah and Grenade wines.

It’s a whole other animal, crazily happy and malty and okay, with a mild effervescence and an marshlike roots-and-herbs presence that winds into a rounded but fleeting dark-fruit quality on the finish. Photo by Oksana Asiago / UnsplashJuniper-forward aromas suggest a classic London dry profile.

The lively, brisk palate features anise and juniper, finishing crisp, if somewhat hot. Photo by Museum DE / UnsplashMade from Washington state barley, this is a bold and spicy take on gin.

Rathbone spotlights the local distillers who have turned Washington into the ever- gin state Ever since the tweaks in the liquor laws made distilling in Washington state legal, we’ve seen a pretty wide assortment of spirit and liqueur selections become available.

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That taste and those sips, never left his memory, making gin the natural choice when he started the distillery in 2007. As Andrew Friedman, owner and bartender at Liberty in Capitol Hill (a bar that carries approximately 80 gins), says, “Anyone can get some juniper and make ‘ gin.’ It takes quite a feat to make wonderful gin.” When Bernhard was crafting the formula that became Voyager, he experimented with batch after batch, and then tapped local genius cocktail-writer Robert Hess (drinkboy.com) to assemble a tasting panel to blind-taste seven experimental batches.

The new Alpinist gin from Pace Joyce, Shan Dillon and David Water worth, the owners of the new Fashion Island–based Seattle Distilling Company is the result of much time spent, as Joyce says, “tinkering with this recipe, adding a little of this, a little of that, looking for that perfect balance.” They’ve also focused on using local ingredients, including “Vashon-grown elderberry, lavender, coriander and hazelnuts” with an eye to “create something of this place, something unique to the Northwest.” For a bar owner such as Liberty’s Friedman this provides a perfect palette for creating wonderful cocktails.

Gun Club Gin, Sun Liquor Distillery ($32) While I’m a fan of its gentler Hedge Trimmer gin, Sun Liquor’s Gun Club rates a little higher in my mind (but why not try both? When sipping, you’ll discover thyme, pepper, caraway and even a faint trace of garden vegetables.

This makes a mean Pink Gin when you add angostura bitters and a twist over ice. Halcyon Gin, Blue water Organic Distilling ($34.50) A newer entry into the local gin diverse (opened in 2012), Halcyon is an all-organic spirit delivered in American-made bottles (a rarity).

It’s in the London style, and has notes of orange, lemon and other spices surrounding its solid juniper flavor. It matches well with mint and orange in summery cocktails, and recently won BestWashingtonGin at the Seattle Gin Society’s annual Invitational.

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