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Bob Roberts
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 10 min read

Or, as I might suggest, play simply as Washington in 2020 while you give your fans a chance to weigh in on options that are meaningful or appealing to them. The team on Friday announced plans to “thoroughly review” the club’s name, which they pretended was in the works long before the financial pressure from a key sponsor.

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A statement from the franchise also included a quote from head coach Ron Rivera, who said that the issue was “of personal importance to him” just a few days after he said on a radio show that it was a “discussion for another time.” Apparently that time is now! This is a deeply sensitive issue and by taking the time to do their homework, Washington could spend the year steeped in a more accurate portrayal of our history, eventually surfacing with something that could honor a heritage that spent so long feeling squeamish, or downright offended, by the name.

While there is a stronger geographic tie to Alabama, the Airmen represented something truly incredible and Stoic: A diverse unit of African American, Caribbean, Haitian and Dominican pilots who fought and served the country despite the existence of Jim Crow-era segregation and rampant discrimination. Utilizing the name change to shine a light on a criminally overlooked piece of American history could be an effective counterweight to years of digging in on a nickname that so many people deemed racially insensitive.

Red Clouds was suggested in a Washington Post column, handing the team name over to a Native American hero. What is called Red Cloud’s War officially began in 1866 when the Sioux leader could no longer abide the relentless incursions, including the building of U.S. Army forts, into his people’s territory.

It is a comfortably nestled secondary mascot and pays homage to the franchise’s glory years when Joe Jacoby, Mark May, Russ Grimm, Jeff Basic, George Stake and Fred Dean, led by Bugle, formed the foundation of the club’s glory days in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins are backed into a corner about their offensive team name.

The Washington Redskins may be no more, with Dan Snyder facing outside pressure from top sponsors such as Nike, FedEx and Pepsi, forcing his hand for the first time. Despite decades of opposition from Native American groups and the public, Snyder held strong, often trotting out cronies and questionable studies to back up his point that the oppressed did not, in fact, care about such a cause.

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In the end, there’s no guarantee that cooler heads will prevail, but Snyder is at least considering some alternatives. Twitter, on the other hand, took a different approach, revealing some of the funniest potential names that Washington definitely should not take into account.

Washington has slightly higher hopes under Ron Rivera, however. Something tells me Dan Snyder isn’t going to go for that one.

Funny tweets or not, it’s time for Snyder to come to the conclusion he ought to have reached decades ago. It's been more than a month since the WashingtonFootball Team's rebranding saga began and the group of top name options has more or less taken form.

We'll start with the fan-favorite Red Wolves, where a fan (Diego Medical) produced an unorthodox take on the uniform concept. The logo, created by Cable Christian, features the Capitol building sprouting out of a “W.” The uniforms are pretty strong too.

It should honestly be a requirement for any WashingtonFootball Team rebrand to include a gold jersey option. Moving on, we take a look at a particularly strong Washington Red Tails design, created by Chad Fields.

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The logo is great, the uniforms are clean, and I'm really liking the cursive font under the collar. However, it might be too similar to Seattle Seahawks and there are already an immense amount of bird mascots in the NFL.

Whatever happens though, if the team utilizes aspects of these designs it'll be hard to complain about the end result. The team has offered few clues about potential replacement names and logos, nor when such branding could be unveiled.

Quarterback Dwayne Haskins, meanwhile, expressed a preference for “Red Tails” early in the process. Said Amanda Black horse, who previously fought to cancel the Washington team's federal trademark registrations.

ESPN reported last week that Washington is planning to have no Native American imagery in connection with its new name. But even if that is the case, critics say, the “Warriors” nickname has historic ties to Native American tropes that could keep that connection alive.

The Washington Post reported this week that the team's preferred name is caught up in a trademark fight, which has delayed its announcement. And securing that trademark is just one of several steps that will have to be taken in the coming weeks and months to completely finalize a name change.

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Twitter users were quick to throw out ideas, both serious and comedic. Here's a look at some of the best and worst potential new names that have been floated out there so far, and their respective odds according to online sports books Nevada LV and Online.AG.

Some have suggested using this name and the old arrow logo that the team used in the 1960s. The logo would preserve the connection to Native American stereotypes that many find offensive, but changing the name to “Warriors” and coming up with an entirely new logo is a solid option.

So the association is already there naturally, and it would be an ode to the team's glory years. It feels like the result of a lazy word association exercise.

That doesn't mean you have to name the local football team after them. The only bright side here is you could just recruit Abe from the Nationals' racing presidents to be the mascot.

It's the Fourth of July, which of course means it's time for the annual hot dog eating contest. The contest will look a bit different this year because of COVID-19, with no fans in attendance and competitors spaced out more than usual.

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Soccer (live): English Premier League, Norwich City vs. Brighton & Hove Albion, 7:25 a.m. Soccer (live): English Premier League, Manchester United vs. Bournemouth, 9:55 a.m.

Soccer (live): English Premier League, Wolverhampton vs. Arsenal, 12:55 p.m. Soccer (live): English Premier League, Chelsea vs. Watford, 2:55 p.m.

Following mounting corporate and public pressure, the Washington NFL team has finally gotten rid of its “Redskins” name after 87 years. One prescient Virginia man is hoping to cash in on the change, having filed dozens of trademark claims for possible new names since 2014.

Washington owner Dan Snyder and new head coach Ron Rivera will “develop a new name and design” approach, the team said Monday. A search by CBS News in the United States Patent and Trademark Office's database found at least seven names that have been registered in just the last month alone.

Macaulay told CBS News that he sent the NFL an email on July 4, listing all the trademarks they could have at no charge, but they have not responded. Macaulay was aware of this, however, so to boost his claim, he designed a website where he sells t-shirts, mugs, wine glasses and other merchandise featuring some of the names he trademarked.

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The Washington NFL franchise announced Monday it was “retiring” the Redskins name and logo immediately, following decades of criticism that both are offensive to Native Americans. FedEx, Nike, Pepsi and Bank of America all lined up against the name, which was given to the franchise in 1933 when the team was still based in Boston.

During these couple of months leading up to the Crimson and Gray game, we will be presenting an Air Raid playbook series. The hope is that you'll get a better understanding of how the offense works and why it's conceptually able to exploit defenses, and if you're able to apply that to enhance your enjoyment of watching the Cough, all the better.

After becoming familiar with some defensive coverages WSU will face, let's focus on the names and sets of common Coup offensive formations. For instance, “Rule 8 Scoring” is six pages long with seven different sections, each with its own list of articles.

Interestingly enough, the rules of football mandate what number a player can wear. This restriction isn't without a purpose, as the numbering system serves to define who is allowed to be in what position on the field.

Football rules shape what offensive formations are possible during game play. (Exception: When the snap is from a scrimmage kick formation, par.

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In a scrimmage kick formation at the snap (Rule 2-16-10) Team A may have fewer than five linemen numbered 50-79, subject to the following conditions: © Any and all such players are exceptions to the numbering rule throughout the down and remain ineligible receivers unless they become eligible under Rule 7-3-5 (forward pass touched by an official or a Team B player).

In analyzing Leach's formations, we drew from a publicly available copy of the 1999 Oklahoma Sooners playbook, when he was the offensive coordinator. He has been consistent in his naming conventions through Texas Tech, and now here at Washington State.

This is by no means comprehensive, and there are some gray areas we aren't sure on, but every formation detailed below was used in the ASU, UCLA and Apple Cup games. Personnel packages refer to what skill position players (TE, RB, WR) are on the field.

The 4 wide receivers (WR) is implied, two of which must be on the line of scrimmage to satisfy the 7 total lineman requirement. Within Coach Leach's system, verbal modifiers to his base formations, like Ace, are used to manipulate the position of wide receivers.

The modifier “Rip” will move Y off the ball and Z on, giving us a mirrored formation. Moving receivers on, or off the ball will change the spacing of their routes down field.

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With short crossing routes, the spacing of the receivers under 5 yards becomes very important. WSU has also shown a left-handed version of Ace, and one where H and Y are on the line with X and Z off.

We are unsure what modifiers are used to move into those formations from Ace, but they are likely short and simple. H and Y have also been seen to vary their distance from the offensive tackles in Ace -- occasionally, they're in tight.

The running back will be on the right or left of the quarterback in shotgun, depending on the defensive front or route called. We aren't positive on this nomenclature, but do know “Blue” and “Green” are the colors used for two back sets.

We would guess either “Blue” and “Green” are given a Pistol set modifier, or these formations could have their own color names. The most common use of motion we saw from WSU toward the end of the season was an “F Move” (in both Blue and Green).

Where the play was typically a swing pass to the motioning running back with the two receivers blocking out front. Others, like goalie heavy sets (2 RB, 2 TE) were seen once and there are likely a few others in the WSU arsenal we didn't cover.

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